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lachy8 May 13, 2022

@mumma-cat Oh yes SOOOO like him. He wouldn’t like cuddle pie to miss any of the fruits of life. If only people could put themselves in other peoples positions they might be kinder.

lachy8 March 29, 2022

@laura__palmer Not really a nice one, actually a good example of unrefined. You both proved my point. 

lachy8 March 28, 2022

@laura__palmer Another thing he used to say was self praise is no recommendation. A lot of truth in the old sayings. 

lachy8 March 28, 2022

@laura__palmer Ok, I will spell it out if you are going to quibble. The person referring to Darcy knows what sex Darcy is so when I said he I should have said he or she. The principle is exactly the same. One person is not a they. ‘Where’s Bill, he is over there’. If he wandered off chatting to another one or two people you might say, they’re over there, indicating he is not on his own. Otherwise it is stupid. Certainly doesn’t sound right to me. 

lachy8 March 28, 2022

@laura__palmer Funny you mentioned eye rolling,  my father used to say (an extremely well educated man) people shouldn’t eye roll or swear. They come across much more intelligently by simply using language to express themselves. I guess it separates the refined from the unrefined. 

lachy8 March 28, 2022

@laura__palmer  They ran into my car is right because you don’t know their identity. Darcy - ‘He’  lost his keys, if Darcy was entering the building with a friend,  also relying on Darcey’s keys, yes ‘they’. Darcy is singular that is a fact ‘they’ is definitely usually plural. Certainly exceptions but it shouldn’t be abused it simply  doesn’t sound right. 

lachy8 March 27, 2022

@cat  No way could we get used to that, dreadful presentation. I was curious what the dialogue was about and had a read. Just incorrectly put, hard to fathom at times, I can understand now the chat. Phew, wore me out lol, I had to go back a couple times. 

lachy8 February 21, 2022

@mumma-cat  Yes, some people are way too young  to start giving out advice, very dangerous actually. 

lachy8 February 14, 2022

From one bloke to another MATE you looked like a goof, actually very embarrassing to watch. 

lachy8 January 30, 2022

@cindyf  Yes you are right and I’m not a teacher. My daughter gets home exhausted, on her feet all day. Her hours don’t gel with grandsons Primary school either I will be doing the 3pm pick up. Teachers have the same issues, people don’t see that and they OVER simplify the teaching profession. 

lachy8 January 29, 2022

@anonymous No it’s not the ‘planet’ needing you to work it is the large home, 3 car garage and home theatre. Priorities all wrong. 

lachy8 January 29, 2022

@caroline j  You are soooo right, parents need to realise when they choose to have kids  they will have to plan around it but NO they expect teachers to rear them. 

lachy8 January 29, 2022

@anonymous Defensive teachers, because they don’t agree with you. Are the nurses going to do the patient’s  washing, like someone else suggested or are they going to be defensive. 

lachy8 January 26, 2022

@kde Yes it is a little odd, if it was a man talking it would be said, on first date, he was only after one thing. If he tossed her because of sexual performance, he would be shallow. If you can’t beat em join em is not always the best thing. 

lachy8 January 24, 2022

There has been too much made of the school side of things. They will manage and succeed if they were meant to. Learning from home,  being able to access their teacher wasn’t the end of life. Catching the virus could well have been. It comes back to priorities. Besides, online courses are the in thing and that is the same principle. At year 11/12 level I think they proved it was doable. The other years will manage also, keeping good health is more important at the moment. 

lachy8 January 21, 2022

@marmaduke You said you were ‘also fat’ I hope you are happy though. The way you see yourself might be different to how others see you.

lachy8 January 6, 2022

@jo99  Terrible, they don’t look past what’s in front of them to see a well rounded individual. Their loss. 

lachy8 November 11, 2021

@laura__palmer I know a very selfish woman, lazy really, her husband earns  a BIG income but she claims she likes to work. Her gorgeous baby daughter spends 5 long days in daycare, I think it is tragically sad personally. She sits on her backside with a laptop pretending to work. I wonder sometimes why they have them. A lot do it because it is easier not through need. 

lachy8 November 11, 2021

@gu3st So, because I conflict with your thinking I am bored but the others are not bored, interesting. I have known several women that were unable to return to work, one struggled with that decision 3 times, she did in the end but struggled with the decision. Two others, very well qualified graduates gave their careers away overnight, one was a successful solicitor and in the click of the fingers, left it to be a mum.  If you have not stumbled across a woman that has struggled with that decision, you have your head in the sand. 

lachy8 November 10, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 I think the ruffled feathers are coming from mothers that have had a raw nerve touched cos deep down they feel guilty, asking themselves, have they done it the best way. They are often torn, not sure if the kids are suffering. Many women sink into a bit of  a depressed state when it’s time to return to work, they really struggle with it. That is telling you  something.