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1. Apparently The Bachelor’s Rachael was ‘caught out with a producer’ and wait, what?

This season of The Bachelor – which we’ll admit started rather slow – is shaping up to be very juicy indeed.

Why, you ask?


According to various reports, Rachael Arahill (as in the contestant who entered wearing a wedding dress) actually has eyes for someone other than Matt.

… A producer from the show.


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Saturday’s are for the girls ????????????????

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As reported by Woman’s Day, during production, Rachael, 23, was apparently “absolutely besotted” with the producer, and the two were “caught out” after their relationship developed into something more than just friends.

According to the publication, she in fact had ‘absolutely no interest in Matt’ during filming.

“There were really intense conversations about whether or not to tell Matt and if production should be notified” the source claimed.

It is unclear if the scandal will be featured in an upcoming storyline on the reality show, or if the producer felt the same way as Rachael.

It’s not the first time a contestant has fallen for a crew member over the Bachelor.

In the first Australian season featuring Tim Robards, contestant Emily See-Winder developed a crush on a producer and managed to get his phone number once she left. The two have been married for four years and have two children together.


You can read Mamamia’s original interview with Emily here.

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2. Fans thought Bradley Cooper was on a date with Lady Gaga. It was actually… a 60-year-old man.

In proof that the world is still very much obsessed with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga as a potential couple, fans lost their sh*t when they saw the two out for lunch together.

Only, it wasn’t Lady Gaga at all.

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It was a 60-year-old man.

Cooper, 44, was pictured here by an excited fan with a mystery person who many assumed was his A Star Is Born co-star, 33, in France, The Sun reports.

But the long-haired figure in the photo was, in fact, a 60-year-old Irish artist called Guggi.

He was innocently enjoying a meal with Cooper and U2 frontman Bono at Chateau La Coste in Provence when the fan snapped the photo, sending fans into overdrive.

Painter and sculptor Guggi, real name Derek Rowen, is a lifelong pal of Bono's, and not, in fact, the Poker Face singer.

How. Awkward.

(But it's nice to know our spies out there are alwaaaaays watching).

3. Oh. There's a rumour that The Bachelor's Matt and Elly knew each other before the show.

Matt Agnew and Elly Miles seemed to hit it off instantly when they first met at Bachelor HQ.


The 23-year-old registered nurse exuded an air of comfort off the red carpet as she sat down with The Bachelor and toasted marshmallows over a fire pit.


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But... there might have been a reason the couple seemed so at ease.

It's been suggested by an on-set source that they've actually met, and even dated, before.

Can anyone say déjà vu? We are getting flashbacks of Cass Wood over here.

The source revealed Matt and Elly’s romantic history to New Idea, calling it an open secret that caused “a lot of tension in the house”.

They added that Elly “denied the rumours” when approached by the other contestants.

“Everyone knew it had happened and started to despise her for having an unfair advantage. The whole thing really upset her,” they went on.

The claims regarding Elly, however, who earned the coveted ‘Golden Ticket’ in episode one and spent her first date with Matt in his hometown of Melbourne, have been shut down by a Network 10 spokesperson.

“This story is completely false. Matt and Elly did not know each other prior to filming The Bachelor, ” they told Yahoo Lifestyle.



4. Spicks and Specks is officially returning to Australian screens this year.

Get excited.

ABC quiz show Spicks and Specks is finally returning to our screens.

The music quiz show, which is hosted by comedian Adam Hills and team captains Myf Warhurst and Alan Brough, will return for a special one-off episode for AusMusic Month in November, as well as three more special episodes in 2020.

“From the moment Alan, Myf and I were together in a room for last year’s Spicks and Specks Reunion Special, we had each other in fits of laughter,” Hills said in a statement.

“Any time I can spend with those two fools is time well spent, and if it takes four more specials to make it happen – so be it!”

Although a release date hasn't yet been set for the November special, we do know that the three shows being released in 2020 will focus on music from the '90s, the 2000s, and the 2010s.

We can't wait.

5. "It was not planned." MAFS' Cyrell Paule has announced she's pregnant with her first child.

Married At First Sight's Cyrell Paule has announced she’s expecting her first child with her boyfriend of five months, Eden Dally.

Confirming the news via New Idea on Monday morning, the reality TV star said she’s 12 weeks pregnant.

The 30-year-old, who became known as ‘Cyclone Cyrell’ on MAFS, said “it was not planned” but that they “can’t wait to raise a child together”.

To read more about Cyrell's pregnancy announcement, check out our earlier post here.