'I'm compartmentalising. A lot.' A day in the life of Zoe Foster Blake.

Want to know how celebrities really spend their days? Yep, us too. In Mamamia’s A Day in the Life series, fascinating people share everything from what they eat for breakfast to their pre-bedtime rituals.

This week, we find out what life is like for Go-To founder, author and mum, Zoe Foster Blake. 

Zoe Foster Blake is a woman that wears many (fancy) hats. 

She runs a successful skincare business. She writes books. She's a mum of two kids. She creates content.

It's... a lot.

So what does a "typical day" look like for the Go-To Skincare founder?

Well, we asked her. 

Speaking to Mamamia off the back of her most recent Go-To launch, Very Luxe Face Cream, the Sydney-based entrepreneur shared a glimpse into her daily routine with her husband Hamish Blake, and two children, Sonny and Rudy. 

And, like most parents, the morning starts with the school drop-off.

"Ordinarily, my husband does the school drop-offs," shared Zoe. "We've worked it out that he is good at morning drop-off and parking, and I get very triggered and panicked about being late."

Honestly, same.

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For Zoe, it seems like mornings are her favourite part of the day. It's when she said she's most creatively switched on and able to fully throw herself into writing.

And if you follow her on Instagram (everyone, everywhere), you'll know that writing is something she's really passionate about - she literally lights up just talking about it.

"I'm really good at writing in the morning," she told us. "And I'm writing a novel at the moment. So the mornings are beautiful because I get the kids' lunches ready, they get themselves dressed, I feed them breakfast and then they're out the door by eight."

Yes! A new novel. 

Excited? Intrigued? We sure are.

"In the morning, my brain is fresh. The 'Do Not Disturb' sign is on, there's coffee, and I sit down and write my book — because I may only get one or two hours of deep flow in the day."

"Because I'm writing and focusing on the new novel, I find that compartmentalisation is really important." 


And that makes a lot of sense, really. Because when you're trying to write a book, look after two kids and run a multi-million dollar skincare brand — the juggle is real.

"The text messages start coming in and the emails and then it's straight into work. It's mostly Go-To-related, but it's also life admin and school admin."

"Then I'll come back and write again and maybe a bit more before lunch. So really, I am focused on the book at the moment."

*Eagerly hangs around bookstores*.

"In the afternoon, the kids will have appointments or I'm in the [Go-To] office and school pickup comes before I know it. So then at 2.30 pm, I get the kids from school."


When asked about how her daily routine has changed, Zoe shares that with her kids now in school, things have shifted a little.

"We previously had nannies and a lot more help, but now the kids are at school, we pick them up and drop them off every day — and that's okay. I feel like I'm a lot more family-oriented now."

"Homework and pick-up and drop-offs for sports and things like that. Whereas before they were obviously a bit younger and that stuff wasn't there."

"So I'm compartmentalising a lot. I'm trying to write a novel. I'm running a business. And I'm a mum. And I try to have fun sometimes." 


After a busy day, Zoe said she likes to do either Pilates or a walk. While it's not always easy to get a class in, she said she finds it important to just get outside and clear her mind.

In fact, this is when she comes up with some of her best ideas... including those witty Go-To product names on your bathroom shelf.

"I try to exercise every day, and maybe go for a walk or try to squeeze in a Pilates class. But that's never really that high on my list," she shares.

"I think walking is important, especially for mental health. I really need to get outside, especially being disorderly in my thoughts, and I get really good ideas when I walk as well."

"Everyone at Go-To will be like, 'What's this product's name?', and you can't force it. So, every time I walk, I just marinate ideas."

If you follow Zoe or Hamish on social media, you may have also noticed the family of four recently went on a holiday to Japan. 

And yes, they wore matching tracksuits. Silly question.


Zoe told us, "We like to get away as much as possible, I think. We're very close, and the children are at a special age — five and eight — where they like to be around us."

"And we're going to pack in as many years as we can."

Here's to soaking up every minute of it.

Feature image: Instagram/@zotheysay; Canva.

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