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"It was really heavy for me." Richie Strahan explains why he crushed Cass Wood's heart.


It seems Richie thought he had signed up to the version of Bachelor in Paradise where every contestant lives in Perth.

The version that… doesn’t exist.


Yes – last night the former Bachelor opted to leave Fiji, crushing dear, sweet, pure Cass’ heart and infuriating precisely everyone.

We are not OK. She is a national treasure, Richie.

The pair had developed an adorably wholesome slow-burner of a relationship from day one in Paradise, with Richie choosing to continue things with Cass over getting to know newcomer Caroline just last week.

However, when Cass brought up their options beyond the show, he freaked. He sat Cass down and told her that he felt it just wasn’t going to work.

His reason?

He’s not ready to try long distance again.

We can’t help but think that’s a bit of a… cop out.

Surely this is something he should have thought about before agreeing to enter the show *again*? SURELY?

Did he not… watch Nick Cummins’ season?

Well, speaking to 10Daily following his departure, he’s provided a glimpse into what was going through his head at the time and it doesn’t really explain… much.

“It’s hard to try and explore and be in Paradise when you’ve got a lot going on upstairs,” he told the publication.


“When I decided to leave, that was really, really heavy for me. I’m always the guy that says ‘No regrets’, my final decision was, without a doubt, one of the hardest but I’d like to think I made the right one.”

Well, yeah, because Cass has got herself a new man and seems as happy as ever, information we are utterly thrilled about.

Still – we do have some sympathy for the bloke. He also added that seeing his ex Alex Nation walk into Paradise threw him somewhat, making the experience “emotionally very difficult to handle” to start with.

“The first couple of days were quite heavy, obviously, and I was taking a lot of grenades in the trenches, dealing with a situation that was certainly uncomfortable but I opened up and became myself and really started enjoying my time in Paradise,” he said.

On Twitter last night, the nation was not impressed with Richie leaving Cass in tears with the sad backing music and the need to be consoled by everyone in Paradise (which was a pretty cute moment tbh).

Here’s what they had to say: