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lachy8 April 20, 2021

This whole video, campaign or advertisement, whatever you want to call it cost $3,500,000.00 to make and it has been cancelled immediately. This government WASTES so much money, they are appalling money manages. A bunch idiots. 

lachy8 April 8, 2021

@guest2  Really,  do you not think they would  have  borrowed to achieve success through GFC. You know, the way this  government has borrowed during the pandemic. There certainly wasn’t any surplus from 6 years of this Liberal government, quite the contrary, they tripled and almost quadrupled the nations debt long before we heard  the word Covid. Do your research. This government is an appalling manager of money. 

lachy8 April 7, 2021

The problem is, people forget easily. When Australia was burning Morrison nicked off overseas with scant regard for his suffering people.  He came back under sufferance and people were rightly outraged. Consequently his popularity plummeted. Then we go into a pandemic, the human race lean on their leader in bad times so without real justification his popularity started to rise again. If people look closely he hasn’t done anything outstanding, he has not listened  or shown compassion to women in parliament. He can’t organise this vaccination rollout. He is just a salesman. Wake up Australia. 

lachy8 April 7, 2021

@gypsy  Yes right and the amount of money borrowed now is off the radar and all he ever did was send Labor up for getting us through the GFC. Compared to the rest of the world Australia barely knew there was a GFC. 

lachy8 March 31, 2021

Re state MP:- No great loss. 

lachy8 March 31, 2021

When will people realise this oaf has no idea what he is doing. 

lachy8 March 25, 2021

Where does one start,  I said the other day Hayne was an embarrassment to males, this bloke is too. The unfortunate part is he is the PM. Considering his catch cry of having daughters he has ZERO idea. My dog would have a better understanding. 

lachy8 March 24, 2021

He is an embarrassment to males. 

lachy8 March 18, 2021

Oomm well, as you suggested in your article, what goes around comes around. He was never tactful himself. 

lachy8 March 17, 2021

@kelly  Oh yeah, you have to read between the lines. 

lachy8 March 15, 2021

@gypsy  Arrogant human beings in the EXTREME. 

lachy8 March 9, 2021

@mamamia-user-405278599 It is all quite ridiculous actually when the world has such serious problems. 

lachy8 March 9, 2021


lachy8 March 7, 2021

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