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Channel Ten responds to rumours Ali will be replaced by Nikki Gogan on The Bachelorette.

On Monday, it was reported that Network Ten want to replace Ali Oetjen on The Bachelorette with former Bachelor contestant Nikki Gogan.

A show insider told NW, “There’s been a lot of backlash” around the network choosing Ali.

“Before Grant’s story even came out, fans were already outraged, calling her boring,” the insider said. “Agents are basically casting for two girls right now – just in case Nikki comes through.”

Network Ten have now responded to the rumours, telling Mamamia they are definitively false.

We recap the Bachelor in Paradise finale. Post continues after audio.

A Network Ten spokesperson said, “The rumour that Ali Oetjen will be replaced by Nikki Gogan as The Bachelorette is completely false and misleading.”

“Network Ten is looking forward to Ali finding love on The Bachelorette Australia later this year.”

Speculation has grown in recent weeks that Ali will no longer appear on the show, after her ex-partner Grant Kemp, who she met on Bachelor in Paradise, went public with the story of their break up.

According to Grant, Ali had been in LA for three days when Grant had some friends over. He went downstairs to let a friend in to his place, and when he returned, he “saw this guy going down on [Ali] on the stairs.”


Speaking to Kyle and Jackie O, the 29-year-old said at the time he was “shocked” and “didn’t know what to think”.

While Ali chose not to respond to the accusations, Channel Ten said the claims were “false” and “misleading”, and that “there are two sides to the story of why they broke up.”

And it seems they have no interest in replacing her.