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james b February 1, 2022

He's distraught about being in custody
Oh cry me a frikkin river...

james b September 22, 2021

I enjoy the anti-wrinkle skin care ads which are almost exclusively populated with 20-something, flawless skin models.

james b April 5, 2021

@rush I suppose you're right, that doesn't explain the attacks against Barron Trump or the First Lady.

james b April 5, 2021

@anon- I hadn't seen those but you're right. Also another classic pair is Dax Shepard and Zach Braff. The weird thing is that when you actually see a lot of these people side by side, you can see that there are a lot of differences in the shape of their features etc, but your brain somehow manages to believe that they look similar.

james b April 5, 2021

Nice to see some Trump news. How about Hunter Biden? His latest revelations would be news fodder for weeks, had it been one of the Trump boys, but yeah, nah, crickets.

james b March 24, 2021

In the past I would have been upset by this kind of gross generalisation of men, however my wife has recently joined a women's support group, and some of the stories she tells me from the other women quite frankly are jawdropping.

For example. The 30 something year old son who lives at home but cannot take his daily medication without his mummy preparing it and reminding him to take it.  The woman who had to step out from the weekly support meeting to order a delivery pizza for her Husband and son, who are apparently unable to complete such a simple task. And there's the more mundane things such as husbands who are unable to wash the dishes, or do laundry, or feed the dog etc.

On the upside, my wife came home from one of these meetings and told me how much she appreciates the fact that I can not only look after myself, but I also contribute equally to the household chores.  (We both work full-time, don't have kids and got together when I was a bit older, so I spent a lot of my 20's-30' living alone, and taking care of myself).

james b March 24, 2021

One of the young women I work with just had a baby. I saw her a few weeks afterwards and she was just as slim as before she became pregnant. She eats well and works out regularly, different bodies react differently, there's no reason to compare yourself to someone else.

james b March 11, 2021

There is surely no other person who has bared the brunt of tabloids and oversaturation more in recent times than her, whose every move is scrutinised and criticised by literally dozens of headlines a day.

Well there surely is one other person who has faced much more scrutiny and critism from the media, but you know, orange man bad so he deserved it.

james b March 11, 2021

You've described exactly how a certain orange man was treated by the media including yourself over the last 4 years. 

james b March 3, 2021

@laura__palmer Trump doesn't even drink alcohol, what makes you think he uses cocaine?

james b March 3, 2021

@zaky The statement made was "He took credit for the vaccination of Americans against COVID-19 (even though it had nothing to do with him)"

This statement is false, "fake news" if you like.

Nothing you have written changes that.

james b March 3, 2021

One has to wonder exactly how many white-supremacist racists have been created due to Dr Seuss's children's stories and illustrations. 

I'd hazard a guess and say none?

james b March 1, 2021

Ignoring all the obvious TDS in this 'article' one statement stands out. The statement that Trump had nothing to do with the Covid vaccine is totally false and easily verified. The vaccine was fast tracked by Trump's administration and they started jabbing people in the middle of December last year, almost a month before Biden was inaugurated. 

james b February 24, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 Do you know that for certain, or are you just making an assumption?

" immunologist Robert Clancy, an emeritus professor from the University of Newcastle".  

He doesn't sound like a conspiracy theorist, in fact he sounds like an expert we should probably be listening to?

james b February 23, 2021

50 year old men also enjoy Lego. Not City so much, but definitely Star Wars, Technic and some of the Creator sets.  

james b February 23, 2021

Craig Kelly quotes a particular doctor or scientist when he speaks about the drugs, hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin being used to treat Covid19.

Who is this doctor/scientist and why isn't his opinion relevant?

james b February 23, 2021

@snorks Thanks, that was really interesting. I also note that the article doesn't actually mention what the results of the police investigation showed, which in itself is interesting.

In August of 1992 Mia Farrow first heard Dylan’s allegation that she had been sexually assaulted by Woody Allen in the attic of Mia’s Connecticut home. An investigation into the incident was then launched.

james b February 17, 2021

@anonymous So that makes it ok? Not.

james b February 17, 2021

@laura__palmer I believe he was let go for unrelated reasons.

james b February 16, 2021

@anonymous As opposed to the PM's detractors using the alleged rape of a young woman as a weapon to politically attack the PM and his government?