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'So many shattered relationships.' All the gossip from The Block 2023 in one place.

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A new season for The Block is here and we're already knee-deep in the drama.

This year, the reality reno program has returned to the suburbs after contestants had the mammoth task of renovating properties in the countryside of Victoria's Macedon Ranges last year.

Watch this snippet from The Block Auction 2022. Post continues after video. 

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Despite being only merely weeks into The Block, the drama is coming in hot.

Here's absolutely everything you need to know about the goss around The Block 2023.

Eliza and Liberty talk about "mean girls culture" on The Block. 

The dynamic sister duo from The Block have given us a hint of what's to come on the reality reno show. 

The pair sat down with KIIS 101.1's Jase & Lauren on Friday, where they revealed that the situation between all the teams is so dire they predict "no one will be speaking to each other," by the time they all reunite to film the auctions.

"You’ll already sense sort of an undertone, for those watching, of a mean girls culture between a couple of people, and that, unfortunately, intensifies to a point where it comes to a head," Eliza confessed.


Eliza and Liberty on The Block. Image: Instagram @elizaandliberty.

"We’re amicable with everyone, but there are so many shattered relationships. I think the real struggle is that Leah and Kristy from Houses 2 and 3, they just formed this clique and it was mean. So the rest of us are wounded."


Liberty said that despite the fact all five couples are part of a WhatsApp group chat, "not a single message has been sent" since the show premiered.

The pair also shared that their personal relationships with other contestants are bleak. They "love" Steph but have their "ups and downs" with Leah and Ash.

"The whole thing’s triggering to watch back," Eliza added.

Eliza and Liberty reckon the new The Block judge Marty is "a bit w*nky."

In their chat with KIIS 101.1's Jase & Lauren, Eliza and Liberty shared how they really feel about the new Block judge and real estate mogul, Marty Fox.

So far, the sisters have been criticised pretty harshly by Marty this season, and during the chat they described him as "a lovely man" who is a "bit w*nky."

"It’s the real estate bravado," Eliza said. "He’s very polished and he loves a little Gucci loafer without socks.

"He is really fun in real life but on the show, we did not like him or appreciate anything he had to say, if I’m going to be honest, because he was so mean and harsh and had no constructiveness for us."

Steph says she and Gian were "isolated and alienated" on The Block.

Things went south quickly when Blockhead Kristy lied about her fellow renovator, telling Leah that Steph had refused to share where she got her bedhead from. 

Since there are approximately 20 million cameras on site, we quickly learned that was a lie.  

Kristy on The Block. Image: Nine.


Kristy later said that Steph has two sides. "One's on-camera and one's off-camera and it's very different conversations that you're having at both points."

Following the episode airing, Steph sat down with Maz & Matty on August 10.

She defended herself by saying Kristy 'doesn't know her.'

"What I put that down to is someone that clearly doesn't know me and someone that doesn't necessarily have the time to get to know me," the contestant said. 


"There are different sides to everyone in life and what you're seeing, I believe, is that there's an anxious person who's really overwhelmed."

"That’s off-camera, I guess, and I'm trying to hold it the best I can."

Kristy, Leah and Steph on The Block. Image: Nine.

On-camera, Steph shared that she was "trying to be okay" and "all good" as a "coping mechanism". 


"People just have to get to know me before they judge me, and I will never judge them based on knowing them for a couple of days — I wish people would think the same way," she said. 

While things are starting to look up for Steph and Gian, she confessed they felt "isolated and alienated" at the beginning of the competition. 

However, we can expect to see that change in the coming weeks. 

Steph discusses alliances on The Block.

It's clear to anyone watching The Block that there is an alliance forming between Leah and Kristy, who formed a close relationship early into the season. 

Watching it back, Steph seemed surprised the pair could make any time for one another. 

"Of course, there are alliances, that's happening," she acknowledged. "We reflect on our journey and we think back to week one and we had no time to even do anything with anyone or speak to anyone in week one.

"But it's okay, there are 12 weeks to build these bonds and relationships and they do flourish."

Price guides for auction week have been revealed. 

For the first time ever, Domain has revealed the price guides for the properties on Charming Street, so we're able to know how much the houses will sell for before the final episodes. 

Kyle and Leslie have House One and they are expected to bring in around $2.5 million to $2.75 million.

Kyle and Leslie's home. Image: Nine.


Leah and Ash are renovating House Two and also have the same price guide of around $2.5 million to $2.75 million. 

Leah and Ash's home. Image: Nine.


Similarly, Kristy and Brett's House Three is set to sell for $2.5 million to $2.75 million.

Kristy and Brett's home. Image: Nine.


Steph and Gian have House Four and agents expect theirs to only sell between $2.2 million to $2.4 million. This is the lowest expected figure this year.

Steph and Gian's home. Image: Nine.


Eliza and Liberty are in House Five and are expected to sell for the highest price. Their property has a price guide between $2.7 million to $2.85 million. 

Eliza and Liberty's home. Image: Nine.


