'I'm a beauty writer, and I promise these 6 spendy products are worth the splurge.'

Oh, how I adore a boujee beauty treat. The experience, the packaging, the result.

Equipping yourself with a shelf full of hardworking beauty products doesn’t have to be expensive – there are a plethora of wallet-friendly options on the market, and we love to see it. But there's no denying the allure of luxe products with cult status. 

As a beauty addict, I've gradually worked my way through my wish list. Some lavish products aren’t what I thought they would be, some are just fine, and some have blown my socks off. 

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So, which spendy products were worthy of a slice of my paycheck? I've identified 6 winners that have become regulars in my beauty line-up – their next-level formulas put in the work and keep me coming back for more.

Before we jump in, a quick reminder that everyone’s skin can react uniquely to different products. Always patch test and get advice if you’re unsure if a new goodie is the one for you. I’m not a dermatologist, and these are just my own experiences after many years of testing beauty products.


Sunday Riley Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment, $184 for 50ml.

Image: Mecca

Obsessed is an understatement. If you forced me to narrow down my skincare cabinet to a few staples (please don’t, though) this would be one of the last products standing. Every night that I use Good Genes, the next morning my skin gives me a fist bump and says thank you*. 

*Not really, but it’s very happy and very glowy.


The magic is in the exquisite ingredients list – lactic acid (encouraging dead skin cells to hit the road), liquorice to help brighten, and arnica, aloe vera, and prickly pear extract to help soothe. I find it exfoliating and refreshing, but never drying. 

Obviously, SPF is a must when using this one.

Gucci Matte Lipsticks, from $66.

Image: Gucci

I’d prefer not to disclose the insanely high number of lipsticks I own (it’s a lot), but just know that finishing one entirely is a rarity. My Gucci lipsticks though? I’ve actually had to replace a few colours that I have used the whole way through. That shows real commitment, people. 


Described as ‘soft and velvety’, these lippies glide on like a dream and have epic staying power. I’m wearing one as I type this, and despite some truly manic coffee swigging, she’s well and truly still in place. 

Plus, the tubes are truly delightful to look at. All gold and fancy, they look elite on your dresser.

My colour picks? I’m in a committed relationship with Vantine Fuchsia, forever obsessed with Queen Christina, and can’t get enough of Patricia Pink. Each $66 well spent, thank you. 

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Multi-Recovery Complex, $118 for 30ml.

Image: Adore Beauty


When a product stays this popular for this long, chances are there’s a good reason. Although the multi-recovery complex is a new iteration of the classic, Advanced Night Repair (ANR) is one of those skincare products that generations have come to know and love (including moi). 

As someone who clearly loves actives, I make a very conscious effort to incorporate lots of healing and hydrating products into my routine. ANR’s luxe formula including squalane, sodium hyaluronate and Estee Lauder’s patented Chronolux™ Power Signal Technology helps my skin feel especially refreshed and hydrated. I’m countless ANR bottles down, so I must reckon this one is worth it.

Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base, $89 for 50ml.

Image: Adore Beauty


You know those makeup products that actually seem to leave your face better than they found it? This primer is one of them. It’s more a skincare/primer hybrid, and it has a grip on my soul. 

Check some of the key ingredients: shea butter to intensely moisturise, sodium hyaluronate for hydration, and vitamins B, C and E for antioxidant protection. It feels rich, lush, and comforting, but my skin laps it right up so there’s no greasy mess. 

Armed with this primer, my makeup always looks better and stays where it’s supposed to be. It might not be the cheapest option on the market, but it’s a repeat yes from me. 

Dr Dennis Gross Extra Strength Peel Pads, $226 for 60.

Image: Mecca


Ever since I first tried these around five years ago, I haven’t looked back. Truly. I had heard good things about the much-loved Dr Dennis Gross peel pads, but I was wary. I shouldn’t have been – they’ve helped transform my skin, fighting texture and pigmentation.

The pads are a two-step formula: the first swipe is a combo of seven AHAs and BHAs helps to exfoliate and smooth, and the second is called an ‘anti-aging neutraliser’ including retinol and green tea extract. 

Despite the product name, I definitely don’t use the peel pads daily, but they’re a mainstay in my routine (again, wearing SPF as a must). I’ll never leave my shelf without a stack of these goodies: they’re a splurge I’m willing to commit to.


Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette, $102.

Image: Mecca

A friend who is a makeup artist recommend this product to me, and I'm glad she did. Once I replaced my setting powder with the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder, I knew I could never go back. This ticks off everything I want in a makeup finisher: it sets everything in place, blurs any imperfections, and illuminates like nobody’s business. 


Hourglass claims that these each of the powders ‘captures, diffuses and softens surrounding light with ground-breaking Photoluminescent Technology.’ Sounds like magic, tbh, but swiping this across my face (I use the ‘Dim Light’ colour) really does leave my makeup beaming. This powder might be on the pricier side, but I find it well and truly worth it. 

Ok - my wallet is crying a little right now, but my skin is stoked! A spendy product needs to really prove its worth to keep adding to cart, and these ones certainly have. 

Extra shoutouts to the Summer Fridays CC Me Serum, $99, Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask, $39, and the Drunk Elephant C-Firma Serum, $117, each of which has earnt its splurge status in my books. 

I’ll leave you with a tip for exy items: if there’s something you’re keen to try, but the price tag makes you a bit nervous, ask for a sample! 

Many retailers are more than happy to help you find what’s right for you. This way, you can try the product on for size beforehand and then commit when you’re convinced. 

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Feature image: Supplied/Hannah Rabbitt.

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