HELL YES: Sophie Monk has a shiny new TV job and we are so here for this.

Almost as soon as Sophie Monk stepped off the Fijian island where she dumped Jarrod declared her love for Stu, there were rumours she was going to appear on another reality TV dating show.

No, not as a contestant (although the public is still fairly unconvinced as to whether she and Stu Laundy are still, really truly together)… but as a host.

With Australian versions of Bachelor In Paradise and Love Island hitting our shores in 2018, everyone was questioning which show about hot people seeking love on national television the 37-year-old former Bachelorette would host.

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Now this morning, appearing on The Today Show, Sophie finally confirmed that yes, she had jumped ship to Channel Nine and would be hosting Love Island next year.

Image via instagram.

It's like... an opposite Lisa Wilkinson. Except totally not and way, WAY more confusing.

"I'm going to be hosting Love Island" she proudly told hosts Deborah Knight and Tim Gilbert.

"It is a young group of people from 18-35 who are going to hook up on an island and they have to try and last.


"You can vote them out if you don't believe they are in love.

"At the end there's a lot of money and the couple either split it or one person takes it. So Australia kind of chooses who is really in love."

Sophie said she was excited to be "on the other side" of a dating show, for once.

"I can just talk crap and watch it all. It'll be amazing!"

With Osher confirmed as the host of Ten’s upcoming Bachelor in Paradise, this means that Sophie will go head-to-head with her former love guru.

As long as they stay friends (and the shows are on at different times on different days so we can watch them both) then all will stay right with the world...

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