The 6 details you missed in Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's interview with Oprah.

Last night, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's explosive tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey aired on Australian televisions. The two-hour special dropped various bombshells and left us with many questions that need answering.

But there were also numerous subtle details we missed that had meanings behind them. 

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So in case you missed them too, here are six hidden details from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's interview with Oprah.

Watch Prince Harry discuss Meghan's mental health in the Oprah interview. Post continues after video. 

Video via CBS

1. The white lotus on Meghan's dress.

For the first half of the interview, Oprah sat down to speak to Meghan Markle only. The two women, socially distanced on outdoor chairs, were smartly dressed for the occasion.

Oprah wore a blush pink jumper, with a white shirt underneath, paired with a brown skirt and boots. While Meghan wore a silk wrap dress filled with symbolism. 

Image: CBS. The Armani dress (which retails for $5,960) featured a low-cut neckline, belt across the centre and a white lotus printed on the right shoulder. According to Binghamton University, a white lotus represents "purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth".


A spokesperson for the couple told The Telegraph that Meghan was very aware of the print's meaning.

"The Duchess understands that a lotus seed can withstand thousands of years without water, able to germinate over two centuries later," the spokesperson said.


2. Meghan's nod to Princess Diana. 

On Meghan's left wrist, she was wearing a stack of three bracelets, which included a Cartier Love Bracelet (an iconic symbol of love) and a diamond tennis bracelet that belonged to Princess Diana.

Image: CBS. 

According to The Telegraph, the exact same bracelet was worn by Diana at one of her last public appearances: at the performance of Swan Lake at the Royal Albert Hall in June 1997.


Princess Diana wearing the bracelet at the Royal Albert Hall. Image: Getty. 

3. The meaning behind Meghan's earrings and necklace.

To pull her outfit together, Meghan wore a single necklace and stud earrings. The earrings were created by Birks, a Canadian brand. And the necklace was made by British designer Pippa Small.

The two pieces suggest Meghan wanted to represent the two countries she had previously called home.


When Meghan first wore the necklace in 2018. Image: Getty. 

Pippa Small, the designer of the Aquamarine Triple Collete Set Pendant that Meghan wore, also told The Telegraph that the stones represent "freedom" and "hope". 

"Aquamarine is a very serene, positive stone. It's the colour of the sky or the sea - it's very freeing," she said. 


"It's a hopeful stone, there's something very pure about it," she said. "Aesthetically, the necklace and our jewellery, in general, is quite simple and natural feeling. It's more subtle and less showy than traditional jewellery; it becomes more personal, like an amulet."

4. Meghan's eye makeup.

During the interview, it was hard to miss Meghan's dark, sultry eye makeup. She decided to go with dark brown shadows and black eyeliner along her lower lash line. 

Image: CBS. 


It drew attention to her eyes when she spoke.

Similarly, Princess Diana opted for dark eye makeup in her famous 1995 interview with Martin Bashir. 

Image: BBC. 

5. Archie's favourite phrases.

During the interview, Harry and Meghan shared some new details about their 22-month-old son Archie - as well as a never-before-seen photo of their family of three post-interview. 


The latest photo of Meghan, Harry and Archie. Image: Instagram. 

While Harry had previously shared that Archie's first word was "crocodile", the couple have now noted some new phrases he's been loving. 

"In the past couple weeks, it’s been ‘hydrate,’ which is just hysterical!" Meghan said.

While Harry said, "But also, any time anyone leaves the house, he’s like, 'Drive safe!'


"Drive safe! He’s not even two yet," he added.

While the words seem sweet and innocent, that particular phrase seemingly references Harry's mum, Diana, who died in a car crash in 1997. 

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5. Meghan and Harry's chicken coop.

At the beginning of the interview, Meghan notes that the house they're filming the interview at is not their own. However, later on, Oprah visits her and Harry at their Santa Barbara home.

At one point, the three of them play with their chickens in their chicken coop. 

"I just love rescuing," Meghan told Oprah.

Image: CBS.


If you look closely, the chicken coop is actually Archie's. On the side of the coop, the plaque reads "Archie's Chick Inn. Established 2021."

Image: CBS.



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Feature image: CBS and Getty.

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