Literally just the funniest Twitter reactions to Cat “kissing” the Honey Badger.


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Cat just won some alone time with the Badge.

They sat on one of those romantic-looking sex couches and did a chat.

Honey Badger called her “a thinker, not a stinker” which was… nice?

Then Cat told the camera they had a lot of sexual chemistry.

Catch up on the latest episode of Bach Chat…

“I feel like Nick was giving me every indication that he wanted to make out with me, that there was that sexual chemistry,” she said. 

 “You know, we kind of were getting a little bit closer and then I was probably giving a bit more body language.” 

Honey Badger’s take on the situation was a lil’ bit… different.

“Um… I can feel… she’s sort of… edging in nice and close and… Cat’s no dummy,” he said. 

“She’s got a plan of attack. I could just see it in her.” 

Cat then put her hands around Nick’s neck and went in for a big ole’ smooch.

The Badgelor did the dodge and kissed her on the cheek instead.

It was basically only 0.000001 per cent less cringe-worthy then when Romy attacked his neck with her mouth, like it was chicken mince and she was a small chihuahua called Pippin.


Here’s how Twitter reacted:






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