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susan.v.miles October 11, 2021

Great article, I’m also a very grateful person that takes and has access to anti-depressants. It means I’m fully functioning in every aspect of life (work, family, study, travel, exercise). I was hesitant to start taking it as I was worried I wouldn’t be able to think clearly....but quite the opposite, it means I can be my true self and perform at the level that feels normal to me!! 

susan.v.miles October 7, 2021

Interesting cross section...I applaud all who have made saving a priority, but if ‘savings’ mean cash in a bank account, the concept of risk management seems sadly lacking in these savvy women.....

susan.v.miles October 3, 2021

You are 100% correct to do what you did and said...if I was your friend I’d be getting vaccinated for you - I’m hoping she is the only one of your friends who says this, I’m hoping majority and think of you and actually get vaccinated for you, not for themselves 💐💐💐💐💐

susan.v.miles October 2, 2021

Best description of risk and risk management I’ve ever read! (& I’ve studied RM!)...

Bravo! 💐💐💐💐

susan.v.miles September 18, 2021

Boys and their toys! Seriously of all the things we need right now in Australia-is a whiz bang new set of submarines the thing!?!?!? 😢😢😢

susan.v.miles September 14, 2021

My thoughts when I hear the underlying health issue’ is - this is so unfair, these people are already battling one bugger condition (& all the treatments, tests, symptoms that this entails) and then they get slammed with Covid as well - being smashed from both sides!! 

susan.v.miles September 7, 2021

Such a lovely story, you have lifted my spirits on a grey day..I’ll be thinking of you and your growing family and wish you only good things. 💐💐💐💐

susan.v.miles September 2, 2021

Love it!! The unique words and phrases that families create and continue through the generations. For us an ‘Opp Manny’ is a teaspoon, and my favourite, toast cut in triangles is ‘Stephen House toast’ after our neighbor whose built a house with a steep roof!! We are a family that’s say ‘Awe Rue’ for goodbye which a friend of mine once misheard me say and now signs off her calls and texts with ‘Oodles’..I can’t correct her, so we know add oodles as our farewell!! 

susan.v.miles August 5, 2021

It was a great day I climbed to summit of Mt Fuji

It was a great day I hiked the Grand Canyon
It was a great day I swam with turtles in Hawaii
It was a great day I had a private tour of the Louvre, Paris

However, the  day I got my first AstraZeneca in June- the single greatest day of my life!! It will only be topped by the day in August when I get my 2nd!! To life!! 🎉🥂💐🥂💐🎉🥂💐🎉

susan.v.miles July 17, 2021

I approached my vaccine as I did any medical treatment. I made sure I understood any risks or side affects, I then accepted those risks and proceeded with confidence to receive my AstraZeneca vaccine. If I had of been one of low low % of recipients who experienced blood clots I knew what symptoms to look out for and when to get to a hospital emergency room. I also accepted that if I was low low low % where the blood clots proved fatale that I blamed no one for this and would be at peace with my decision. 

I thank Dame Sarah Gilbert and her team every day for her amazing vaccine!!

susan.v.miles July 13, 2021

Love these!! & couldn’t agree more, we’re rooting for you Sydney, and also are eternally thankful for the sacrifices you are making...this is no mean feat 💐💐💐💐💐💐

susan.v.miles June 25, 2021

Going to live in Japan in my mid 30’s..the experience was good but the personal cost was unimaginable..I should have been home in Australia looking after my loved ones...

susan.v.miles June 22, 2021

What a beautiful and important article, we often don’t know anything about the process of funerals until we find ourselves organising one for our loved one’s -  it’s a steep learning curve and a trusted, thoughtful undertaker makes a world of difference. I would add that these amazing, unsung heroes also negotiate on families behalf the complexities of dealing with coroners, the TAC, and interstate transportation where required. It’s why it’s so important that clear plans and wishes are known in advance as you will be making a mountain of quick, fast decisions that you’ve never dealt with. 

susan.v.miles June 20, 2021

You and your sister sound like incredible women, and as teenagers you certainly deserved so much better from loved ones...they are the poorer for not having been part of your lives. Humans - just not much sometimes are they......

susan.v.miles June 16, 2021

@grumpier monster great insights, thank you for sharing. Totally agree and have experienced the same..i will happily take my anti-depressants indefinitely as they give me the head space and assistance to do the healthy stuff (most of the time) and actually live a life. It’s amazing that mental health is the one where we are expected to ‘self heal’ , it’s a medical condition and needs medical care! 💐💐💐💐💐

susan.v.miles June 11, 2021

Ohhh this was so sweet, what a privilege to read these experiences of what was such a personal life changing heart broke for those who could not continue with their pregnancy journey, their stories I will hold dear..thanks ladies, 💐💐💐💐💐

susan.v.miles May 29, 2021

@jacquilees me too!! 

susan.v.miles May 28, 2021

I have certainly been happy to babysit my siblings children when little but would draw the line at offering this to friends & their kids. My dearest friend will employ her paid babysitter so we can catchup and she can have adult conversation. It’s her call and I’d have no drama if her daughter comes along, but having met her educated/talented babysitter (post grad child development!) she is in way better and fun hands than hanging with mum and auntie Suz!!

susan.v.miles April 19, 2021

Look I’m sure this is a lovely show, but at the end of the day it’s just cooking dinner. It’s not something to cry about. 

susan.v.miles April 5, 2021

Totally agree, have business classed to Europe twice and USA once in recent pre-covid years, don’t resent a cent of the cost, fast checkin, fast passes through all the pre-boarding stuff, quiet relaxing lounges, space to stretch out. Anything long haul post covid will only be business class! 👍😃💐