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mamamia-user-405278599 August 18, 2021

@gu3st closest my 8 year old gets is weak decaffeinated chai tea!

mamamia-user-405278599 August 18, 2021

Being told to exercise more or eat less/better doesn't actually work for everyone. People have all sorts of reasons for being fat or obese. One in particular is medication for mental illnesses. They are notorious for people rapidly gaining up to 30kg or more. And it makes you very uncomfortable and self-conscious. You don't need unsolicited advice, you need acceptance and love. Fat people are more than aware of their size. 

mamamia-user-405278599 August 12, 2021

I feel for you. I work with injecting drug users, including ice. It is a horrible drug that ruins lives. I have patients who have managed heroin use over 20-30 years, only using at weekends of once or twice a week. Then they try ice and that's it. They regret ever having tried it because it's extremely hard to get back off and you can't regulate your use at all. it's harder to promote safe usage (clean syringes etc), they go for days without eating, they pick at their skin until they have bloody scabs, they steal from family or retail, or sometimes get money through sex work. They do actually get brain damage, you're not imagining it. It ruins their lives and those they love. It leads to job loss, chronic and acute health conditions, loss of relationships with anyone that doesn't also use, and leads to homelessness. 

mamamia-user-405278599 August 5, 2021

Great to read about these $$$ items that so many of us in continuous lockdowns can't afford by miles.

mamamia-user-405278599 August 3, 2021

Reading this as a registered nurse, I can report it is the truth. In this last week, I've had to throw away a handbag because it got covered in sputum from an unstable trachy patient I was working 1:1 with, had to deal with explaining to another nurse (who was literally saving this patient's life) what he wrote on his communications whiteboard ("black bitch go back to where you came from). Been threatened with a metal pole, been told how many nurses a patient has assaulted and how he did it and how he will do it again. In my 14 years of nursing, I have seen all of this. I'm burnt out and have taken several months off to recover from the trauma and stress of every day nursing. I have a degree and post-grad qualifications and am still paid poorly. I don't even know where to end my rant, so I'll stop now! 

mamamia-user-405278599 June 30, 2021

I didn't look after my skin properly until the last few years (my early to mid thirties). I've finally found my happy place - Aesop oil cleaner, toner and serum and followed by Clinique 72 hour hydration gel. I cracked and bought the Ultra Violette sunscreen last summer and it's fantastic, even under make-up. My hyperpigmentation is improving, skin texture is so smooth. I know the Aesop products are expensive but the bottles are huge and last forever.

mamamia-user-405278599 June 22, 2021

@rush I recently had a Mirena inserted and was given a penthrox inhaler (the type of pain relief ambos give) and the whole thing was over in 10 minutes. One sharp quick pain and I was a bit high on the medication anyway so it was all good. No pain at all since then. Much better than I was expecting!

mamamia-user-405278599 June 22, 2021

@rosiecat and smokers, overweight people. There risk goes up for a lot of women and it's not talked about.

mamamia-user-405278599 June 22, 2021

Sounds like he should be retired. None of this is ok. I hope one day when you have the strength that you report him to AHPRA. Amongst all the rest, he should never have performed a procedure on you without consent and he should have offered pain relief. Hell, I had a Mirena insertion and was given Penthrox. He most certainly didn't just treat you like this.

mamamia-user-405278599 June 16, 2021

All of this! The work is so hard and if you do it properly it is relentless. Even having a hospital admission for your mental health is exhausting because you spend your entire day attending groups sessions on what the work is, how to do the work and practicing the work. When what you really need is some respite and sleep, but you can't because of medication schedules, meal schedules and compulsory group sessions. And that's only for those who can afford it.

mamamia-user-405278599 May 31, 2021

I rewatched this with my daughter yesterday. I haven't seen it since I was about 9 when it came out and I have to say, I am now firmly on the mother's side. I'm not sure it holds up, and it's not his best work, but it's still a bit of nostalgia. 

mamamia-user-405278599 May 30, 2021

@jsto55 Me too. 