Sarah-Jane Calleja defends her brutal auction line-up during The Block 2022

Sarah-Jane became fast friends with her fellow contestant Rachel Carr when they competed on season 18 of The Block. 

So it only made sense that the pair announced a new podcast together in June, called I Just Can't with Sarah & Rachwhere the two Blockheads share behind-the-scenes gossip about the season's final episode.

In case you need a reminder, Sarah-Jane and her husband Tom came in at the top of the score leaderboard after winning multiple rooms during their season. 

As a prize, the pair got to decide on the order of the auctions. 


The couple put House Five, renovated by Omar Slaimankhel and Oz Malik, on the chopping block first. The two friends were furious.

But in the first episode of Sarah-Jane's podcast, she doubled down on her and Tom's decision and explained House Five had two registered bidders. They were the only contestants to have any at all.

"That's the whole reason the boys went first – because they were the only house with two registered bidders," she explained. 

"People always ask me about the auction, but I've never really spoken about it, because I don't need to justify s**t to anybody... but they had to go first."

It's important to note that the boys ended up winning The Block by a landslide when they sold their property for $5,666,666 and took home a whopping $1.6 million profit. Third-place winners were Rachel Carr and her hubby Ryan Carr. They pocketed $169,000, while their pals Sarah-Jane and Tom walked away with just $20,000 profit. Welp. 

Blockhead Sarah-Jane says she lost $100,000 after going on The Block 2022.

Later on in the first episode of I Just Can'tSarah-Jane confessed she and her husband lost about $100,000 while they were on the show. 

This was due to their bills, personal expenses and the cost of daycare for their daughter Cleo while they filmed The Block. 


Despite getting $200 a day from Channel Nine, the reality star said it only just covered the $120-a-day cost of daycare. 

The cost left them with barely anything left over to cover their bills and mortgage payments.

"[After childcare], we were left with $80 combined to cover all our bills at home," Sarah-Jane said.

"Our rates, mortgages, utilities, pay for food for ourselves the whole time, food and clothes for our daughter, just everything."


Sarah-Jane and Rachel Carr 'slam' Omar and Oz's winning property on The Block 2022.

During the pod, Sarah-Jane told Rachel she wasn't actually a huge fan of Omar and Oz's home, which won The Block.

"Let me ask you this. [Oz and Omar] go in first and come out with $1.6 million. Did you think we were all going to come out with that amount of money?" Rachel asked her co-host, to which she responded: "No."

"Because the boys were the only two with two registered bidders," she continued. "The only reason it went up so high is because you had two huge egos… Two huge millionaires pumping it out. And I'm thinking, 'Well, that millionaire isn't coming to my auction'."

She also confessed that no one thought Omar and Oz would take out the win. 

"No one thought it was going to win. I personally didn't think it was the best house, and that's not throwing shade, that was my opinion the entire time," Sarah-Jane told Rachel. "But they had two huge egos with a s**tload of money… and that was the recipe for success."

Adrian 'Mr Lambo' Portelli says he might just buy every house at The Block 2023 auctions.

Remember Mr Lambo from The Block 2022? Well, he's back. And he might be taking out every single house during auction. 

Adrian Portelli gained recognition last year when he bought Omar and Oz's home way above the reserve price.

In an interview with, he explained that he will be bidding on every single house during the show's auction this year. 


In Portelli's own words, he wants to cause a "bit of a ruckus".

Image: Instagram @adrian_portelli

"I'm happy to bid on all of [the houses] and I'm happy to buy all of them, but I'm not going to overpay on any of them," he explained. "At least people know I'm a serious bidder this time."

His style of bidding on multiple properties isn't a new move on The Block. In fact, we've seen it before with serial bidder Danny Wallis. 


But when asked about going up against the infamous multi-millionaire, Portelli said the "gloves are off". 

"I don't have competition against Danny Wallis. We're just in different leagues," he said. "It’s all fun and games. Everyone wins out of this. We don't hate each other, I like the bloke."

Portelli leaked some information about the new houses we will be seeing this year, praising the contestants who had "all done a fantastic job."

"They’re very nice houses and more appealing to a bigger audience than the country homes [from 2022]," he said. 

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Hamish Blake and Zoe Foster Blake are rumoured to be buyers for The Block 2023 auctions. 

It looks like radio star Hamish Blake and Skincare guru Zoe Foster Blake are coming on The Block this season! 

According to Woman's Day, the pair are actually planning to put their names in for the running as they hope to nab a property for themselves this year. 


The news follows after it was alleged the married couple's former assistant is a contestant. According to rumours, the famous pair have already inspected the property.

"They know what a good investment The Block houses are — and even though they've been living in Sydney for three years now, Melbourne will always be home for them," a source confessed to the publication. "This would be just the perfect place to stay when they visit.

"Not to mention, it could potentially help their assistant and dear friend take home the extra $100,000 prize money if they win."

This article was originally published on July 4 2023 and has since been updated with new information. 

Feature Image: Nine/Instagram @elizaandliberty.

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