Matildas player Katrina Gorry's daughter is only 2, but she helps the team in an unexpected way.

The Women's World Cup marked an incredible moment in Australian sporting history. 

It was the moment the country fell head-over-heels in love with the Matildas.

As we watched the sports team fill one stadium after another, and their games became some of the most-watched events ever on Australian TV, e studied Sam Kerr's impeccable skills, obsessed over Mary Fowler and waited for Mackenzie Arnold's next impressive move.

The country was, of course, not ignorant to the power and nerves of steel that came from Katrina Gorry either.

But one of Matildas' best and arguably quietest (and the smallest) team members... is none other than little Harper – Gorry's two-year-old daughter.

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Video via Football Australia.

Harper effectively became the 24th member of the football team during the World Cup, as the adorable morale booster and little team mascot, and every time she joined her mum on the field post-game, our hearts melted a little bit more.


And while Gorry is undoubtedly became a legend for changing women's spots in Australia forever, it's her toddler who managed to capture the heart of the nation and helps heal the team through heartache.

When fellow Matildas player Alanna Kennedy suffered a concussion and was ruled out of playing in the semi-final against England, it was Harper who came to the rescue, Gorry told 60 Minutes on Sunday night.

Harper Gorry. Image: Instagram @katrinagorry10;


"She was in the team room and Harper just walked up to her and put her arms up and just gave her this hug," she said"I looked over and Alanna just had tears in her eyes. It's like Harper knew in that moment that that's what she needed."

In fact, all the Matildas mums' mini-mes gave the whole team exactly what they needed, Gorry continued.

"I think having kids around really puts into perspective that things are bigger than football and sometimes people just need a hug or a laugh just to actually stand in that moment and take everything. 

"Kids do that."

Being a mother has also made Gorry better at the sport, she said. 

"To be honest, if you look at most of the players that have had kids, they come back better... Mentally, physically, everything."

The fact that several of the Matildas stars have children was widely spoken about during the World Cup – something Gorry thinks is a positive thing. 

"I think it's something that should be celebrated because I think if we look back even five years ago, it's probably something that wasn't done that often at all, and to be honest, if you look at most of the players that have had kids, they come back better."

Katrina Gorry pregnant. Image: Instagram @katrinagorry10.


After the games wrapped up in August, Gorry, her new fiancée Clara Markstedt (who is also a football player), and their daughter headed back to their family life in Sweden.

"I knew that I always wanted to be a mum," she told 60 Minutes. "I was overseas playing football. That's what I wanted to do, but I still felt empty, like there was a missing piece."


Listen to this episode of Get Me Pregnant, a Mamamia podcast. Post continues after audio. 

Gorry previously told Mamamia about her dreams of becoming a mum, sharing that after signing with Norweigan football club Avaldsnes IL in early 2020, she decided to start the process of falling pregnant.

"I always wanted to do it over in Europe. The donor pool is much bigger over there," she explained.

"In Norway, you tell them the main characteristics you want and they go out and choose your data for you and you never really find out [who the father is]," she said.

Not too long after, she fell pregnant and on August 16, 2021, Harper was born.

"When I had her, I felt this love for football again that I hadn't felt for a long time," Gorry told 60 Minutes, saying Harper's arrival "brought the love back completely.

"Kids change you as people, don't they? She smiles at me or she needs something, and you switch off from football. I think that brings more positivity and happiness than anything."

Feature Image: Instagram @katrinagorry10.

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