Celeb in 5: Saturday's best entertainment and gossip news.


1. “I was gassy”: Matty J’s most awkward Bachelor moment never made it to air.

Back in the day when Laura Byrne was just one of the 22 contestants vying for the heart of 2017 Bachelor, Matty J, the 32-year-old made a little whoopsie.

He let one go in front of the woman who would go on to be the mother of his first-born child.

Joking to his Nova FM co-hosts, Matt de Groot and Sarah McGilvray, Matty shared that the unfortunate moment was the one scene he hoped would never make it to air.

“The only thing that I was really worried about, a couple of times, I think there was one time in particular when I was on Laura’s date when I passed wind,” the former Bachelor told his mortified colleagues.

Unfortunately, he didn’t specify on which date it occurred. But if we had to hedge our bets, we’d say it was the one where they went star gazing. What with the bending over and all.

Oops. Image: Channel 10.

While Sarah claimed he could have excused himself to go the bathroom, Matty defended his "accident": "You have time to go to the bathroom, and I imagine they'd turn off your mic so you can go to the loo freely," said Sarah.

"You’re filming for three months. Do not tell me that in a three-month window you don’t at least once let off a little fart," he joked (kind of).

"It was an accident. Anyway, it didn’t make it to air, and Laura and I are really happy.”

While it's great that Laura and Matty got their fairytale ending (Laura recently gave birth to their daughter, Marlie-Mae Rose Johnson), we're still a bit gutted over that lost piece of television gold.

Here's hoping this season's Bachelor, astrophysicist, Matt Agnew, will deliver.


2. Serena Williams won’t hear a bad word about her mate Meghan Markle.

World champion tennis player, Serena Williams has stood by her friend, Meghan Markle, in light of her recent Wimbledon controversy.

The 37-year-old attracted negative press when a The Telegraph UK journalist, Sally Jones, claimed public onlookers were told not to take photographs of the Duchess while she was watching Serena's second-round match. Jones claimed security told her that the royal was at the tournament "in a private capacity".


“No wonder there is a growing tide of resentment against the Sussexes for their secretive, high maintenance attitude and diva-ish demands for privacy when it suits them,” the journalist wrote.

Meghan Markle caused controversy with her Wimbledon appearance. Image: Getty.

However, when asked about Meghan, Serena said she chooses to ignore coverage about her friend.

"You know, I didn't know there was negative media out there," she said during a post-match press conference.

"Any time I see her name attached to anything, I don't read it.

"She couldn't be a better friend to me. Low moments, high moments, she's always there.


"That's all I want to be to her."

Serena Wiliams Meghan Markle
A photo of Meghan and Serena from the Duchess' long-deleted Instagram account. Image: Instagram: @meghanmarkle.

As announced by Kensington Palace, the Duchess of Sussex will join her sister-in-law, the Duchess of Cambridge at the Wimbledon Ladies' Singles Final on Saturday, July 13, and watch Serena play Romanian tennis player, Simona Halep.

Here's to hoping this appearance will attract less controversy.


3. Someone just spent more than $70k on a piece of Princess Diana’s activewear.

Princess Diana in 1995.
Princess Diana in 1995. Image: Getty.

A piece of activewear worn by the late Princess Diana has just been sold for a casual AU$75,826 (US$53,532).

The navy-blue Virgin Atlantic sweatshirt was often worn by Diana, the mother of Prince William and Prince Harry, when she was on her way to the gym.

The only one of its kind, the sweatshirt was gifted to her as a collector's item by Virgin boss, Richard Branson.

Before Princess Diana passed away in a car accident in 1997, the Royal passed on the sweatshirt to her personal trainer Jenni Rivett, who is now selling the piece of clothing to raise money for a Malawian family in South Africa.


It was reportedly expected to be sold for AU$7,000. But in the end, was purchased for over ten times that.

The buyer also received a hand-written note from Diana that read: "Dearest Jenni, Lots of love from, Diana, x."


4. This year’s season of The Bachelor is full of “smart girls”. Promise.

the Bachelor Australia contestants 2019
Sogand Mohtat is a civil engineer who will be vying for the heart of 31-year-old suitor Matt Agnew this season. Image: Network 10.


You've likely seen the viral promo for this season of The Bachelor Australia. You and millions of people around the world. It's the one in which Matt Agnew tells one of the contestants he's an astrophysicist, only to have her respond: "I'm a Gemini!"


But do not be fooled.

Because the contestants this year are actually "smart girls". Promise.

You see, civil engineer Sogand, 30, who will be vying for Matt's heart on The Bachelor, told The Daily Telegraph on Saturday: "Matt is an astrophysicist so they had to find smart girls to match him with."

"I think producers saw Matt, who focused on his career for the past couple of years and they wanted to find someone in the same situation."

"A lot of us girls on the show this season are really career-driven."

Among the contestants announced so far, there is a chemical engineer, Chinese researcher and a civil engineer in the mix.

So maybe it will be a meeting of the minds, after all.


5. "I refuse": Miley Cyrus is going on BirthStrike.

Liam Hemsworth Miley Cyrus The Last Song
Image: Getty.

Miley Cyrus doesn't want to have children, and it's all because of climate change.

The singer has shared that she and her husband, Australian actor Liam Hemsworth, have decided they will not expand their family because of the impact that overpopulation is having on the earth.

In an interview with Elle Magazine, the 26-year-old stated: "The earth is angry."

"We’ve been doing the same thing to the earth that we do to women," she said to journalist Molly Lambert.

"We just take and take and expect it to keep producing. And it’s exhausted. It can’t produce. We’re getting handed a piece-of-s**t planet, and I refuse to hand that down to my child.

She continued: "Until I feel like my kid would live on an earth with fish in the water, I’m not bringing in another person to deal with that. We don’t want to reproduce because we know that the earth can’t handle it."

Cyrus' admission is part of a growing global movement called "BirthStrike", which involves couples deciding they will not bear children due to the ecological crisis.

Read our earlier article that explains the growing movement "BirthStrike".