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Who is Sam Cochrane from Bachelor in Paradise?

***Warning: This post contains a lot of mentions of man buns***

Sam Cochrane AKA Man Bun AKA Uncle Sam was on Sophie Monk’s season of The Bachelorette.

He’s now a contestant on Bachelor in Paradise 2018.

We first met Sam when his nephews introduced him to Sophie on the rose-scattered red carpet during the first episode.

It was a very clever man bun move and it earned him the first impression rose, which meant he got to have two single dates with Sophie.

At the first cocktail party he participated in a man bun-off with fellow man bun bachelor, Harry. Harry… won.

Everything was going well for Sam until the first group date when he told Sophie he could see her “cans”.


Sophie thought it was a very silly thing to say.

The Monk also had some reservations about Sam and thought he may have just been in it for the man bun fame.

In the end, Sophie decided Sam and his man bun weren’t right for her.

Later, Sam told Now To Love, he’s had no trouble “meetin’ the ladeez” since leaving the show.

“Yeah, they will come up to me when I’m out,” he explained.

“I’ve even had married women come up to me and ask for a selfie because their husbands are such big fans of the show.”

Anywho, Sam is now on the very first season of Bachelor of Paradise and we’re sure his man bun is loving its lil’ holiday in the sun.