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Matt Agnew's 'makeover' is proof it's not only women who have to look a certain way for TV.

On Wednesday night, Matt Agnew is likely to be running along a beach shirtless.

We’ll see footage of him working out, cooking, working, putting on a shirt and tie, wistfully looking out at the ocean/wondering why he’s single.

All of this will be carefully shot and edited to make sure we know that:

a) he’s very attractive; and

b) every woman in the bachie mansion (and many more across Australia) would love to receive a rose from him.

Here’s the promo for tomorrow night. Post continues after video.

Video by Ten

In those first few moments of The Bachelor, Matt will become an instant sex symbol.

Over the course of the season, we’ll watch approximately 28 women try to win his heart. We’ll see Matt climbing down the sides of buildings, white water rafting, jumping out of planes etc etc.

We’ll be led to believe that Channel Ten has somehow plucked Matt out of obscurity. That they somehow managed to stumble upon a single 30-something guy who happens to be smart, and active, and articulate, and who naturally looks like this:

matt agnew before and after
Natural. Image: Ten.

Suave. Smouldering. Ready to date 28 women at once and not break out in a nervous sweat.

But like all the bachelorettes/bachelors before him, Matt's gone through the 'bachie treatment' to get him TV ready.

Just a few months ago, he was a regular bloke from Melbourne, going about his day job and taking head-tilted selfies in front of signs:

matt agnew before and after
Matt doing some selfies. Image: Instagram/Facebook.

Then he was chosen to be the next Bachelor.

We don't know what the months in between looked like, but we can presume they involved at least a few workouts, a trip to the hairdresser, a spray tan, the work of a good tailor, and some media training.

Gone are the glasses and the awkward selfies. And in their place are a very expensive haircut and a well-cut suit.

The Matt we'll see on Wednesday night will be a glossier, glowier version of the Matt his friends and family have known for years.

He'll be Matt, but with added Matt.

Matt's not the first star of the franchise to go through this process. It's the norm, especially for the female contestants.

Sam Frost went from runner up to leading lady in 2016:

matt agnew before and after
Sam Frost on The Bachelor (left) versus Sam Frost on The Bachelorette (right). Image: Ten.

And Matty J went from 'Matty J the white rapper' to 'Matthew The Bachelor' in 2017:

matt agnew before and after
Matty J on The Bachelorette (left) and on The Bachelor (right). Image: Ten.

So while we watch Matt run along a beach on Wednesday night, we should remember it took a whole team of people and a lot of work to get him 'TV ready'.

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