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suz m February 25, 2024

Only thing missing from this article was the 3rd person..the viewpoint and prospective of those dating the ‘married but dating’ - how do they feel, think about and mentally and emotionally process this ‘limited, go nowhere dating’….are they also married? Or are they single, solo, dating, partnered?!?! me wanna hear from them!!! 

suz m February 16, 2024

I’m having to ‘set’ my home every weekend at moment as I have it on the market..that means depersonalising and framed photos get tucked in a drawer…I found myself ‘apologising’ to my loved ones in the pictures as I yet again had to hide them away…I love the beautiful Vera Wang frames - nothing but the best for my loved ones…❤️🖼️❤️🖼️

suz m February 1, 2024

‘Pretty’ is just dumb luck..clever, accomplished, achievements, success is mindset and effort - and is your kids to own…💐💐💐💐

suz m January 14, 2024

@laura__palmer - fabulous progressive thinking Tassie…love the process has already started…. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

suz m January 12, 2024

Destination weddings that are convenient location for one side of the family but no one else. Let’s travel 600km round trip to a beach location cause it’s where the grooms parents beach house is!!  

suz m January 12, 2024

My expectation in the next year or two the big corporates will make Aust Day an optional leave day for their staff..replaced with a general ‘cultural day’ that staff can take any time of the year…the big end of town will kick it off, followed by universities, then hospitals, schools & retail and finally the govt sector…by will be gone in entirety…a cultural day to have the freedom to attend a First Nation exhibition, a walking tour or a lecture or class to learn about oldest living culture on earth…that sounds pretty good to me! 

suz m January 9, 2024

When my niece was little and we were out for family dinner we played ‘spot the date seat’ and look at couples where women were given the ‘date seat’ I.e back to wall, facing the door..verses ‘not in date seat’ where they were relegated to chair in the walk through area/facing away from door…5 year old happily pointing ‘date seat’ ‘not date seat’…I wanted her to remember so no silly boy would ever offer her ‘not date seat!’ 💐💐💐💐💐

suz m January 5, 2024

Reminds me of conversation I had with my optometrist this week - I said why do the staff always ask whether I like the look of my frames? It’s how they feel that matters to me as I wear them all day - I don’t have to look at them so I really don’t care what they look like. She laughed and said ‘well most people care what they look like’….waste of time… Elizabeth Gilbert, her book on marriage across different cultures is simply brilliant!! 

suz m December 20, 2023

These ladies need to go back to university and study risk management…putting your life, your finances, your future in hands of one person - disaster waiting to happen! 

suz m December 13, 2023

10 guests, all interstate- sounds like one part of the family, asked each other ‘are you going?’ And they then all decided to opt out in a group…yes it’s not good behaviour but you can’t control others behaviour- let it slide and enjoy your day. 

suz m December 7, 2023

I can only speak from observation- during covid and our work from home lockdowns it was very apparent via thousands of zoom meetings that my ‘dad’ colleagues had locked themselves away in their home offices, with only the odd child’s squeal or rumblings from rest of the house, while my amazing ‘mum’ colleagues were working at kitchen bench or dining table surrounded by kids, homeschooling and pets that also needed attention…the lack of equal sharing was heartbreaking for the sista’s….

suz m December 1, 2023

As a family who has had two shocking deaths, I totally appreciated that friends and family would be at a lose what to say to us, and in turn may say nothing out of the fear of saying the wrong thing - I chose to remember and truly believe  that those who cared about us held our family in their hearts, their spiritual practices, their daily thoughts and most likely within their own families and in privacy expressed their grief for us. 

suz m November 23, 2023

@rush I’m with you…couple of exceptions I have with certain friends and certain locations, but most part my holidays are my time….i’m then happy share tips on locations when my friends are planning their own adventures and ask for advice!! I’m definitely impressed by those who do the ‘group house’ weekends..i wouldn’t last 5 mins!!

suz m November 22, 2023

Omg a trip with 3 couples - my worse nightmare!! Too much logistics and coordinating! I’m a huge fan of do your own thing, plan your own adventure and don’t expect anyone to make your travel plans for you!! 

suz m November 17, 2023

Great article….couple of thoughts 

❓you have expensive music and dancing provided at your wedding, if your guests can’t bring their partners - who do they get to dance with? 
❓the wedding is regional/several hours drive & possibly weekend away required - so your asking guests to drive hundreds km solo or partners come along but they don’t attend the actual wedding - what do they do?
❓guest is late in pregnancy but partner doesn’t make the cut - who keeps an eye and steps in for support if needed..
❗️Nursing mum - no question mark, they absolutely get a plus one…
rules…they need to be flexible…they are afterall your ‘guests’ not just an audience for your wedding, they need to feel comfortable, safe and happy!!

suz m November 12, 2023

I know adulting for me is when I have a string of professionals on my list:

1. Not one but two personal bankers
2. A solicitor (actually 2 one for property one for wills)
3. A conveyancer 
4. A realtor 
5. A handyman 
6. A group of trades 
7. A cleaner 
Team gets bigger the more adulting you do!!

suz m November 4, 2023

Whoa - a lot of responsibility at such a young age, to avoid this I’ve left my heirs my estate, with access to it at age 25. This means they’ve got through their education had some life experience and ideally calm and mature…18 just seems too young

suz m September 30, 2023

Ha ha…this could backfire as to some of your friends you may be considered the ‘rich friend’, wealth is all relative…and the fact you can happily afford a modest or cheap & cheerful bistro may see you picking up the check for your friends!! 

suz m September 28, 2023

Geez, I don’t know - maybe just put your arms in the sleeves and wear it!! 

suz m September 14, 2023

All stunning - but could the designers make the talented & fabulous Jodie a skirt!!!