Should I Watch It? The Chair, Netflix's new comedy that will leave you wanting more.

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In the opening scene of Netflix's new dramedy The Chair, Sandra Oh's character Dr Ji-Yoon Kim walks into her new office. 

She opens a package that's sitting on the desk. It's a plaque that reads: F*CKER IN CHARGE Of You F*cking F*cks. 

It's a bloody brilliant opening scene and a good indicator of what's to come. 

Watch the trailer for Netflix's The Chair. Post continues below. 

The six-part series, which drops on Netflix tonight (August 20), explores race and privilege, the battle between the old world order and the new, and the fact that sometimes getting everything you want is the worst thing that can possibly happen to you. 

It's also wickedly funny and there's a smattering of David Duchovny in budgie smugglers. 

Below I unpack what The Chair is about and give my verdict on whether you should watch it: 

What is The Chair about?

Created by Amanda Peet, The Chair is set in the English department of a fictional American liberal arts university called Pembroke College. 

In the first episode, Dr Ji-Yoon Kim has just been appointed as the first female chair of the department. It seems like all her hard work over her 25-year career has finally paid off. 


Then she's tasked with cutting the budget for her department, her colleagues are at war with each other, and her work husband/potential love interest Bill (Jay Duplass) is about to be cancelled after a video of him goes viral. 

Ji-Yoon is dealing with all this while juggling her adoptive daughter, her Korean father, and David Duchovny's literary dreams. 

Come for the...

Sandra Oh. We know by now that anything Sandra Oh is in is going to be bitingly brilliant and The Chair is no exception. 

Stay for the...

Holland Taylor at her best as an ageing professor who is relegated to an office in the basement. Jay Duplass as a grieving dad who refuses to be cancelled. And David Duchovny for a self-aware portrayal of a Hollywood star who wants everyone to know they're a little bit... deep. 

Image: Netflix. 


What movies/TV shows will it remind you of?

The White Lotus for its biting social commentary. Veep for its portrayal of what it's really like to be the one in charge. and Hacks for the laughs about the generational divide. 

How long is it?

There are six 30-minute-ish episodes, so it's perfect for a Sunday afternoon binge or mid-week escape. 

So, should you watch it? 


The Chair is exactly the kind of whip-smart, laugh out loud dramedy we need in our lives right now. 

The cast is amazing and although it touches on serious topics, it never takes itself too seriously. 

My only problem with The Chair is that there's just not enough of it. It feels like the six episodes fly by and by the closing credits we're only just getting to know the people of Pembroke College. 

I could have watched at least another six episodes. Finger crossed for season two. 


The Chair is streaming on Netflix from Friday, August 20. 

Keryn Donnelly is Mamamia's Pop Culture Editor. For more of her TV, film and book recommendations and to see photos of her dog, follow her on Instagram

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