MAFS Chat: Ines Broke John Aiken

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MAFS Chat: Ines Broke John Aiken

The week is almost over, which means one thing. Clare and Jessie Stephens are here to recap the week that was Married At First Sight for your entertainment. And boy, has there been some entertainment this week. 

Let's start with Virgin Matt, shall we? He's hydrated and he's finally gotten with Lauren. But isn't losing your virginity on national TV a little...awkward? Not as awkward as having the world know you are constipated it seems. 

Ines gets called The Hulk but takes it as a compliment...even though it wasn't. But let's just move on from that, shall we?  

And Elizabeth puts a piece of pizza in a toaster and proceeds to make the whole country explode. 

Yep, it's a big episode so let's get cracking...


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