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"She wanted Mon out of the show." Vakoo on what was behind Abbie's intentions on The Bachelor.

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Well. Who would have thought we would be… here. In the middle of a “dog c*nt” stoush on The Bachelor Australia.

Precisely no one. 

But it’s happened and Vakoo, who was eliminated by Matt Agnew on Thursday night, says it completely divided the house.

The tension was “very real”, the 23-year-old tells Mamamia. “It was just very intense.”

In case you missed it, or would like a refresher, Monique allegedly called Matt a swear (see above) and Abbie took it upon herself to inform their shared boyfriend of the… betrayal. But the issue is, you see, Monique can’t actually remember if she called her pretend boyfriend the c-word, meaning she can’t confirm or deny.

Nevertheless, the women in the mansion turned on Abbie for being the whistle blower none of them asked for.

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“If Abbie really had such a problem with it, and felt so strongly about it enough to tell Matt, she should have pulled Monique to the side and said ‘I heard you say this comment and I thought that was out of line,” Vakoo tells Mamamia.

“Then she could have given Mon a chance to explain herself first because when she told Matt, Mon wasn’t there to defend herself. That’s what I would have done,” she recalls, adding that Monique definitely said the accused phrase.


“She wanted to get Mon out of the show,” Vakoo believes were Abbie’s intentions. “From last night’s episode she said, ‘One of us has to go’.”

She adds that Abbie’s comments were the catalyst for a divide between the women in the mansion, emphasising: “It really was that intense.”

Although Vakoo tells us the Dog Drama played out exactly as it was shown on screen, she admits the same can’t be said for her one-on-one date with Matt on Thursday night.

Vakoo’s date seemed rather awkward on screen, with Matt questioning how ready she was for a long-term relationship. The Victorian-based model left without a kiss or rose – the first woman not to receive one after a one-on-one date with Matt.

“It wasn’t how it was portrayed,” Vakoo remembers. “I definitely was very giddy and I was very nervous but we did have conversation too and he asked a lot about what I see for myself in the next five years and that’s when I said I want to focus on my career.

“But I also said I did want to have a family and kids and that I wanted to meet someone who I could live life with.”

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She adds there were perhaps double standards in how her and Chelsie were treated despite showing similar behaviour.

“I was giggling and it was seen as immature and then I did feel as though Chelsie giggled a lot on her date and it was seen as endearing and cute… In the moment I was just like why can she do it, and then if I do it, it’s seen differently,” Vakoo tells Mamamia.

As for who wins Matt’s heart, Vakoo does believe it will be Chelsie, saying “they have the most chemistry”.

Although Vakoo was left without a rose on Thursday night, she says it may not be the last we see of her on our screens. Yep, she says she would be open to enlisting Osher’s help once more, this time with a mango daiquiri in hand, for Bachelor In Paradise.

“I think Bachelor in Paradise has a better chance because there’s more men, so I think that could be a more relaxed environment.”

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