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1. We’ve finally found out exactly who Tommy Little dated on this season of The Bachelor.

Last night, Australia was introduced to the women vying for Matt Agnew’s heart on the premiere of The Bachelor.

However, moments before the show aired, we found out that radio host and The Project presenter, Tommy Little has already dated not one, but two of the contestants.

Small world, eh?

On Wednesday’s episode of The Project, Carrie Bickmore shared the fact with Agnew himself, who much to his credit, took it in his stride.

“I discovered for the first time, apparently, Tommy Little has been telling us that he has been linked to two of the girls in the Bachelor house tonight,” she said.

“Yes, as a prolific dater, Tommy, it would have been weirder if you weren’t linked to one of them,” replied Agnew, and well played sir.

Responding to the prompt, Tommy bashfully replied with: “They will look back at me and go, ‘Can you believe we started at the bottom and now we’re here?’”


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I’m a great alternative for all those women who think the current Batchie is too tall, smart and handsome.

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Although Tommy chose not to name names, Now to Love have reported the mystery women as Jessica and Abbie.

“It started out with Tommy sliding into Jess’ DMs and they would text each other. Tommy didn’t know Jess was going to be on The Bachelor – but he sure knows now!” a secret source said.

Tommy Little Bachelor Abbie
Very interesting... Image: Instagram.

However, Abbie, of the "I'm a Gemini" fame, was more proactive.

"Abbie contacted Tommy by sliding into his DMs," they continued.

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2. Fiona O'Loughlin just shared her I'm A Celebrity salary and... woah.

In 2018, comedian, Fiona O'Loughlin was the last person standing in Channel 10's I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here, and with her win, came an $150,000 cheque.

Speaking to hosts Tommy Dassalo and Karl Chandler on The Little Dum Dum Club podcast, the mum-of-five shared the hefty prize pool.


The 56-year-old said she received $120,000 for staying in the jungle for the first two weeks, with that amount rising to $150,000 by the time she was crowned Queen of the Jungle.

"The agents barter the money themselves," she said, stating that every celebrity who appears on the show receives a different fee.

"I don't mind saying what I got... it was $120,000 if you stay in for the first two weeks, win or lose. That was the base, and then they pay you a daily rate. I ended up with $150,000.

"I was in there close to seven weeks."


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Despite this, her prize money seemed meagre compared to Shane Warne's $2 million salary, which the cricketer wrote about in his 2018 book, No Spin.

According to industry website, TV Blackbox, all participating celebrities are paid to appear on the show, with "additional funds being used to support their chosen charity," however that number can range from $75,000 to $30,000 and under.

3. "They think the viewers are dumb." Former Bachelor contestant Laura-Ann Rullo on what the show is really like.

A former Bachelor contestant has shared exactly what filming the show is really like and it's certainly... not what we were expecting.

Laura-Ann Rullo, who appeared on Matty J's season of The Bachelor in 2017, explained that it actually takes three days to film the first episode of the series.

"What happens is you wait until sundown [and] you start the cocktail party. But because they can't get enough content of every girl, we cut at six o'clock in the morning and we go back to a hotel," she explained.

Laura-Ann Rullo appeared on Matty J's season of The Bachelor in 2017. Image: Channel Ten.

"The reason why we go back to a hotel is because there are too many girls to fit in the beds at the mansion. Well, that's what happened in my season," she added.

"Then we wake up early, we get the same hair and makeup done again, we put the dress on again, and at sundown we restart the cocktail party again."

On the third day of filming, the contestants then film their in-the-moment interviews with producers.

"The thing that the producers said to us on day one was that 'the viewers are dumb, they think this is happening right now,'" Laura added.


4. Oh. Despite all those rumours, Queer Eye's Jonathan and Antoni aren't actually dating.

We're sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it turns out Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni Porowski aren't actually dating.

Yep, we're a lil' disappointed too.


Yesterday, fellow Fab Five member Karamo Brown left fans in a frenzy when he left a comment on an Instagram photo of Johathan and Antoni, claiming that the pair were dating.

"Hahahaha I love you both! And for all who are asking. It's real. They are a couple and in love. First Fab Five couple," Karamo wrote.

But it turns out we were all taken for fools.

Posting to Twitter, Jonathan admitted that Karamo was just joking about his relationship with Antoni.


Does that mean... there's still hope?

Only time will tell.

5. “She has this in the bag." The clue that Chelsie will win Matt Agnew's heart on The Bachelor.

We can all go home now.

The Bachelor is over before it’s even begun.

We have a winner you guys, it’s a done deal.

the bachelor australia 2019 chelsie
IT'S LOVE. WE SEE IT. Image: Channel 10.

In the first awkward cocktail party of the season as we watched grown women turn into sharks hunting their prey, fans noticed something.

The winner’s music played as Chelsie started chatting to 31-year-old Matt Agnew.


And that's not the only clue that proves she's the winning Bachelorette. You can read our very in-depth investigation in our earlier post here.