Celeb in 5: Monday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. The deleted Bachelor scene that apparently shows Shannon in a very different light.


Here’s some bachie goodness for you.

According to Romy Poulier, her fellow Bachelor contestant Shannon Baff is the real villain this season.

Speaking to NW, Romy said Shannon actually accused the Honey Badger of doing The Bachelor for the money.

The alleged scene, however, never makes it into the show.


“She goes to Nick, ‘You’re just doing it for the big bucks, aren’t ya? They pay you – you’re just doing it for the big bucks!” Romy told the publication.

“They did a really good edit on her and I get annoyed because she was throwing burgers at us and swearing at us!”

“She does a very good job at portraying herself as a sweet, innocent girl who wants to spread love,” Romy said, “but give her a couple of vinos and she turns into a gremlin!”


We’re calling grown women ‘gremlins’ now. Cool.

2. Home and Away star Bonnie Sveen is pregnant with twins.


Former Home and Away favourite Bonnie Sveen is getting ready to be a mum to identical twins.

Sveen, 29, told New Idea she is enjoying the “beautiful experience” that is pregnancy.

She and partner Nathan Gooley found out they were expecting twins at a 19 week scan.

“My absolute first reaction when she said we were having twins: I cried. I cried for a while,'” Sveen said.

“I was over the moon – happy crying, laughing, while Nathan was left with an open jaw. He was speechless. But we’ve always wanted kids. We’ve both got big families between us and now we’re adding two more,” she told the magazine.

She said the couple had manifested the babies and are more than ready for parenthood.

“I’m due in about six weeks, so the first week of October. We wanted to fall pregnant in 2018, we both wanted to start a family but then it happened super quick – you can do the math,” she said.

3. Carrie Bickmore warns of online scam that uses a fake story about her to take your money.

The Project host Carrie Bickmore has shared a warning to her Instagram followers this afternoon, after she discovered an online advertising scam using her name.

The scam, which appears as a news article on social media feeds, suggests 37-year-old Carrie is leaving The Project to focus on her beauty business.


“Please ignore and DO NOT click on the link to purchase the product,” Carrie warned.

“It’s a scam and they will take your money. Very sneaky,” she wrote.

Multiple Australian television presenters have been targeted in the scam in recent months, with Lisa Wilkinson previously addressing claims she was “leaving Today to focus on her skincare company”.


“My poor 77yo mum got caught by this scam. But it was Lisa Wilkinson’s picture they used and a fake story about her and a skin care business,” one woman commented on Carrie’s post.

4. We now know the identity of the first intruder on The Bachelor and… goodness.

In what is set to send the 2018 Bachie mansion into an utter frenzy and/or an all-out fire brawl, we know who one of this year’s intruders will be and we cannot wait for her arrival.

The Daily Mail today revealed that Jamie-Lee Dayz, a hospitality worker and topless model from Sydney, will join the battle for the Honey Badger’s heart. We can feel Cat and Romy’s saltiness already.

Jamie-Lee, we can't wait to meet you. Source: Instagram

According to the Daily Mail, Jamie-Lee makes a strong first impression on a group date, with photos from her first day on set showing the Honey Badger carrying her in his arms.

So far we know Jamie-Lee runs a Tumblr page full of NSFW content and is a passionate campaigner for the LGBT community, her social media pages brimming with photos of her marching in Sydney's Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras and posing with a pride flag. We like the sound of her already.

As previously reported by the Daily Mail, there will be two more intruders arriving in the same episode.

We can't wait to see what bizarre yet glorious made-up game Osher has planned for the group date.

5. All parents with little children are relating to Pink’s bathroom ‘family meeting’ photo.

Pop star Pink is proof that just because you can take your entire family with you on tour, doesn’t mean you get to leave behind the family drama.

Currently touring Australia with husband Carey Hart and children – Willow, 7, and Jameson, 1 – Pink captured an adorable ‘family meeting’ situation that occurred at the exact time her partner was on the toilet.


And it’s something every parent with little children can relate to, as we all know: the bathroom is no longer a private space when kids enter your life.

Hart, a 43-year-old motor cross racer, posted the photo on his Instagram alongside a blatant but hilarious caption. The cute photo shows Jameson sitting at his dad’s feet and Willow peering into the bathroom with her mum behind her.

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