The incredibly awkward moment The Block contestant was caught in a lie.

In reality TV, cameras are everywhere, which is something one The Block contestant probably wishes she thought about after she was exposed telling a big ol' fib.

The drama came about like most controversies begin: over bedding. I know many friendships that have begun and ended over a homewares dispute and Blockheads are no different. 

In this particular scandal, two women were discussing a bedhead. As you do on a home reno show.

Steph is an architect. If you didn't know she was an architect, just ask her. She will tell you that she is an architect.

Anyways, Steph (the architect) had a bedhead that her competitor Kristy also wanted. 

Scandal! Outrage! Screaming!

This fact alone should be enough to set both of their homes ablaze, but the drama blew up after Kristy started spreading a rumour among the cast that Steph had refused to share where she sourced The Bedhead. 

Kristy discusses bedheadgate. Image: Channel 9. 


"Steph wouldn't tell me where she got it from or how much it was," Kristy claimed. Kristy recruited another contestant, Leah, to join her conspiracy against Steph, relaying the whole story. 

"She wouldn't give up anything!" Kristy told her competitor. 

"Why is it a secret what she paid for it?" replied Leah, who shared in her confessional, "She wouldn't tell her!" 

In her own confessional, Kristy hinted that Steph maybe isn't all she seems, adding, "I would suggest that there's two different versions of Steph: one's on camera and one's off camera, and it's very different conversations you're having with both points," she said.

Her partner Brett enthusiastically agreed: "Definitely."

So what was the conversation in question? Well, the reality show happened to capture the entire exchange between Steph and Kristy, the way reality show cameras do, and it was drastically different to the picture Kristy had painted.


In reality, Steph actually couldn't have been more helpful.

Watch the painfully awkward moment play out here. Post continues after video.

Video via Channel 9. 

Rather than refusing to share the bedhead's price and vendor, Steph shared both those tidbits aka ALL the information immediately. 

And the entire sequence of events was VERY funny to watch. It was a true 'gotcha!' moment, reminiscent of some of the best true-crime shows.

The latest episode of The Block ended in a teaser for the next ep that showed Steph bursting into tears, and another Blockhead, Eliza, noting that, "There's something brewing between Steph and Leah, slash Kristy."

You think?

It's unclear what Kristy's motivation was in spreading this random rumour that Steph is gatekeeping bedheads, but you know what they say – all is fair in love and overpriced furniture. 

Feature image: Channel 9.

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