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New partners and a brush with the police: What the Bachelor in Paradise cast are doing now.

Season two of Bachelor in Paradise Australia ended in May, and in that time I’ve achieved… nothing.

But reality TV stars move faster than us normal folk, and in the time since appearing in Fiji with mango daiquiri in hand, the cast of BIP have found love, (unsuccessfully) auditioned for other reality shows and probably made a fair bit of cash from Insta endorsements.

It’s like we blinked and missed everything.

Let’s relive some of the juiciest drama from Bachelor in Paradise. Post continues below video.

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A lot of the cast have used their profiles to live the ‘influencer’ life, either full time or as a side hustle to their 9-5 jobs, but a number of the cast have made headlines for more than their trips to Bali.

Head outside and put your feet up, cocktail in hand. Let’s see what those members of the Bachelor in Paradise cast are up to now:

Richie Strahan.

Richie Strahan hasn’t had much luck when it comes to finding love on reality TV. He tried to find a connection with Sam Frost on The Bachelorette, then went on to have a romance with Alex Nation on his season of The Bachelor and tried again on this year’s Bachelor in Paradise. 

But now, Richie has found love in the real world.

Richie shared a photo of him and his new girlfriend on Instagram, which was taken at one of his friend’s wedding.


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“I think she is secretly plotting to kill me!” he captioned the post.

At the moment, Richie’s new girlfriend is shrouded in mystery, for all we know about her is that she’s 27 and lives in Perth.

Nevertheless, fans were quick to congratulate Richie and wish him happiness in his new relationship.

Alex Nation.

Alex Nation had one of the most interesting times on Bachelor in Paradise, first sitting down for a long overdue conversation with ex Richie which – although hyped as an intense conversation that would lay bare all the “grubby details” of their split – gave both of them some much needed closure.

Then she explored a connection with Brooke Blurton before deciding to focus on her relationship with Bill… and that didn’t end well.

This month, Alex told the Herald Sun she was officially done with looking for love on reality TV.


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“I’m putting myself first for a change,” she said. “I felt like I bounced from relationship to relationship and I didn’t help my cause. I won’t be doing a dating show again.”

Instead, she’s focusing on teaching kids how to play AFL with Next Gen Minis and preparing to launch her own podcast about women, relationships and motherhood.

Davey Lloyd.

We first met Davey Lloyd as the larrikin on Sam Frost’s season of The Bachelorette. We saw him again on last year’s Bachelor in Paradise, when Jake Ellis and Leah Costa kept him and Florence Moerenhout from having the romance they deserved, and then he turned up to Fiji for this year’s show… twice before dropping the bombshell about his girlfriend Georgia Cook at the reunion show.

“That girl is my future and she will be the mother of my kids. I’m sorry to say,” he told Florence.

The Bachelor alum alluded to the fact that he had met Georgia – and formed some sort of “connection” with her – before returning to Fiji to try spark other romances, and after the show told Mamamia they met over the weekend after he was first dumped from the second season.

“So I came home, I arrived home on Thursday night, then I met her Friday night,” he clarified. “Then they [producers] flew me back the Monday or the Tuesday, so I’d only just met Georgia once.”


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Davey and Georgia have now been together eight months, but he’s most recently been making headlines for the wee bit of legal trouble he’s found himself in.


The Daily Telegraph reported on September 2, Davey was stopped by police for a random breath test following a date with Georgia and returned an alcohol reading of 0.114, more than double the legal limit.

On October 16, he admitted to drink driving at Manly Local Court and was fined $850 and disqualified from driving for three months, plus the magistrate ordered his vehicle to be fitted with an alcohol interlock device for 12 months.

Georgia was stopped by the same RBT on the same night, in a different car, and charged with the same offence after delivering an alcohol reading of 0.83.


Ivan Krslovic didn’t have the best time in Paradise… punching walls, threatening other men, and referring to Tenille as “his property” sent alarm bells ringing across Australia.

“I just want everyone to know that I acknowledge that the way I acted was wrong and that changes have been made,” he wrote in an apology on his Instagram.

“We all make mistakes and have some dark moments in our lives that we aren’t proud of this is mine for the nation to see,” he continued.

“I have realised that this behaviour is just not on and will grow from this. It is not the person I am right now or the man I will be moving forward.”


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And moving forward he did, right onto Australia’s Got Talent where he… did a dance and got told no. Poor guy.


But no matter, because a quick look at Ivan’s Instagram shows he’s taken it all on the chin and still chasing his dream of being the next Magic Mike.


Bill Goldsmith claimed Network 10 “f*cked his reputation” by giving him a ‘bad’ edit on Bachelor in Paradise.

“They have edited me and made me out to be someone who I’m not, all for their TV ratings. The ratings are another flop anyways, so not really sure it was all worth it,” he wrote, replying to comments on his Instagram.

He’s since used his Instagram to focus on mental health and online bullying and a number of charities including Polished Man, which is dedicated to ending violence against children.


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After rumours began swirling that he was dating fellow Bach alumni Megan Marx, Bill confirmed to the Daily Telegraph earlier this month that they were just good friends.

But in that same interview he admitted he was totally down for another round in Fiji.

“I’m not going to bag out the show but I would say I’m not the bad guy I was portrayed as,” he said. “For sure I would love to do the show again.”

Paradise usually begins filming in November, not longer after the end of The Bachelorette, so… pack your bags and tell your mates at the dog park you’ll see them in a few weeks, Bill.

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