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Mamamia recaps The Bachelor episode 9: One woman is asked to leave the mansion.


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We open on Osher doin’ a giggle.

He explains to the women that this week is all about “dangerous romance” which is Osher for “I spent all the monies on helicopters and fire… it’s very exciting for me.”

The four women who haven’t had a single date yet – Nichole, Rachael, Mary and Nikki – get momentarily excited before they remember their… roles.

Rachael is here to remind us of Jessika Power and her cheatin’ ways.

the bachelor australia 2019 recap rachael
"I need to get back to my Instagrams."

Nikki is here so we can love her unconditionally.

the bachelor australia 2019 recap rachael
You do a cheerlead sometimes.

Mary is here to specifically call people "b*tches".

the bachelor australia 2019 recap rachael

And Nichole is here to be... cranky.

the bachelor australia 2019 recap rachael

Elly gets the single date because she's not one of the four women mentioned above. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Her and Matt do some unnecessary fire dancing because it does Osher a giggle.

the bachelor australia 2019 recap rachael

Back at the mansion, the remaining women are doin' a gossip.

Nikki has discovered that Jessika Power Rachael has feelings for someone who isn't... Matt.

Mary says it now makes sense why Rachael's lips are so big because they're full of secrets and true. 

Back at the date, Elly and Matt talk about their feelings/kiss/probably get married but we don't care BECAUSE RACHAEL BE DOIN' A CHEAT BACK AT THE MANSION AND WE'RE HERE FOR THE GOSSIP AND THE GOSSIP ONLY.

LISTEN: Plan B and The Dark Horse. Post continues after podcast. 

Abbie asks Jessika Power Rachael how she's feeling about things and Jessika Power Rachael explains that she has a "Plan B" and she's been winking at said "Plan B".


Apparently he's the "ideal guy" which seems unlikely given he spends his days being winked at by Jessika Power Rachael and packing up Osher's silly games but OK.

Rachael says her "Plan B" is a smart goal because he's "specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, good looking" and most importantly he lives near her.

Mary decides she's going to take a break from commentating and calling people "b*tches" to tell Matt the truth about Rachael's "Plan B" at the cocktail party.

We like that a lot.

the bachelor australia 2019 recap rachael


It's group date time.

The chosen women meet Matt and Osher at the beach.

Osher is particularly excited because today's challenge is about emotional baggage and he's gathered together some actual... baggage.

Matt and the women write their biggest fears on some labels and stick them on their baggage and then Osher tells them they're going to jump out of a plane for no particular reason.

Kristen is immediately uncomfortable because she doesn't like jumping out of planes but she does like talking about China.

the bachelor australia 2019 recap rachael

Osher pushes her out of the plane and does a giggle.

There doesn't appear to be a... winner.

Sssssshhhhh it's cocktail party time and Mary's got some throwin' under the bus to do.

While Rachael walks around the mansion trying to find "Plan B" so she can give him her number, Matt takes Mary for a chat.

It's almost as though he... knows.

Mary tells Matt she doesn't want to look like a gossip but HERE IS SOME GOSSIP that I GOSSIPED and how good is THIS GOSSIP.

A producer who may or may not be "Plan B" tells Matt that Rachael's phone number ended up in a "crew member's pocket".

Matt then does a sneaky sneak up behind Rachael while she's talking to another producer about the "plan with Plan B".

the bachelor australia 2019 recap rachael

Rachael tells Matt that "Plan B" is actually just a joke and Matt explains that Osher's time and his very silly games are never a joke.

Matt says he's pretty sure the number she slipped in the crew member's pocket wasn't a joke and Rachael says she has no idea what he's talking about but could he pls move slightly to the left cause he's blocking her view of her new boyfriend.

Matt asks Plan B a producer to bring a limo around and Rachael calls the rest of the women "f*cken dogs" as she gets in... which actually seems quite tame given what's already been said this season.

The limo drives Rachael off into the night while she lists all of her "plans".



the bachelor australia 2019 recap rachael



Rose ceremony time!

Literal angel Nikki gets sent home because she is too good for this world.

the bachelor australia 2019 recap rachael
the bachelor australia 2019 recap rachael

She will forever be in our hearts.


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