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talezassian January 14, 2022

I feel more compassion now for Serena: she's the best female tennis player ever, but a part of that was an arrogance that made her an ungracious loser. I can see how this may be a coping technique with what her father did to her. I think it's a tragedy what he did to those girls: where is the care for either their happiness or the sort of people they will be? I think that's more important than how well they can play tennis.

talezassian January 13, 2022

We were driving down the coast for a 7 day break when my kids played a song that I heard for the first time: James TW's "When You Love Someone" ~ this article reminds me very much of that song. Undoubtedly sometimes mums & dads need to go their separate ways while both still loving their kids, but that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt or that they wish that it could have been somehow different in an alternative universe somewhere out there. It makes me emotional: I'm so glad that you're working it out and wish you all the strength and love in the world to share with both your kids and your step-kids.

talezassian December 29, 2021

@flyingdale flier It's not just rom-coms, it's also pretty much every single "reality" TV show - the Bachelor/-ette, Married At First Sight, even First Dates - everyone is looking for that "spark" that somehow has to be there almost instantly. Dating apps reinforce that attitude - if there's no "spark", you simply move on to the next date. There was an article here on Mamamia in the last 3 months about exactly the opposite: about a relationship that grew out of two people getting to know each other, becoming friends, and then realising that it could be something more.

talezassian December 28, 2021

I'm not surprised the divorce rates are so high in marriages where the husband doesn't take part in the raising of his children - that's just nuts. This should have been part of the pre-marital discussions about the future and about expectations, and part of their ongoing communication within their marriage. That's not "lowering your standards", that's just how love is supposed to work, not this sense of male entitlement in a marriage.

talezassian December 27, 2021

This is one of those articles that needs more context: for example, I found this confusing:
One night, years before I dated Carlos and before my divorce, my husband, Samantha, and I had dinner and a few cocktails. The night was jovial, but I was losing steam. (I had two small children at the time.) 
So Carlyn was married with 2 children previously, divorced that person, and is now with Carlos, but
Carlos couldn’t keep that promise [to always protect her from those who will hurt her]
So Carlos did subsequently cheat on her with Samantha? I suspect regular readers of her columns / website would understand more of the history and possibly of what's ahead for them...

talezassian December 27, 2021

@guest2 Politicians can change the laws if they don't like the decisions being made by the judges - that's the purpose of the legislative branch, to legislate. Also, it's laughable to say that the tabloids are "holding the rich and powerful to account" - they're throwing dirt, not doing actual journalism that reveals and uncovers the misdeeds of public figures.

talezassian December 21, 2021

@Guest They do it all the time when an article becomes topical again. Sometimes there's an update, but sometimes there isn't.

Hopefully people realise that life isn't a rom com and that this sort of "plan" only works in the movies. It's also why people are always looking for that "instant spark" which is absolutely not required to find the love of your life.

talezassian December 5, 2021

I read a super interesting analysis that there was no way that the US Supreme Court could let the Texas abortion law stand, because it would mean other states could pass similar legislation but with their own targets - so California, Washington or New York could pass a similar law allowing unrelated private third parties to sue anyone involved a gun shooting instead of an abortion. I really hope on of them does this - I suspect they'd see an uptick in immigration of skilled workers from other US states.

talezassian November 23, 2021

@alix12 Except that paying for something wouldn't build his ego as this genuine adoration from a woman who's not a sex worker.

talezassian November 19, 2021

I hope she becomes a trainer for the Qld police, because unfortunately I've had a couple of friends' relatives and acquaintances have terrible experiences with them in recent years in how they've handled domestic abuse cases - it's felt like Queensland has been years behind some of the other states in terms of their police's attitude towards those women trying to get away from abusive partners.

talezassian November 19, 2021

Sounds like that "love bombing" tactic that narcissists use when first meeting someone, but a narcissist wouldn't just walk away, would they? I suspect the guy was really just after one thing and went all out to try and get it: and was always going to just vanish afterwards whether he got it or not.

talezassian November 19, 2021

@cat It'll be interesting to see if really is about privacy and fame and all those things Tommy Lee thinks it's about - I can only imagine that's why Lily James signed on, but she's got very little say in what the final edit will be like.

talezassian November 11, 2021

@cat And with advertising too. I like 7Plus, but sometimes it feels like half the ads are for one of the gambling companies

talezassian November 4, 2021

People have rocks in their head if they think there is one "best" parenting style - as the article points out, there are bits and pieces you can take from most of these and make them work for YOUR family and YOUR kids, who are individuals. Instead, it would be much better if this show was about helping the parents - and the viewers - understand when & where what styles work better and when they don't. Those nature parents - what do they do when one of their kids gets sick? Surely they'd take them to see the doctor?

talezassian November 1, 2021

We like the 7Plus app - it's available for PS5 and they have lots of stuff up there. The ad breaks themselves are okay - we're watching series like Cold Case that were filmed with breaks in them for commercials. But at least half of the ads are for one of the various gambling apps: my 14 yr daughter also thinks it's ridiculous because we can quote at least one of them verbatim from start to finish because it's been shown so. many. times. Our conversations with our kids are about how bad it is and why gambling is basically throwing away money, but what is it like in households that don't communicate that way?

talezassian October 25, 2021

@cat I don't think someone's weight in itself is a matter of public interest: I do think someone's change in weight is, not as a value judgement but as a question of whether they are ok, mental health-wise. Maybe a better example is Adele's weight loss after her divorce - that's a big change, is she okay, what's her thinking that led her to make those choices, how does she feel about it? It's not that she is better off thinner than she was when she was bigger, but she's clearly doing something different and asking about her reasons is valid. I agree that this a nuanced approach that's easily misunderstood and/or mischaracterised, but just because our society seems to value the knee jerk hot take nowadays doesn't mean it's not worth trying.

talezassian October 20, 2021

@cat There's a big distinction between "fair game" and the sort of question I was thinking about - "fair game" seems to suggest someone can just make up stuff, which is what some tabloids do. I'm thinking more about the 7:30 / Australian Story type actual journalism where you want to find out more about someone and their thinking and motivation behind their choices. Ruling out an area of your life from that sort of discussion is - to me - like Sam Burgess dodging questions about his conviction for drinking and driving.

talezassian October 18, 2021

Don't comment is fine: but asking questions without value judgements should be fine for a public figure like an actor.

talezassian October 18, 2021

I hope that they know what they're doing
Really, the key is both of you admitting you have no idea what you're doing but committing to figuring it out together with each other - communicating and talking and exploring what you like rather than assuming and guessing and hoping.

talezassian October 18, 2021

This is something that partners need to know and be committed to helping out with 😁