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Who is Nina Rolleston from Bachelor in Paradise?

Nina Rolleston was on Sam Wood’s season of The Bachelor.

She’s now a contestant on Bachelor in Paradise 2018.

Nina got down to the top five in Sam’s season before being unceremoniously booted off the show for an intruder. At the rose ceremony, Sam decided to send Nina home and keep intruder Lana on the show instead.

During their final date, Nina admitted to the camera that she feared “Sam hasn’t seen the real me”… which was probably the truth because this be a reality TV show.

“It’s just scary to think that time may run out and Sam won’t get to see all the sides of me that I really want him to see.”


While driving away from the bachie mansion, Nina explained to the camera: “I came into this with an open heart and I’m not going to stop that.

“It’s a new chapter for me now and hopefully that person is out there for me.”

She is yet to find that person.

After leaving the bachie house, the 30-year-old returned to Brisbane to work in her family’s dental business.

Recently, she cut off her long, dark hair and is now sporting a shorter, lighter ‘do.

Luckily for Nina, she’s about to meet a whole bunch new potential “persons” on Bachelor in Paradise.

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