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littleblackdress September 22, 2021

@arius katus Im currently rewatching the series and I cant believe what a grumpy sod Luke is!! I didnt notice it first time around. 

littleblackdress June 8, 2021

How do you even care for 10 babies at once!! I hope they have a village of help!

littleblackdress April 14, 2021

Thank you for sharing and shedding some light on other cultures and religious. 

Best of luck for the month I hope its wonderful. 

littleblackdress March 28, 2021

@katp I totally got it! 

littleblackdress March 23, 2021

Its nice to hear a woman say sometimes its just not possible to be everything. I hope we see Tanya Plibersek in the highest office one day when it suits her and her family. 

littleblackdress March 21, 2021

@cat I dont think it has to be an either/or situation. We should hear what women have to say and from men who are saying the right things. I for one am really inspired to hear young men saying these things it gives me hope for the next generations

littleblackdress March 17, 2021

@megan_deng195 How is level of education an indicator of values or interests? Out of interest what values and interests would you expect from a year 10 pass? an associate degree? a PHD? 

littleblackdress March 15, 2021

@grumpier monster I've wondered this as well. I have examined some of the times in my life where I have grabbed the bum of a man jokingly or shared sexual innuendo and wondered if that was an act of sexual harrassment by me, a female. I cant be certain the man wanted that or was unbothered so it is something I mustnt do again.  I hope that men are examining their behaviour too. 

littleblackdress March 15, 2021

@jenny-thomas I hope you can find the strength to make some changes. 

littleblackdress February 8, 2021

@grumpier monster 

I totally disagree that kids aren't meant to be friends. Once you are no longer required to 'mother' what other relationship is there but friendship. Obviously a different friendship than that you have with your best mate but still a friendship. 
My kids are still babies but I count my parents as friends. 

littleblackdress February 8, 2021

@1234sasha Anecdotally daughters tend to stay around their own family more. I have been told more than once 'A daughter is a daughter for life, A son is a son until he finds a wife' That always cuts deep as the mother of boys! 

littleblackdress February 7, 2021

@winybuldogge Beth has written many articles about how the estrangement happened and her fault in them. If you click on the authors name it will take her to all of her articles. 

littleblackdress February 7, 2021

What the Actual Heck??? I would never stop thinking about that!!! 

littleblackdress February 2, 2021

The Hemsworth glow up wow!

littleblackdress February 2, 2021

I couldnt be happier to read this because for a second I thought I was about to have to think about my father in laws penis and I was NOT GOING TO BE OK. 

littleblackdress February 2, 2021

Potentially he was signing a little remix of the jig my young boys enjoy 

'I farted it tickled, my butt cheeks wiggled so I did it again' 

littleblackdress January 26, 2021

This is a really incredible piece of writing. Thank you for putting this into language some can understand. So powerful.

littleblackdress January 26, 2021

People are disgusting. 

littleblackdress January 20, 2021

A very good read. Informative, factual, well done 😃

littleblackdress January 20, 2021

@johnthexton expect an attempted revolution that ended with 5 people dead at the capitol. 

Black Lives Matter is not divisive. The fact that ALL lives do not matter is the reason for division