From fillers to threads: 6 treatments that can help with under eye bags.

If you're a person with eyes on your face and you've clicked on this article, chances are your under eyes... bother you. 

And that's totally normal. It's an area on our face that has the ability to make us look fresh and well-rested, or the complete opposite. Whether it's fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles or all of the above, it's one of the most common concerns when it comes to skincare.

If you're anything like us, you've probably Googled how to get rid of them. Forked out money on overpriced eye creams. Tried every new concealer on the block.


And we get it. If your under eyes are something that bother you, it can be a real struggle to know what to do and what will actually be worth your time and money. 

When it comes to makeup, you want something that’s light enough to look natural, but strong enough to actually target problem areas without creasing, flaking and all that other jazz. When it comes to skincare and treatments, you just want something that actually... works.

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But, that's why you have us. Because on a recent episode of You Beauty, the wonderful Kelly McCarren took a deep dive into the world of under eyes and what's actually worth your money when it comes to makeup and treatments.


Whether it's fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, dark circles, or general sallowness, we unpack all the different ways to treat your under-eyes from makeup to cosmetic treatments.

Just before we get into it, we just want to make it clear there's absolutely nothing with under eye bags or wrinkles. They are a totally normal thing that most people have — and it definitely shouldn't be seen as something that needs to be 'fixed'. 

However, if it's an area that bothers you, we're here to help.

Let's get into it.

Why do under eyes age quickly?

Before we get into the products and treatments available, you might be wondering why this area shows signs of ageing quicker than the rest of our face.

Well, as Kelly explained, there are four key reasons. Firstly, the skin in the area is thinner and more delicate compared to the rest of the face. 

"It contains fewer oil glands, collagen and elastin fibers, which are responsible for maintaining the skin strength, elasticity and thickness," she shared. "So, as a result, the under eye area is more susceptible to damage and show signs of ageing more prominently because it's thinner."

As we age, there's also a huge reduction in collagen and elastin production. So, there's that too.

"Collagen and elastin are the proteins that provide the structure and elasticity to the skin," explained Kelly, "So as they naturally decline, there's a loss of the firmness and elasticity."


The eye area already has less collagen and elastin to begin with, she said, which makes the decline more noticeable, resulting in the formation of fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin.

Listen: Wanna listen to the episode? Hear Kelly chat all things under-eye bags below.

According to Kelly, there's also a lack of 'delicious subcutaneous fat' under the eye, which contributes to volume and smoothness in other areas of the face. 

"The absence of fat in this region can make your skin appear thinner and more prone to the development of like hollows, dark circles and visible blood vessels," she said.

"Additionally, the under eye area tends to have fewer oil glands, leading to decreased natural moisture and increased dryness, making it once again more susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles."


Lastly, we tend to use the muscles around the eyes A LOT. 

Blinking, squinting and facial expressions are repeated movements that over time can contribute to the formation of dynamic wrinkles, such as crow's feet, which become more pronounced with age.

So, there you have it!

What are the best treatments for under eyes?

When it comes to the best treatments for under eyes, just keep in mind that these are procedures that should be performed by a reputable and safe professional. So, please do your research properly and have a chat with your doctor before you jump into any of these treatments.


1. PDO threads.

"Dissolvable PDO threads inserted underneath the skin and they're then tightened and pulled back which re-suspends the areas of the skin that are sagging," explained Kelly on the podcast.

This gives the skin a lifted boosted and rejuvenated appearance.

"Another benefit of thread lifts is that it will give ongoing results because the body reacts to PDO threads as if they were an injury which kick starts its natural healing process by sending collagen to the area."

Pretty cool, right?

If you want more info on PDO threads, check out our tried and tested article here

2. Dermal fillers.

Dermal fillers such as hyaluronic acid-based fillers are injected into the under eye area to rejuvenate the entire under eye area. They can add volume and reduce the appearance of hollows, dark circles and tear troughs (where your tears com out!). 

"Fillers can help plump the skin, smooth out the wrinkles and create a more youthful and refreshed appearance," added Kelly.

