'Yes, we'll pursue a public holiday.' What a Matildas win could mean for your personal calendar.

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As the country waits with bated breath to watch the Matildas take on England in the FIFA Women's World Cup tonight, many Aussies will be on the edge of their seats for another major event: the possible introduction of a new public holiday. 

But it'll all depend on whether the team takes home the trophy. 

While Australia still needs to make it through this evening's semi-final in Sydney, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has thrown his support behind giving the people a day off if Australia claims victory in Sunday's final.

Unfortunately, it's not actually, er, up to him.

“It’s up to each state and territory to designate public holidays,” Prime Minister Albanese said back in June when quizzed by The Daily Aus.

“But rest assured – should the Matildas win the World Cup on home soil, I reckon there will be a race by Premiers to declare a public holiday.” 

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It's giving major Bob Hawke vibes. In 1983, after Australia's legendary America's Cup win, the great, late Prime Minister famously announced a public holiday nationwide, saying, "Any boss who sacks anyone for not turning up today is a bum!”


And really, would we expect any less from the man who made it into the Guinness Book of Records for sculling a yard class (which was two and a half pints back in 1954) of beer in 11 seconds?

So, when will we find out if we're getting a public holiday? 

Potentially TODAY!

With the state and territory leaders getting together for the National Cabinet meeting on the same day as the quarterfinal, Prime Minister Albanese said he'll float the idea officially. But which leaders are already on board – and who is still on the fence?

New South Wales.

It's good news for the state that'll be hosting both the semi-final and final match. NSW Premier Chris Minns has vowed to give residents a day off within a week of a victory! 


"If the Matildas win the World Cup final then yes, we'll pursue a public holiday in NSW," he said on Monday, according to SBS.

"Not just to celebrate the victory, but also to have a massive civic celebration and allow the Matildas to celebrate with the people of Sydney in what would be an amazing life-changing and unbelievable event in the state's history."


Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk doesn't want to count her chickens before they hatch. 

"I love the idea of the public holiday, she said. "But let's get them there in the first place. 

"I don't want to jinx anything here."  


Victoria has also got the same feels.  

Sports and Major Events Minister Steve Dimopoulos said he doesn't want to be, you know, "the sports minister who jinxes the Matildas". 

"If the Premier decides out of National Cabinet, that's his decision."

South Australia. 

While the Premier of South Australia is being even more cautious. But like, about the state's finances rather than just throwing around some back luck. 

"We are turning our mind [to a public holiday] but there is complexity and cost here," Peter Malinauskas said. 


For the most part, soccer fans – and public holiday fans – are putting good vibes out into the universe for a successful Cup. No pressure, Tillies!  

“Let’s p**s the King’s birthday off and have Sam Kerr Day!” one commented on The Daily Aus’s social media post. 

“Give us a public holiday!” wrote another, while this follower made a very good point. “Shame this wasn’t on the cards when the Australian Netball Team won the World Cup on home soil in 2015.”

The PM’s big call comes almost a year after he made a similar statement during the Men’s FIFA World Cup (though we all remember how devastating it was when our Socceroos fell short). Let's keep the hopes high! 

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