Celeb in 5: Sunday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. Victoria Beckham shared a photo of her family. But all anyone could talk about were her seven-year-old daughter’s controversial shoes.

It seems fashion queen Posh Spice has made a return. That is, in the body of Victoria Beckham’s seven-year-old daughter Harper.

On holiday recently, Victoria posted a family photo to Instagram, with husband David Beckham, her four children, as well as Gordon Ramsay and his family.

But before you disregard the picture as just another ridiculously perfect photo of the Beckhams, the rest of the public would like to acknowledge something very important: Harper’s feet. Specifically, her choice of footwear.

Happy birthday @tanaramsay x We love u so much x kisses from us all!! X VB

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The seven-year-old wore nude stilettos to this particular family get together, and boy were people quick to express their opinions.

“Does Harper really need to wear high heels at her age?” read one of the top comments on the post. “Your daughter will end up with bunions just like you wearing stillettos at such a young age,” wrote another.

Some assumed Victoria herself had strapped a pair of her own shoes onto her daughter.

“Too young to teach her to swing her booty around in heels, let her be a kid,” one Instagram user wrote.

Others chose to defend the British socialite, saying the shoes were clearly designed for children and recalled wearing similar ones as children themselves.

“They make plastic heels for children who want to have an imagination,” another said.

What are your thoughts? Should seven-year-old’s be wearing heels? Or do Harper Beckham’s feet have precisely nothing to do with us?

2. The Bachelor’s Zilda just shared a very cynical take on Keira and Jarrod’s break up.

If this is the first you’re hearing of Keira Maguire and Jarrod Woodgate’s break up, we’ll let you take a few seconds to mourn the end of a wonderfully weird relationship that grew organically on reality television.

Done? Ok, continuing on.

Surprisingly enough, while many of us were shouting LOVE IS DEAD from the rooftops, others had quite a cynical take on the news.


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See, Zilda Williams, a contestant on Sam Wood’s season of The Bachelor, has taken a swipe at Keira and Jarrod’s former relationship, claiming it wasn’t an honest one.

“She means their publicity stunt has ended,” Zilda commented on Keira’s break-up announcement post.

Zilda and Keira were close friends not long ago, but had a falling out last year.

So. Much. Drama. It’s almost as if it came straight out of a reality television series of some sort!

3. Constance Hall shares unfiltered photo in all her post-baby glory.

Earlier this year, Constance Hall gave birth to a baby boy who she named Raja.


Now, the mum-of-five has shared an unfiltered photo of her post-baby body on Instagram.

Remember… your body is only as perfect as your baby thinks it is…

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“Remember… your body is only as perfect as your baby thinks it is…” she captioned the post.

Hall’s fans have been quick to thank her for sharing such a body positive message.

“I cannot thank you enough for posting this incredible picture. It’s sooooooo refreshing seeing a beautiful, real, natural woman who also has a body much like mine. You are inspiring in so many ways,” one woman commented.


“So true. My eldest cuddled me the other day and said how much she loved cuddling me because I was so squishy. That one comment totally reset my perspective because I also loved cuddling into my squishy mummy,” added someone else.

4. We’ve discovered who the guy is in the middle of Sophie and Cat’s drama on The Bachelor.


Here’s some bachie goodness for you.

We’ve discovered who the guy is in the middle of Sophie and Cat’s dra-mah on The Bachelor.

His name is Tim Crooks and he used to date Cat.

There’s quite a few loved up photos of them on his Instagram.

Look at this hot Greek chick I found #looksgreek #aintgreek #webothhairylookinggreeks

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He allegedly then went on a couple of dates with Sophie.

Cat did not like this and decided to bring it up during the first episode, much to the delight of the show’s producers.

Tim also has a few lil’ pics of Sophie on his Instagram too.

Get around the fish, ya bish ???? #tangalooma #starfishcitylimits

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Yep, case closed.

5. The important name missing from Karl Stefanovic’s wedding invitations.

Karl Stefanovic and Jasmine Yarbrough‘s wedding is looming, with both their bucks’ and hens’ nights coming up in the next few months.

The big day is so close that invitations have officially been sent out, where one rather noticeable family member seems to be missing from the guest list of 60 people.

You can spend a lot on flowers or just grab a couple of cold ones. @jasyarby ????????

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According to ConfidentialKarl’s 18-year-old son Jackson will not be attending his father’s wedding at the end of the year on December 8. The teen is travelling Europe at the minute, consequently choosing to give The Today Show host’s wedding day a miss.

Jackson was also absent from Karl and Jasmine’s Palm Beach commitment ceremony back in March.

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