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"I obviously knew I wanted to pursue her.” Alex Nation on her attraction to Brooke Blurton.

This Tuesday Bachelor in Paradise will premiere on Channel 10 with a brand new cast flying to Fiji as they enlist the help of the only real relationship expert on TV to help them find love.

Yep, the return of Osher Gunsberg is close and everyone needs to take a deep breath.

There have been a whole lot of rumours that have emerged in recent weeks, with some pretty significant spoilers.

One confirmed couple is Alex Nation and Brooke Blurton, who in the trailer for the upcoming season are seen kissing. Alex then tells the camera, “If the kiss is electric and amazing and you really feel it, you’re on.”

“I’m on.”

Watch the full trailer for Bachelor in Paradise. Post continues after video.

Video via Channel 10

Now Alex, who was the winner of Richie’s season of The Bachelor, is revealing that from the moment she was cast for the Channel 10 reality show, she had her eyes set on Brooke, who appeared on Nick Cummins’ season of The Bachelor.

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle Australia, Alex shared, “Going in there, I obviously knew that I wanted to pursue her.”

“I didn’t know what her thoughts were on me going in there, but I remember when she was announced and I was due to fly out, I had this feeling of just nerves because there was something about her that made nervous in a really, really good way.”

She continues: “I think I just wanted to impress her.”

“So as you see, there’s a pretty special moment there on the ad.”

Also speaking to Yahoo, Brooke revealed the excitement and nerves was mutual, saying, “I was excited to see Alex and I think I wanted to get to know her more, I was quite curious about her.”

We can already tell we’re going to love this couple.