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suz m May 17, 2022

I checked in with one of my US based friends as I’d heard they had ‘borrowed’ on their 401k…similar to what is being promoted in this policy, the big difference it was ‘borrowed from their pension fund’ and like all loans it had to be repaid on regular repayment plan..this sounds reasonable as it keeps from people eroding their pension balance and being behind at retirement. The ‘repay it when your house is sold’ sounds hard to administer and repayment timeframe too variable ie: years or decades!. to deal with the opportunity cost of…

suz m May 5, 2022

Great article - and very inspiring! These ladies are all amazing and I love that the article shared their tactics and approach to consumer debt reduction. 

The IVF story is heartbreaking- to have to take on financial stress while trying to ‘build a person!’ That’s a tough one…

Mia, more more of these money type of articles…

suz m April 12, 2022

Love this article - the responses are so enlightening and interesting. It definitely makes me rethink my load as ceo of one (at least no one argues with my decisions!!) …sounds like ceo of two or more doesn’t spread or share the load, might even add to it!!! 

suz m April 4, 2022

Great article…and yes I know of young adults who are very wary of parenthood as they remember to clearly the stress, the family dysfunction and their own parents in tears because money was not there for the basics. It is similar carried forward impact of those previous generations who grew up in the depression, it doesn’t go away - and it informs their decisions and approach to life in adults. In current case, they simply say they never want to inflect on their kids what they went through so decide not to have a family. It’s heart breaking…..

suz m March 28, 2022

I think we can have siblings by choice in our lives - I have 3 actual siblings, and then I’d add two extra sisters that are dear friends who I feel deserve the title more than that I hope I am providing them the support and care I’d give my real siblings, and when their last parents pass, I will be there to help with the work that a good sister would do! 

suz m March 14, 2022

More articles like this please…

Estate Planning
Investment loans
Share purchasing 
Tax planning 
thank you 💐💐💐💐💐

suz m March 14, 2022

@mamamia-user-482898552 ha ha, love it! sadly I know too many women in my age group (over 50!) who are either starting over with nothing, or less than nothing!, or are the only income source in their family because partners can’t or won’t work….I’d love to smack some sense into my best friends fiancé but apparently you are not allowed to..more’s then pity 

suz m March 14, 2022

@mb1111 - totally agree!  I’m positively brutal when it comes to my contracting rate…I remember the great Super model comment from the 80’s…And demand and get the rate relevant to the risk I’m taking  on with yet another crazy project!! I hate the work but love the $$$’s!!

suz m March 13, 2022

@mb1111 love it! My experience too..I’ve diffently not loved my career, but well paid, means the important things like food, shelter, clothing, health are always taken care of..I’m a contractor so am always interviewing for the next role, when I’m

asked why I want such a such role, I’d love to say the truth ‘to put food on the table’….I’ll tell’em what they want to hear instead as it achieves my goal!! 

suz m March 13, 2022

@cat no but my gender may at times limit my ability to make equivalent income - when I work full time I’m on par, but when caring responsibilities, female centric illness and health issues force me into unpaid leave as a contractor, that’s were the unequal aspect may come in! & that’s why I have multiple income streams…

suz m March 11, 2022

Love your writing - so thoughtful and intelligent, you are a woman of great talents. I’ll offer a different prospective as a woman who is CEO of one! I know I can’t work as hard to make the equivalent dual income as a couple -but rather then be envious, I have worked for decades on my passive income, it’s taken time and effort but I have viewed it in the same way as you see your partner, the other income earner in my household to help carry the load and ease the pressure on me if I’m sick, or my mental health limits my ability to work…each year this ‘other’ earner in my family slowly increases income they earn and we are nearly on par….My friends think I’m some obsessed investor, the truth is like you I just wanted someone else to carry some of the load - so yes, some women will marry, pair up with another person, (not in my DNA!) - I filled the salary gap by making another income stream..I think this concept may make a lot more women excited about investing, and then we can pair up or not pair up without pressure!! Just a thought….

suz m March 2, 2022

Fantastic piece -I’d hope that people still showed good manners and always, always asked new parents if and when it was ok to ‘briefly’ visit…and totally accept what the answer was. 

suz m January 14, 2022

Brilliant!! More articles like this please…

suz m January 5, 2022

Sadly - I think this will be forever how this tennis player is remembered, not for his athletic success but for his wilfulness and stubbornness to refuse a simple and straightforward vaccine…

suz m December 31, 2021

These articles are great! More of these please 💐

suz m December 29, 2021

@snorks I realise what an absolute fortunate position my friends, relatives and colleagues are in that we can build wealth and generate additional income and generational lift our families foundation. I would want this for every single family….

suz m December 28, 2021

Reminds me of a comment I had from a group of friendly women neighbour’s when I noted I’d never been married, one said ‘you’ve missed nothing’…

suz m December 15, 2021

@snorks It probably varies a lot…but I think you’ll be surprised how many people are actively investing across a range of asset classes and generating income outside salaries- which in turn is invested in more assets to generate more returns!!…for those from humble backgrounds it’s our path to improve our families foundation…

suz m December 14, 2021

These are great posts..I’d love to the following added  to this Money series….

# How much interest (interest rate) are you paying?
# How much in investment assets do you have? 
# How much passive income are you generating?
# How much are you contributing to Super? 
# How much is in your super fund? 

suz m December 13, 2021

I celebrated turning 30 by spending 6 months travelling around North America- from Mexico to Alaska and everywhere in between…it wasn’t for everyone but it suited me, and I liked that I entered my 30’s exactly as I wanted..