Again, we just want to reiterate how careful you need to be with the eye area. Some doctors won't even do under eye filler so please make sure that you do your research and go somewhere reputable because you really don't want to shop around with this kind of treatment.

3. Anti-wrinkle injections.

"They are made from a purified protein that temporary causes facial muscles to relax, softening lines and wrinkles and reducing the severity of visible wrinkles."


"They prevent the formation of static wrinkles because they stop that signal between the nose have the muscle so you can't use it in the same way that you did prior. And the decreased movement then places less stress on the skin. So it's like stopping, increased formation of the wrinkles.

4. Needling.

Microneedling involves using a device with tiny little needles to create controlled micro injuries in the skin, explained Kelly, stimulating the collagen production and promoting skin rejuvenation. 

"Microneedling can help improve skin texture, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and enhance the absorption of topical skincare products."

While there are at-home devices available, we'd recommend going in-clinic for best results.

5. Lasers.

Laser treatments such as fractional laser resurfacing can target various under eye concerns. 

"These treatments use laser energy to stimulate collagen production tighten the skin and improve texture and pigmentation," said Kelly. 

"Laser resurfacing can be effective in reducing wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles. It can also be amazing at reducing heavy pigmentation."

6. Beauty boost.

Known as the lovechild between skin needling and dermal fillers, Beauty Boost is a game changer in treatment for those in search of plumper skin because it rejuvenates in two ways. 

"First, it delivers a solution containing hyaluronic acid plus beautifying nutrients and vitamins into the skin through the microinjections which is why it's kind of like fillers meets needling," said Kelly.


"Secondly, it stimulates an uptick in the skin's own collagen production. So when it's creating an injury to the skin, it sends elastin and collagen there to heal the area."

Again, we just want to remind you that we're in no way recommending people get these treatments or telling you that they're necessary. We just want you to know what's available. 

If you're not too worried about the area or you're only showing mild signs of aging, it's worth knowing there are also numerous brilliant eye creams and serums available on the market that are specially formulated to target under eye concerns. 

These products often contain ingredients such as retinol peptides, hyaluronic acid antioxidants, and they can all improve the skin texture, reduce the appearance of fine lines and hydrate that under eye area.

However, if your under eyes really bother you and you are interested in investigating any of these treatments further, obviously it's best to speak with reputable doctors and clinicians and make sure you go somewhere with solid reviews and the correct certifications.

What are the best makeup tips for under eyes?

If there's one person that's going to know the best way to use makeup to refresh and brighten your under eyes, it's our friend Kelly. She is a certified makeup magician. 

And guess what? She's shared her tips with us here, too.

"I get DMS a lot about how I actually do my own under eye makeup because I am quite good at it, I will say so myself, and I can make the area appear much fresher than I actually am or feel," said Kelly.


Go on, Kel...

1. Use an under eye mask.

I always start with an under eye mask because it just plumps out the area and hydrates it a lot. So it just makes instantly it look less kind of like grim and haggard.

2. Reach for a peach-coloured concealer.

"Once the serums from the under eye mask is all soaked in and I've done my skincare, I use a peach concealer. Peach is really going to neutralise your dark circles.

"I'll press that into the darkness so it doesn't I move around too much — because peach concealers come in thicker formulas."

3. Lightly blend in base products.

"Then I'll apply my primer and foundation. With the foundation, I'll bring it a little bit up under my under eye area but not too much because foundations are really thick and they're not necessarily formulated for the eye area."

4. Apply a lighter shade concealer.

"For that extra coverage, I'll use a really light concealer. It's going to make the light bounce off the area and you're going to immediately look more awake because it is reflecting the light."

5. Pressed powder.

"If you do tend to get really creasy under the eyes, you could use a really nice translucent powder, but nothing too heavy," she said. "Use just a touch of either a pressed powder, or the tiniest bit of a loose powder."

6. Mist.

"To finish, I'll use a really nice mist. This will make sure everything soaks into your skin and actually looks like skin rather than it sitting on top!"

What are your top makeup tips for camouflaging under eyes? Share with us in the comment section below.

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