YOU'RE WELCOME: All the Instagram accounts of the Bachelor in Paradise contestants.

Look we get it. Bachelor season is all-encompassing and sometimes you find yourself at 5:27pm waiting for the bus home, wondering what’s happening with dear young Apollo Jackson or what Laurina Fleure is up to right now.

Luckily for us that’s why we have Instagram and we have never been worse better for it.

But we know you’re a busy person, and maybe lack the time to track down 19 or so people on Instagram, so we’ve done that for you.

We’ve even listed everybody we know to be appearing on the show (so far), plus one or two rumoured contestants, in alphabetical order, for easy reference… now don’t say we never did anything for ya.

Bachelor in Paradise is coming to Australia for the first time and we are EXCITED. Post continues after audio.

Stephanie Boulton

Samual Cochrane

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Blake Colman

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Leah Costa

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Jake Ellis

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Laurina Fleure

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Lisa Hyde

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Apollo Jackson

Davey Lloyd


Keira Maguire

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Megan Marx


Luke McLeod

Ali Oetjen


Simone Ormesher

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Tara Pavlovic

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Nina Rolleston

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Michael Turnbull


Florence Moerenhout

Jarrod Woodgate


Brett Moore

Brett Moore and Stephanie Boulton
Brett Moore with ex Bachelor contestant (and suspected girlfriend) Stephanie Boulton. Image: Instagram.

So Brett did have an Instagram account (@suchislife.co) but between 4pm and 5pm before the series premier, the contestant changed his account from public to private. In a previous interview, fellow contestant Florence mentioned that she he went into the show with a girlfriend.

Hmmm, we'll keep you updated.