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talezassian April 4, 2021

@rush Actually, it seemed like the first chapter of a book: or of a series of posts from her blog about this. More to come next time!

talezassian April 1, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 The bit about the dowry seems a bit nuts though - it's a very "You have to pay me to take her off your hands" sort of idea, isn't it?

talezassian March 31, 2021

Your boyfriend has bought into the fantasy common to so much porn, which is that women may be reluctant at first, but will get into it when the sex begins. He seems to understand that he's raped you, but he doesn't seem to understand how devastating that's been for you: that's the part he really needs to understand, whether it comes from you (either by talking to him or leaving him) or a therapist or whoever. Worryingly, the fact that he always has to be right in an argument is not a good sign: if he refuses to change his behaviour, please don't stay with this man.

talezassian March 29, 2021

Beautifully written - thank you, Jessie. A couple of thoughts: firstly, I like to distinguish between fact and fiction, and it bothered me that this wasn't clear for ages. It felt like personal experience, but then the book was about "three stories". Three people were interviewed, so the book's based on their experiences and this is Jessie's own experience and not in the book?

Secondly, if Joshua is Jessie's own story, I wonder where Claire was in all of this: as her twin, there's someone for Jessie to talk to about these thoughts & feelings, someone who cares deeply about her and knows her better than anyone else in the world. Or is the twin thing an overstated stereotype, and they're not necessarily any closer than any other pair of siblings close to each other in age might be?

talezassian March 20, 2021

"Affair" is too strong a description if they were separated at the time. Did they agree to remain faithful to each other while they were separated? Was it something they never discussed and just assumed?

talezassian March 20, 2021

It's nice prose, but I find it unsatisfying. What happened between the two of you? What circumstances drove you apart? What choices did you make, as a couple, as individuals? The lack of context makes it impossible for me to empathise with him,

talezassian March 17, 2021

But it feels like some of this season's contestants are particularly picky
I think it's a self defense mechanism - all of them are aware of how rubbish the matches are on this show, they're making sure they don't invest too much in it and can instead focus on squeezing whatever notoriety they can out of it in the hopes  of boosting their social media following.

talezassian March 13, 2021

Piers Morgan is one of a select group of people whom I automatically assume are arguing in bad faith and stop reading immediately. The others are Andrew Bolt, Miranda Devine, Piers Akerman, and pretty much all of Fox News unless they've demonstrated otherwise (ie. Chris Wallace). Rupert Murdoch has given these people a platform for their bile and encouraged it and I wish governments would do more to make them accountable for the rubbish they produce. There was a reason for restrictions on media ownership, and we've seen what doing away with those restrictions has resulted in. 

talezassian March 10, 2021

@rush I believe he's going to Fox News, which makes sense: it was Murdoch who employed him at his time in print and I've always thought of him as the British equivalent of Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlsen (ie. someone I immediately turn off because I know they're operating in bad faith and promoting lies & disinformation).

talezassian March 10, 2021

I'd love it if the Bachelor would tell the contestants it's not all about him: that he can only pick one, so for everyone else, it's really about the experience and the friendships they'll make with other wonderful women, and that's far more important than any nastiness or cattiness that the producers want to create for the sake of ratings...

talezassian March 9, 2021

Some of these things make it seem like Meghan is trawling through footage of the last 6 months of Diana's life looking for things she can copy: I think that's way overthinking things...

talezassian February 26, 2021

@chrissyinthemiddle He's not appearing in advertisements for the thing - he was asked to comment on it, he gave his opinion on it. Did he have any say in its making? Was he a consultant for any of the scenes or the scripting? You don't like Harry and Meghan and take every opportunity to bash them - we get it already.

david s February 17, 2021

@feast Except Facebook wasn't bringing them subscribers, but just using the news organisations' content to generate ad revenue for themselves. Having said that, I also support this move by Facebook, because it should reduce Facebook's ability to disseminate disinformation to Australian consumers.

david s February 10, 2021

Sadness. Had something changed in the 3-4 years since those comments in 2017, or were they not truly indicative of where their relationship was at?

david s January 20, 2021

Kamala Harris became the first woman, the first Black person, and first Asian American to serve as vice president
Americans and British people seem to call Indian people "Asian" as in "South Asian" - I think we tend to think of them as "Indian" (which on reflection sucks a bit for the poor Pakistanis) and "Asian" people as more the Chinese / Japanese / Korean stereotype (would they more accurately be "North Asian"?) 

david s January 13, 2021

Read a comment a while ago that rang so true to me at the time, when someone who had suffered domestic abuse called out Trump's behaviour as being exactly the same. I think the analogy has only grown more powerful since: the US found the courage to leave him on Nov 3rd, and he's raged and become violent, while continuing to deny any responsibility on his own part.

david s January 13, 2021

A summary article about the number of death row inmates the Trump administration has gone ahead with would be good - he's gone ahead with more of them than any other President in US history, hasn't he?

david s January 13, 2021

@Les Grossman Thought of you the other day, because I'd commented in a Sky News video about the Hunter Biden thing and had an ongoing, polite and sometimes almost rational conversation with a Trump supporter. He challenged me to a bet on the election result, which he of course did not honour for weeks and weeks before finally disappearing entirely off the platform... 😂

david s January 13, 2021

Ivanka may want to make a run, but she hasn't got a chance. She may be her father's favoured child and think that gives her an advantage, but she's married to a Jew. Maybe if Jared dishes on the global conspiracy that he's seen glimpses of from the inside, but I can't see him doing that, given that he went to all that trouble to get a pardon for his father.

david s January 7, 2021

@rush Some of them livestreamed themselves from Nancy Pelosi's office (they're also definitely not Antifa pretending to be Trump supporters)

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