A famous family and an unlikely start: Today, Sam Kerr is the face of Australian sport.

The Matildas have emerged triumphant over Jamaica with a 4-1 rout, launching them into the knockout rounds of the World Cup. And it was all led by Captain Sam Kerr, responsible for all four of their goals.

The 25-year-old Australian striker is the first Aussie player, male or female, to score a hat-trick at a World Cup.

There is no doubting the attacking prowess Kerr brings to Australia’s forward line puts her firmly in the conversation as the “best [female soccer] player in the world” – a statement made by the Jamaican coach Hue Menzies.

who is Sam Kerr
Kerr, 25, is easily one of the best women's soccer players in the world. Image: Getty.

The Captain of Australia's national women's soccer team is humble but hungry in her soccer success.

Despite her stunning performance on Wednesday morning, the Western Australian player said in her post-match interview, "I actually wanted more after that, being my selfish self."

What more could we want from a sports player representing our country?

Her coach, Ante Milicic, said of the star player: "She's an inspirational leader."

"We, as an Australian footballing community, should be thankful that we're witnessing one of the best players in the world live."

The Matildas are next to play Norway in Nice on Sunday, competing for a spot in the quarter finals.

So before the next Matildas World Cup game, we're taking a deeper look at Sam Kerr, the woman Australia can't stop talking about right now.

Sam Kerr started in AFL

Sam comes from a family of incredible sporting talent.

Her father Roger Kerr is a former AFL player and coach of WAFL. Her brother, Daniel Kerr, was also an Aussie Rules player, representing the West Coast Eagles between 2001 and 2013.


Kerr herself played AFL growing up, and was reluctant to switch to soccer. But with no local AFL team to join, Sam made the switch at 12 years old.

"Being taken away from footy really sucked," she recently told The Guardian. "I just went from being at the top of my game, as much as you can as a kid, to going to the bottom moving to football. I didn’t know the rules, I didn’t know offside, I didn’t understand why no one would pass me the ball."

But needless to say, Kerr quickly realised her talent in the game, and by age 15 made her national team debut.

who is Sam Kerr
Sam Kerr typically celebrates her goals with backflip. Image: Getty.

Family life

Although Sam's brother Daniel is currently in France supporting his sister and the Matildas in their World Cup campaign, the former AFL player and his sister once had a strained relationship.

After retiring from football in 2013, Sam's brother Daniel struggled with drug and alcohol use.

"I didn’t speak to him for two years," Sam revealed in the interview.

“All our family’s close but me and Daniel are super-close — he always says, ‘that’s the thing that brought me back onto the road, that everyone spoke to me except you’."

“I just really needed that reassurance that things were going to go back to normal."

She continued by admitting it was the impact it had on her family life that was so hurtful. "I had to watch Mum and Dad be stressed out about their 30-year-old son, which isn’t normal and it affected me.

"I don’t let things bother me but seeing my parents have to deal with it, that was probably the hardest thing."


"He always says if it wasn’t for me he’d probably still be out there being an idiot, but he’s been doing really well now."

Off the field

Sam Kerr has another love in her life other than soccer: Her girlfriend Nikki Stanton.

Kerr and professional American soccer player Nikki Stanton are in a long-term relationship, after meeting when they played for the same New Jersey League team.

In a recent short-film with Nike, her major sponsor, Kerr spoke publicly for the first time about her relationship with Stanton, praising her for being the woman who helped restore her career after a horrible injury in 2015.

"She helped me a lot through my injury, [and] that may be why I feel so deeply connected to her because that was probably the worst time in my career," Kerr said.

"At the same I had one of the most exciting things building up in my life. It's really nice to have someone in your life that challenges you to be the best you."

"She is just the safe place for me."


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Kerr has recently responded to a homophobic critic who wrote to Sam via Twiiter: "By the way your dyke a** was offside."

"For people getting upset about there being no 'haters'", she wrote above the screenshot.

Although there are critics, Kerr's supporters far out-weigh any trolls.

She is Australia's dream athlete and she is representing Australia right now in a way we can all get behind.

We really are witnessing one of the best players in the world. And she's only getting better.