All parents with little children are relating to Pink's bathroom 'family meeting' photo.

Pop star Pink is proof that just because you can take your entire family with you on tour, doesn’t mean you get to leave behind the family drama.

Currently touring Australia with husband Carey Hart and children – Willow, 7, and Jameson, 1 – Pink captured an adorable ‘family meeting’ situation that occurred at the exact time her partner was on the toilet.

And it’s something every parent with little children can relate to, as we all know: the bathroom is no longer a private space when kids enter your life.

Hart, a 43-year-old motor cross racer, posted the photo on his Instagram alongside a blatant but hilarious caption. The cute photo shows Jameson sitting at his dad’s feet and Willow peering into the bathroom with her mum behind her.

“Dude, can I just take a sh*t?? Family meetings always have to happen when I’m pissing off IG,” Hart wrote.

Because parenting is a 24/7, 86,400 seconds a day kind of job.

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Since posting the photo, fellow parents have commented with their words of support and shared their similar experiences.

“Oh my god, btw it will never change, our little one is about to be in high school this year and she still wants to bug me while I am on the [loo] ‘Er. Good luck with it all. Blessings,” wrote one fan.

“We have 5 kiddos and there is no such thing as a closed door!!” commented another.

And for those who are parents to fur children another fan left this comment: “My life is similar to this, except it’s my damn dogs who bust in and just sit and stare at me.. weirdos.”

Family mishaps aside, it’s been a difficult month for the family, with both her kids and Pink herself falling ill.

Earlier this month the singer was hospitalised for gastro and respiratory issues and was forced to cancel multiple Sydney shows – a move that angered some fans.

And now, their one-year-old is also currently as “sick as a dog”.

“Tour life isn’t always fun, but this is part of it,” shared Hart in an Instagram post.

Despite this, the family has been visiting the best spots Australia has to offer, like beach days, helicopter rides and wildlife sanctuary trips.


However, with only two Melbourne and three Sydney shows left on Pink’s tour roster we’re sure the family will power through the remaining few weeks.

But until then, we’re all up for the hilarious and ‘real’ family happy snaps.

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