The 7 biggest trends you'll spot at every single 2021 wedding.

Weddings have had a... year. Couples who planned their big days saw them pushed aside and postponed because of our beloved pal COVID-19

Grand days were effectively squashed into three-minute ceremonies livestreamed on Zoom, loved ones were unable to make it to the big day due to travel restrictions and a whole lot of dancefloors were left empty as weddings were eventually allowed with dancing banned.

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Video via Sussex Royal. 

BUT we are being optimistic here, people, and saying CYA to 2020 and looking forward to what 2021 has in store for us. (No global pandemics/natural disasters/alien invasions pls.)

And with a brand new year comes brand new trends, so we are whipping out our crystal balls and predicting every wedding trend you're set to see in 2021 – including midweek ceremonies, elopements and not a ball gown in sight.

1. Much, MUCH smaller weddings.

Obviously COVID restrictions have put a physical ban on big numbers at weddings, but we’re predicting even when huge guests lists are back on the scene that couples will be keeping things smaller than usual.

This will work to their advantage if COVID cases flare up again, but also it means they can easily cull distant cousins and plus ones that they never actually wanted to invite. 


And you know what smaller guest lists mean? Smaller bills. And that is music to the ears of any couple in the throes of wedmin.

2. Elopements.

For that very same reason, there is sure to be a spike in elopements.

Usually reserved for the wildly romantic or those somewhat distant to their families, elopements involve the couple, a celebrant and a single witness to do the deed. However, 2021 elopements will likely have a little more at play. 

Most couples in the new year planning an elopement will also tack on a photographer, videographer and potentially a couple of mates. This makes it more of a 'micro-wedding' vibe, but the addition of the photographer and videographer means super romantic pictures and footage are captured of the day and that’s what is shared with the wider family. 

3. Whole weekend-away affairs.

As travel is off the cards for most Aussies, we think that couples will use their weddings as a big fat excuse to gather the fam together for a celebration. And that means locking in more than six hours for a ceremony and reception.

Yep, we’re anticipating three-day weekend affairs including pre-wedding festivities such as a welcome brunch and rehearsal dinner, the day of the wedding itself and, of course, recovery sessions the following day.

This will also drive up resort-style weddings in popularity as couples opt for venues that can accommodate their nearest and dearest and involve little to no driving around so everyone can make use of the open bar.


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4. More relaxed and simple wedding dresses.

Bye bye ball gowns, there will be way less of you in 2021. 

To match the more relaxed, intimate style of weddings we’ll see next year, wedding dresses will also be a little more chilled out. Replacing larger-than-life, uncomfortable boning and sleeves that prevent you from lifting your arms in the aaaayyyyerrrrr, will be silk slips, casual flowy gowns and minimalistic detailing.

Expect separates to stay well and truly in style too, with this offering more flexibility and comfort to brides. And we’re predicting a peak in non-traditional styles – think suits, party dresses, jumpsuits and pants.

Here’s a selection of 'gowns' we’re sure we’re gonna spot at every 2021 wedding. 

Image: Cathleen Jia Ella gown & Karen Willis Holmes Danielle pant.


Image: Karen Willis Holmes Sherry dress & Sant Elia Capri pant.


5. Midweek weddings.

Because all the couples who had to cancel or postpone their weddings in 2020 have shimmied over to 2021, the year is looking pretty booked up. This means that it’s more likely than ever that couples will opt for a midweek wedding.

Friday and Sunday weddings were already on the rise (cos, hello non-Saturday discounts), but now that most weekends are fully booked for popular wedding venues, expect to see a lot more Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and particularly Thursday weddings.

6. Makeup wedding parties.

The couples that opted to go ahead with their nuptials in 2020, forgoing a big ceremony for an elopement or micro-wedding that worked with the COVID rules, will likely be planning a 'makeup wedding party' in 2021. 

This will be just like having the reception by itself, involving food, drinks, speeches and as much dancing as possible. 

7. Localmoons will overtake Honeymoons.

As international travel has a ginormous question mark awkwardly floating above it, we’re sure that most couples will choose a localmoon for their newlywed adventure.

Swapping in the Maldives for Mollymook may sound like a drag, but getting the opportunity to explore Australia is a blessing that we shouldn’t take for granted. Plus, international couples could only DREAM of having Australia as their honeymoon destination, so lean in folks, explore your back garden and save a s**tonne of dollars while you do it.

Feature Image: Mamamia + @demibyrant.