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david s October 22, 2020

We're yet to become completely disillusioned by the concept of finding love on TV
I have, and Matt Agnew's the one who killed it for me. I loved his season, but for him to make no effort with Chelsea after his season wrapped has just killed the whole thing for me. Maybe I'll turn it on again if there's another genuine seeming candidate, but I haven't watched a single other episode since then.

david s October 22, 2020

@cat After the competing town halls, Trump's campaign manager likened Biden's event to "an episode of Mister Rodgers Neighborhood" - which is a perfect encapsulation of the way Trump thinks and what he does and does not value. And it's going to have the same sort of effect on voters, because most Americans LOVED Mr Rogers.

david s October 22, 2020

@guest2 Strangely enough, foreign policy is probably where Trump has had the most amount of success: I agree he should get credit for helping facilitate the official recognition of diplomatic relationships between Israel and the UAE (although like everything else, he's completely exaggerated the significance of it - it is most definitely not "peace in the Middle East"). And while I also agree that he's unlikely to deliberately start a military conflict, his unwillingness to back down from anything and his casual attitude towards the lives of servicemen and women is far more likely to lead to unnecessary deaths, as demonstrated in the first military action he authorised in the raid in Yemen - a decision he made over dinner with Steve Bannon rather than in the situation room with his military leaders. He's gotten European nations to lift their contribution towards NATO - ironically by making them less confident of the USA's commitment to the treaty - but he's also clearly encouraging and enabling authoritarian regimes while discouraging long standing allies.

@Snorks Unlike in 2016, the polls have been very stable for a really long time now, and there is zero signs of complacency amongst Democrat voters - 47 MILLION people have already made use of early voting there and if that trend continues they may hit 160M votes when the previous high was just under 139M. There are fewer undecideds in this election than ever before, and he's not doing anything to win over anyone who's not already in his base, but doing things and saying things that actively turn those people off. In current news, I see that one of his beefs with the 60 Minutes interview was how he gets the hard questions but Biden gets the softballs - but really, they don't get softer than "Will you condemn white supremacists?", "Will you disavow QAnon consipiracy theories?" and he whiffed completely with his answers on those. COVID may have a dampening effect on voting and COVID safe policies may make it more difficult to vote (the whole public health vs authoritarian repression is something we've seen argued here in Victoria especially as well), but I personally don't think they're going to be enough to prevent a landslide for Biden unless Joe makes a monumental stuff up. Trump will throw as much dirt as he can at the debate and in the next fortnight, but if this Hunter Biden BS is the best he can come up with, he's done. Steve Bannon may be scum of the earth, but he was also smart and understood how to win in as a challenger against a historically unlikeable candidate - Trump's current team are more interested in their expense account, Trump is the incumbent President, and Joe Biden is NOT Hillary Clinton.

david s October 21, 2020

@snorks Trump's pushing away the middle classes with the nastiness of his performances. His outright denial of the seriousness of COVID is dovetailing with a spike of coronavirus cases in the very battleground states he needs to keep to win. There's going to be a record turnout of voters which means he's going to lose big.

And even if Trump had started a war, I'm sure one of his people would still have been overjoyed to nominate him for the Nobel Peace Prize (as they so obviously did).

david s October 5, 2020

Even if you argue that it started off therapeutically, once it became about the pleasure then a line has definitely been crossed. It is sad that her relationship isn't a space where she feels that they can talk about this sort of thing and explore it together.

david s September 29, 2020

What's worse is the coverage that the Fox propaganda machine is pumping out about the debate. And the Republican senators who - despite witnessing exactly this sort of behaviour, repeatedly - continue to enable him.

david s August 12, 2020

I like the Bachelor, but I'm still not over Matt Agnew's ditching of Chelsea before they even got started, so I'm not ready for this one yet.

david s July 23, 2020

Went looking for this article after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's response in the US Congress to fellow congressman Ted Yoho's remark about and non-apology to her: it's a fantastic speech along similar lines.

david s July 16, 2020

There were conservatives getting upset at Obama for putting his foot on the Resolute Desk. It'll be interesting to see if their deep concern for someone's character comes back once Trump is gone from office.

david s July 8, 2020

@elishatraill That's fantastic, I'm really glad that you're working through these things together: you've got plenty to deal with from the sound of it! I'm happy that people can give voice to their fears & frustrations, I just feel sometimes that people are trying to do it all on their own instead of together as partners.

david s July 8, 2020

These are probably the same "experts" who decided that Luisana Lopliato was "trapped" in an "abusive" relationship with her husband, Michael Bublé

david s July 8, 2020

OK, at least we know that West isn't going to subtract any sensible votes from Joe Biden. Hopefully the people that do vote for him wouldn't have been voting anyway. Will be interesting to see where this goes...

david s July 5, 2020

@rush You know what, my theory is that was just a stunt for Trump in 2016 as well - he ran to boost his ego and his brand, but was expecting to lose to Clinton, and was going to blame the media and the elites, the deep state and all that sort of stuff, and then take that expanded profile and sell real estate or universities or something. Actually becoming President with all its boring minutiae that involved was the last thing he ever wanted to do. I'm hoping that once he leaves office, the uncertainty as to whether a sitting President can be indicted will be stop being an issue and that he's charged with everything that was investigated and proven in Robert Mueller's report.

david s July 5, 2020

@rush This is the same network that has "experts" lining up strangers in a "social experiment" where they get married to someone they've never met, so it's pretty clear that the network now feel that Hanson's statements are going to lose them ratings rather than win them ratings, and that's really the only reason they've let her go.

david s July 5, 2020

@rush Trump will be fine with it - see my comment above. Trump doesn't have to worry about his base voting for West, it's the African American voters that would have almost all voted for Biden that this might fracture.

david s July 5, 2020

Have either of you discussed this with your husbands? Because it seems like they need to consider some serious changes in the ways your marriages and homes work: they need to look at working less and doing more at home so you can go back to work part time instead of feeling trapped all the time. They need to be a part of the solution rather than a part of the problem, even if it sets their career back (gee, that's just something women have faced for ages) or your family financially (which is still totally worth it). Otherwise they run the real risk of waking up one day and you're not there - you've gone off and left the marriage to work part time, be a mum only part time, and be a girlfriend to someone else part time, a la the other article over the weekend here on Mamamia.

david s July 5, 2020

Trump voters aren't going to vote for Kanye West. Black voters might, so I can only see this as helping Trump's re-election bid and hurting Biden's chances.

david s July 2, 2020

The media keeps calling the Melbourne hotel quarantine failures "disastrous" - I feel that's a bit sensationalist. It's certainly concerning, but it hasn't yet got away from the Victorian government that I'd call it a "disaster" just yet.

david s July 2, 2020

Hadn't influencers already had to start figuring out alternatives with the change in INstagram's platform to no longer show the number of Likes for a post?

david s July 1, 2020

The bit about a 3 month contract jumps out at me: that's inherently risky, and something that consultants need to factor in when taking work. It sounds like she's relied on demonstrating her competence to leverage that very short term contract into longer term work and has gotten a rude awakening. Glad she's got something, though.

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