Sorry, it won't post my comment without being a reply. 

Well done on making the decision that is right for you. I had a horrible struggle breastfeeding my first (with militant lactation consultants) and followed a regime that ultimately ended up in me feeling like I'd failed my baby and myself. I had a traumatic birth in an overcrowded public hospital, and was left to figure out breastfeeding alone for the 2 nights I was there. At 3 months, in a mother-baby unit with severe PND and anxiety, a nurse said to me 'you know, you are allowed to stop doing this...' and so I gave myself permission and it was absolutely the best thing I could have done and have never regretted it. With my second, I hoped to breastfeed but told myself if I needed to stop I would. A week after the birth (still admitted because of birth complications) in a private hospital with constant care and attention, and a week of having the nurses squeeze out the 0.5ml of colostrum they could get each shift, I made the decision that formula would be the way to go. I was actually scared to tell the nurses. I steeled myself, and the next time a nurse walked in I blurted out that I was going to stop. She immediately hugged me, told me she was proud of me for making a decision and doing what was best for our family, and was incredibly supportive. I cried with relief. I went home with no feelings of shame, failure or regret. It was 100% the best decision, and our family and my mental wellbeing has been the better for it. 

mamamia-user-405278599 May 23, 2021

@Experienced guest I've never met a happy narcissist. They are usually terribly unhappy but put on a very practiced front. They derive pleasure from other people's adoration or attention.

mamamia-user-405278599 May 1, 2021

I had a traumatic 3 day ordeal with my first. A 'natural birth'. *eye roll*. It impacted me mentally for years (I'm still not completely over it nearly 10 years later). It was at a very busy public hospital and vaginal birth was pretty much the only way you were supposed to give birth unless it was lifethreatning. For my second, I went private because I wanted a better/different experience overall. I was so nervous to say I wanted a caesarean but as soon as I said 'I had a traumatic birth and I want a caesarean', she was so lovely and said absolutely understandable, let's book you in. I ended up needing to have it 3 weeks earlier than planned, but the experience, from the anaesthetist to the nurses, obstetricians and paediatrician was amazing. The recovery was quicker than I expected, the bonding was easier with my baby. I've tried both ways, and I think for those who judge others that somehow seems ok. It's weird. Anyway, each to her own.

mamamia-user-405278599 April 25, 2021

My dad went to school with their dad. Missed opportunity for me haha

mamamia-user-405278599 April 25, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 why would it bother a muslim person to see another person eating or drinking? She's just said even muslim people have reasons they don't or can't fast and that it is divinely mandated. It's like saying non-

catholics get offended if they see someone eating meat on a Friday. 

mamamia-user-405278599 April 21, 2021

Or instead of disposable tampons and pads, invest in period knickers. Good for the planet and life changing.

mamamia-user-405278599 April 16, 2021

I wrote this comment first thing this morning and for some reason it was deleted so I'm posting again because it's important.

Ok, here's the thing. The doctor interviewed for this piece is not an expert in the 'how often should you pee?' department. Obviously she is a highly educated person, but she's not the right person to ask these questions to, and there are several more appropriate people to take her place. Firstly, a urogynaecologist. The ultimate specialist in this field. Then we have urologists, continence clinical nurse consultants, pelvic floor physiotherapists. Personally, I do have a post-graduate qualification in continence and urology and I know some of the answers given here are not based on the most up-to-date research and are actually incorrect, for example the 'should I have a wee just in case?' - the answer is no. Anyway, here's a link with the answers to just about any questions related to bladder and bowel health you could need.

mamamia-user-405278599 April 10, 2021

Blondpro is a great Olaplex alternative and a bit cheaper. My hair salon used to use Olaplex but found Blondpro worked better, especially for curly hair.

mamamia-user-405278599 April 8, 2021

As a mental health professional currently staying as a patient in a psychiatric hospital, this will be an interesting one to watch...