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talezassian September 15, 2021

Makes me a little sad that Jessica Marais won't be reprising her role as Rachel Rafter: Google tells me she was on board before pulling out for "personal reasons"; I know she's had her problems in this profession, but if she could have brought some of that to the role of Rachel, that could have been amazing.

talezassian September 13, 2021

My wife wanted to watch this. I didn't enjoy it - the staff are speaking as if these  people are really training for the SAS, but the simple fact is, they're not - it IS actually a TV show and it IS entertainment, not life & death. And the SAS as an organisation hasn't exactly covered itself in glory in terms of how it treats people, so it's not like they have a lot of credibility to start with.

talezassian September 7, 2021

@shadie3 The virus doesn't care about the fact that people are tired: we could "get on with it" if we're willing to sacrifice people: the problem is, we always think that it's to be "other people" than the ones we care about. People choosing to not get vaccinated is why the government is keeping things closed - if you want things to open up again, get vaccinated and encourage other people to get vaccinated.

talezassian September 7, 2021

@rush And from a purely selfish point of view, I hope it gets reported

talezassian September 5, 2021

Yes, the laughter was uncalled for. But maybe they weren't laughing at Genevieve's ability to do engineering: maybe they were laughing at the fact that she didn't actually know what engineers did or have any idea about the challenges involved. I'd be interested in hearing what Genevieve's experience at university was like - it sounds like it was very supportive, which is great: how was the gender mix in her year? Getting better? Still with its challenges?

talezassian September 5, 2021

All of the judges just seem blown away by Arlo - I don't get it. They all seem blown away by Bella - that I do get. I think all of them have known since early on that this is Bella's to lose. I haven't voted for any of these shows before in my life, but I have for this one. Although I only gave Bella 2 votes - I gave Mick 1 vote too. Sorry Arlo and G-Nation.

talezassian September 5, 2021

So was this an abduction or not? If not, then what about the person who owned the white ute that was seized? So many questions...

talezassian September 1, 2021

I haven't watched all of the seasons - I haven't even finished the seasons I did get into, because the heartbreak at the end was just so painful, except in Matt Agnew's season where I was just so happy that he "got it right". Unfortunately, that was also the season that killed the franchise for me: not because it "revealed the editing" but because of how the Bachelor made a choice based on other people's desires rather than his own - clearly he really wanted Abbie but was afraid of being labelled shallow, so he's chosen Chelsea. In the finale, he gives her the ring, "in memory of what they'd shared" rather than as a promise of what was ahead of them: he was always going to leave her hanging out to dry. For me, that makes him worse than the Honey Badger. Matty J and Sam Wood are my top 2 - guys who were definitely looking for love and found it in their seasons. The "drama" was NOT why I followed the show.

talezassian August 31, 2021

He's advertising on Youtube as well. At least text messages cost him money - block the number. It's what I do.

talezassian August 27, 2021

It's clear the author cannot accept that her father was not the saint she felt that he was. He's the chief culprit here, not the other woman: he's the owner of the company and she was an employee, and he and his wife were the ones who chose to hide this from the other children. If the father's death wasn't sudden and unexpected, then he's chosen to hide this to the end, and leave the mess for someone else to clean up.

talezassian August 23, 2021

@rush The Mummy was so good, and the sequel one of the rare examples of being just as good and with all of the characters growing in interesting ways (villains included).

talezassian August 17, 2021

Yeah, this relationship is in trouble, because it seems like the husband - despite marrying this woman - has never really understood what marriage is all about. It's why I think pre-marital counselling is super useful, so people can discuss their expectations about what each think should and shouldn't happen in their ongoing married life together. It's not a panacea, but I'd like to think it would have helped this mother understand what some of the issues would be for them and given her the option to perhaps make different choices for herself.

talezassian July 31, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 There's been all of 2 articles recently along these lines in Mamamia: there's also been 2 articles more recently on S&M relationships, but I don't think anyone thinks that Mamamia has a 'negative stance' on non-S&M relationships: they're just highlighting the fact that there's a diversity of things people find satisfying in relationships, and that some people have realised that casual sex doesn't really 'do it' for them, which I think is actually refreshing in our increasingly hypersexualised society.

talezassian July 18, 2021

It's always concerned me that my father has always spoken of my mother to his English-speaking friends as "the wife" - maybe it's his age, maybe it's his blue collar background, but thinking about it now, maybe it's because my Mum's English name is not really "her", not in the same way that her Chinese birth name is "her". I've always made a point of starting with "Shona, my wife" or "my wife, Shona" and then just using her name in the conversation from then on.

talezassian July 7, 2021

So they're mashing it up with the Bachelor / Bachelorette franchise? I like that the women don't have to pretend they're dumb any more, and that the men don't have to pretend they're socially inept, but relationship status isn't - or shouldn't - help these pairs win through to the next round.

talezassian July 6, 2021

It's no coincidence that cults like these focus on the "submission" part for wives while completely ignoring the very next verses in the same part of the Bible that tells husbands that they need to love their wife "just as Christ loved the church" - unselfishly and sacrificially - as well as the bit that immediately precedes it which explicitly says "Submit to one another".

talezassian July 6, 2021

In the week leading up to Sydney's lockdown, there was the question of whether our kids' sports would go ahead. Their soccer and baseball clubs & associations made the call to pull the plug. That Saturday morning before lockdown went into effect at 6pm, I drove past our local park - the junior rugby league looked like it had the usual turnout of players and spectators. That sort of thing - and the sort of thing in this article - is why we'd have discouraged our kids from playing rugby league if they'd ever shown any inclination of doing so (which they haven't)

talezassian July 1, 2021

@ican'tthinkofone Especially when the students have almost certainly been exposed to pornography to a greater or lesser degree by that age and its incredibly unrealistic depictions of both sex and relationships.

talezassian July 1, 2021

My wife has always actively built relationships with people at the school - sometimes with our kids' actual teachers, sometimes with the principals or assistant principals or deputy principals - and we've always been able to have honest and constructive conversations about how are kids are doing in school and outside of it. It was enormously helpful with our oldest, who's always suffered a lot of anxiety but is doing really well in his first year of uni, and it's been helpful with our 2nd who is struggling with motivation at the moment; if his work experience leads him to conclude he'd rather learn a trade than finish high school, we'll back that. There have been some bad teachers along the way, but we've been able to talk to the school about our concerns and sometimes we've just sucked it up for a year - while trying to make sure that the next year they had a 'good' teacher - and sometimes we've been pleasantly surprised when the teacher we thought was a bit flaky was actually exactly what our son needed that year. It helps to get involved, figure out which ones actually care about education and talk to them.

talezassian May 31, 2021

I wish the Bachelor wasn't so focused on themselves and their "journey" - I wish they'd emphasize to the contestants that they can only choose one person in the end and that the relationships they make with each other are the things that are going to be special for them going forward, and not let them get so invested in him. I'm off the Bachelor train since Matt Agnew broke Chelsie McLeod's heart - although she seems to have met someone else now, good on her!