Celeb in 5: Monday’s best entertainment and gossip news.

1. Ex-Bachelorettes Georgia Love and Sophie Monk are in an odd Twitter disagreement and we can’t look away.

Former Bachelorette Georgia Love isn’t the country’s biggest fan of Love Island.

“I am so appalled by #LoveIslandAu I’m not even going to justify a worthwhile tweet about it. Absolutely abhorrent,” Love tweeted following the new reality dating show’s premiere last night.

And that tweet is fine. Funny, even. Unless you’re the host of the reality show that’s being slammed, we’re guessing.

Love Island host and fellow ex-Bachelorette Sophie Monk responded to Love’s tweets this morning. Here’s their exchange:



For what it’s worth, Georgia Love and Sophie Monk are some of the loveliest ladies we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing. Some of the smartest, too.

And although their opinions are split on Love Island, we’re pretty sure we can all agree Married At First Sight is the ultimate reality show of 2018.



2. Ariana Grande lovingly teased Millie Bobby Brown about her relationship post on Insta. Then it got deleted.

When Stranger ThingsMillie Bobby Brown shared a photo of herself kissing her boyfriend singer Jacob Sartorius, Ariana Grande did what any big sister figure would do – she gave her a good teasing.


“I wasn’t even allowed to leave my house til I was 20,” Grande commented on 14-year-old Brown’s Instagram post, which has since been removed.

Kids these days…

Brown’s boyfriend, 15-year-old Sartorius also shared the same photo on his Instagram feed – which has also been deleted.

im alright, but even better w u ????

A post shared by Jacob Sartorius (@jacobsartorius) on

Although Brown and Sartorius haven’t officially confirmed they’re in a relationship, we’re pretty sure their since-deleted kissing post is a big sign to yes.


But we care less about the relationship between teenagers, and more about the quick deletion of both posts.


3. Mariah Carey just sold James Packer’s engagement ring because memories are nice but $2.7 million is better.

Nothing says “I’m moving on” like selling the engagement ring from a past marriage.

Mariah Carey has reportedly sold the $13.2 million engagement ring that Australian businessman James Packer proposed to her with in January 2016.

engagement ring
That's one big ring. Image: Getty.

The entertainer is said to have sold the ring for just a fraction of what it's worth, parting with the jewellery for just US$2.1 million (AUD $2.8 million) to an unnamed jeweller who was required to sign a confidentiality agreement.

According to the singer's publicist, Carey is "leaving emotional and material baggage behind, including an old engagement ring from an ex-boyfriend."

After the relationship ended, Mariah Carey sued her ex-husband, seeking US$50 million in compensation to pay for her move to with Packer in Los Angeles. The couple eventually settled for an undisclosed sum.

Heartbreak doesn't seem so bad after all.

4. There's been another Married At First Sight couple swap. And we're exhausted.

MAFS' Gabrielle Bartlett and Sean Donnelly.

The premise of Married at First Sight was always a risk, but there has been another couple swap and at this point, we are just tired.

According to The Daily Mail, Gab and Sean have decided to give love a hot crack after failing to find the one on the show.

Former contestant Nasser Sultan confirmed the new relationship in an interview on KIIS FM's Kyle and Jackie O Show this morning.

"I can tell you now that she's [Gab] sleeping with Sean from Adelaide," Nasser told the hosts.

"Apparently, she flew down to see Ryan's gig and Jo caught them in the hotel room," he continued.

For all those who didn't watch the show, this "Jo" that Nasser refers to is Jo Mcpharlin, Sean's ex-wife from the show. OUCH.

5. Channel Ten responds to rumours Ali will be replaced by Nikki Gogan on The Bachelorette.

When 32-year-old Ali Oetjen was announced as Australia’s next Bachelorette at the end of April, no one expected that just one week later we’d be listening to X-rated rumours about her break up with her Bachelor in Paradise boyfriend, Grant Kemp.


Likewise, no one expected that just weeks after the announcement, the reality star was days away from being replaced by another Bachelorette rejectee, Nikki Gogan.

Ali Otjen and Nikki Gogan. Image: Instagram.

Yet this morning, that was the exact rumour on the grapevine.

Despite the excitement, Channel 10 has told Mamamia that the claims are false.

You can read more about the rumours right here.