Just all the evidence that Tommy Little has dated literally every woman in Australia.

Remember that time you went on a date with Tommy Little? Because if you’re a woman who dates men in Australia… you probably… have.

Tommy Little has dated all of us.

It always takes place at 10am on a Tuesday and involves a trip to the arcade, followed by a nice lunch or maybe just a hotdog.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If you look carefully, you may see his bestie Luke McGregor hanging out… somewhere in the background for no apparent reason. Then all three of you will do shots before parting, so Tommy can make his way to his radio show to probably joke about it with Carrie Bickmore.

We’ve all been there.

The Bachelor Matt Agnew has confirmed he’s head over heels in love, so how has he been keeping this new relationship hidden? He spills all the gossip on the latest episode of The Spill, our daily entertainment podcast. Listen here:

On last night’s episode of The Project, Carrie mentioned that her co-host knew a couple of the Bachelor contestants quite well, surprising precisely no one.

Bachelor contestants are always available at 10am on Tuesdays.

“I discovered for the first time, apparently, Tommy Little has been telling us that he has been linked to two of the girls in the Bachelor house tonight,” Carrie joked to this year’s bach Matt Agnew.

“Yes, as a prolific dater, Tommy, it would have been weirder if you weren’t linked to one of them,” the astrophysicist responded.

“Do you have anything you want to say the Bachie?” Carrie asked Tommy.

As expected, Tommy hit back with a joke about the women taking “a real step up” by moving on to the reality TV show.

“They will look back at me and go, ‘Can you believe we started at the bottom and now we’re here?'” he said.


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I’m a great alternative for all those women who think the current Batchie is too tall, smart and handsome.

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We can only imagine the bachelorettes sitting around the mansion, wondering:

1. What weird game Osher will have them play today; and

2. Why Luke McGregor joined them on that date with Tommy Little.


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F#%kboi Friday is back in full effect tonight on The Project. Get around us.

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Tommy dated Bachelor alum Chantal Hryniewski for about four months from late 2014 and in 2017 was um, supposedly meant to go on a date with Leah Costa after she began messaging him “out of the blue” on Facebook and suggested they meet up for a drink.

He insisted the date never happened and implied no plans were made, making Leah the only known exception to Tommy’s Australia-wide dating pool, but said he was surprised to later be confronted by people insisting that he had stood her up.


“And then I saw her out at a comedy gig and the guys working at the bar were like, ‘aw man, how’s your form? You’ve stood Leah up twice. And I’m like, ‘I’ve never met her,’ and she’s been telling people that I’ve stood her up twice.”

Though contractually obliged to Network 10, Tommy made the leap across when he revealed he dated MAFS star Davina Rankin before she appeared on the show.

But look – we know what you’re thinking.

“I’ve never been on reality TV, how could I date Tommy Little?”

Tommy knows not all of us are cut out for reality TV fame, so he had another plan to meet all us normal folk. Enter: Bumble.

In February this year, Tommy admitted to joining the dating app but it… didn’t go very well.


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This week I thought “bugger it I’ll open a Bumble account” and as you can see it’s going pretty well ???? #forfakessake

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Basically everyone thought his profile was fake and it was awkward.

So… idk. If you’re somehow still waiting for your guaranteed Tommy Little date we can suggest joining The Project studio audience or tracking down Luke McGregor’s whereabouts.

Or you could just wait. It’s bound to come around eventually.