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littleblackdress January 12, 2021

I think this is fantastic. I wouldnt be brave enough to do it myself but I love the reasons and I do believe that the next generation will be more loving and supportive to those who identify differently. 

littleblackdress January 10, 2021

I think next time you should say those things. You have put it quite eloquently. You will probably find that most of the mums feel some of the ways you do but its easier just to ride along with the narrative

littleblackdress December 10, 2020

This is so incredibly sad. That people should be making billions while others can't afford basic hygiene products and food. It is such a sad indictment on our society and what we allow. 

littleblackdress November 30, 2020

This is such great advice. I really felt this article in my soul! 

LittleblAckdress April 12, 2020

Its always important to remember that everyones pain is pain and just because other people have it worse doesn't mean your issues aren't important.

LittleblAckdress April 12, 2020

This is such a beautiful story. I hope they can get their gym back up and running when this Corona weirdness is over.

LittleblAckdress April 1, 2020

Being on biggest loser has precisely WHAT to do with this?

LittleblAckdress February 25, 2020

Thats based on their opinions not on something that is part of who they are like sexuality. Comparing apples with oranges.
I get your point that people can really pile on for the silliest reasons in this day and age but I don't think thats what is happening to Moana

LittleblAckdress February 19, 2020

How disgusting. I had no idea that people were still carrying on with that kind of language and behaviour in this day and age. I hope future generations are more enlightened than ours.

LittleblAckdress February 12, 2020

Not a single day goes by when you dont hear people talk about what they would do their partners mistress? Where are you hanging out the Scorned Women's club???

LittleblAckdress February 10, 2020

I would rather read your article on the subject Gu3st

LittleblAckdress February 5, 2020

Yeah he sounds like a bit of a dick

LittleblAckdress February 4, 2020

How so?

LittleblAckdress February 3, 2020

I'm not sure about the people you socialise with but there is a big difference between encouraging drinking at social events and even the kids being asked to bring beer to back slapping over DUI convictions. I am a big social drinker and so are all my friends but none of us would let the others drive drunk and there would SUCH deep shame and humiliation felt if we were caught drink driving.
The fact that you EVER thought it was funny they you ran into a sign drunk is absolutely appalling to me.

LittleblAckdress January 31, 2020

I can not agree enough with this sentiment. Let kids be kids! Ignoring the heteronormative connotations of the whole thing WHY cant we just let kids be friends and enjoy that before we start pushing the adult dramas of relationships and feelings on to them.

LittleblAckdress January 28, 2020

Great article. Very funny would love to read more of this type of thing Georgie.

LittleblAckdress January 19, 2020

YES! Their outfits are super fun but also I can't wear them to my corporate office.

LittleblAckdress January 19, 2020

I dont think Nick Kygrios wants redemption. One thing I admire about him (and there isnt much!) is that he is himself. He doesnt give a rats behind what people think he says what he feels and doesn't care if thats good or bad. Right now we are seeing some good and thats great but a lot of the time we see the bad. He isnt the monster he sometimes seems in my opinion. Most of the time I cant stand the guy but I also get this real desire to send him to therapy and give him a hug and tell him he is worth more than just his tennis winnings.

LittleblAckdress January 19, 2020

How to have a conversation with a climate change denier. Just effing DONT. Its a waste of breath and not worth your time.

LittleblAckdress January 19, 2020

Nope. Im over 30 and fun! I DESPISE getting house hold goods for birthdays or christmas. Spoil me like I deserve!

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