Despite evidence to the contrary, there's a report Honey Badger marries The Bachelor winner.

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From the moment this season of The Bachelor began, we’ve obviously been following the rumours.

Most recently, it was believed that Nick Cummins’ family had confirmed contestant Brittany Hockley wins the show, because they’ve been interacting on social media which is VERY SUSPICIOUS.

Of course, Brittany grew up in Port Macquarie, as did Cummins’ family, meaning it wouldn’t be that surprising if they incidentally knew each other. But NO. She’s the winner and now everything’s RUINED.

As strong as the rumours are about Brittany, however, there’s the overwhelming sense from the public that Cummins is just definitely single right now. His interviews about his time on the show have been… weird, he’s hardly acknowledging his role as The Bachelor on any of his social media profiles, and he isn’t gushing over a secret woman in media appearances.


The problem, of course, is that people, armed with the knowledge that Cummins' search for love will be ultimately anticlimactic, zone out. That would be terrible. So with spectacular timing, a source has spoken to NW Magazine with a brand new rumour.

According to an 'insider', Cummins marries the winner of the show, proposing with a very fancy ring.

The source claims Cummins kept telling the crew he wanted a 'quickie' wedding for he and the woman he chooses, and while they initially thought he was joking, he insisted he wanted to "make her his missus".

In all honestly, that does sound like a very Honey Badger thing to say.

"He said to producers he was not only ready to get down on one knee but he was also keen to get hitched," the insider said.

The magazine included photos of the ring featured in trailers for the show, implying that it's an engagement ring used to propose to the winner.

Just... not an engagement ring. Image via Channel 10.

There's just two problems with that theory.

  1. In every single season of The Bachelor there's a ring involved, and no one (apart from Blake... and we generally like to forget about Blake) has proposed before on the Australian series. The ring is usually just a symbol of commitment, and by no means implies a proposal.
  2. That ring is just... not an engagement ring. I don't know much about engagement rings but they don't look like that.

In conclusion, not all rumours are created equal. Precisely no part of me believes Cummins marries the woman who wins The Bachelor, but that doesn't mean I'll stop watching.

Because: memes. But also Vanessa Sunshine.

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