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“She has this in the bag." The clue that Chelsie will win Matt Agnew's heart on The Bachelor.

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The Bachelor is over before it’s even begun.

We have a winner you guys, it’s a done deal.

In the first awkward cocktail party of the season as we watched grown women turn into sharks hunting their prey, fans noticed something.

The winner’s music played as Chelsie started chatting to 31-year-old Matt Agnew.


Meet this year’s Bachelor. Post continues after video.

Video by MMC

If we check in with the current betting odds, Chelsie is sitting in second place behind public servant Sam. HOWEVER Sportsbet used to have her tipped to take out the whole show.

Chelsie’s meet cute with the Bach has long been played in the promos, she’s the one who also works in science and who popped a temporary tattoo of the “love chemical” on Agnew’s heart.

“You’re speaking my language,” she said surprised and excited as Agnew picked up on the fact she was showing him a molecule as she met him outside the Bachelor mansion.

The chemical engineer from Melbourne was visibly smitten as Agnew admitted he used to be a mechanical engineer before he turned to astrophysics.


The pair had a rather sensual moment caressing Agnew’s nipple together before Chelsie told the camera, “I actually didn’t think he would be able to understand what I was talking about at all. Not many people do, so it’s pretty cool”.

Matt added: “Chelsie has left a lasting impression. I don’t just mean the temporary tattoo. There was a lot of chemistry there in every way”.

Matt Agnew
Look at that face. He's a smitten kitten.

Elly, a registered nurse from Parkes, got the "golden ticket" of the night which means she gets to go on a hometown date to Melbourne, but as we all know she's a smokescreen. They can't give the winning girl everything on episode one. Obviously.

A quick squiz across Chelsie's socials shows a 28-year-old with a penchant for travel, and pugs (which we're totally here for).


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Fans are losing their minds collectively on the interwebs and we don't blame them, the chemistry (pun definitely intended) was undeniable.


We've got our eyes peeled for more Chelsie love eyes when The Bachelor returns to our screens at 7:30pm tonight.

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