Georgia Love just spectacularly shredded Love Island on the evening of its premiere.

Former Bachelorette Georgia Love has spectacularly blasted Channel 9’s Love Island, just minutes after the show debuted last night.

Writing on Twitter, Love said she was “appalled” by the “absolutely abhorrent” show.

When questioned about the “irony” of her criticisms, given she also found love on reality TV, the journalist broke down exactly about what her issue with the show is.

“The ignorance of thinking my experience of being in control of who I wanted to date was in any way similar to being literally picked from a lineup of girls in bikinis and high heels by men cracking sexual innuendos in the first five minutes,” she replied to a comment on Twitter.

Love Island, well known for its tacky, trashy, addictive story lines born from the UK version, saw five bikini-clad women in heels line up, waiting to be chosen by five men arriving at their Spanish villa.

Not unlike its rival Bachelor in Paradise, Love Island stipulates contestants “couple up” as a means of getting through the competition, with the final couple standing given the opportunity to stay together or take home $50,000.

Upon airing for the first time in Australia, Twitter was predictably split.





Considering Love Island Australia airs Sunday through to Thursday at 8.30pm on 9Go!, you can be sure that there will be pleeeeenty more of these comments to come.