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flyingdale flier September 18, 2021

Id like to know who organises these mainkt white men rallies.

flyingdale flier September 2, 2021

You mean he went off script??? 

flyingdale flier August 26, 2021

@kat_ unfortunately younger women follow these people in droves

flyingdale flier August 26, 2021

Playedto ourinnerracism and as much as we deny it its there

flyingdale flier August 6, 2021

Must be a lot of insecure married women out there if they think you are going to steal their husbands

flyingdale flier July 30, 2021

Piers Morgan, the same Piers Morgan that stormed off a faily show in a huff when called out for his ridiculous behaviour. Hardly someone to be casting aspersions

flyingdale flier July 21, 2021

We had a leader, his name was Dan Andrews

flyingdale flier July 11, 2021

Very well written

flyingdale flier July 8, 2021

Its 70s porn when porn had storylines

flyingdale flier July 4, 2021


flyingdale flier June 9, 2021

@Corrine Lawson Your lack of comoassion is, apalling

flyingdale flier June 9, 2021

Your way behind the times, all episodes have aired on ABC before and stan just picked it up. Its a great show

flyingdale flier May 25, 2021

I believe the next federal election will be an indication of how seriously Australian men take Australian womens issues

flyingdale flier May 23, 2021

Media trying to pump up a word

flyingdale flier May 22, 2021

Neck tattoos,classy

flyingdale flier May 17, 2021

The number of women defending him is puzzling

flyingdale flier April 1, 2021

Hes the scripted baddie,thats his job

flyingdale flier March 29, 2021

Yet there are women out there who love him

flyingdale flier March 21, 2021

People are far too polite.At some stage the phrase mind your own fucking business should beused.

flyingdale flier March 18, 2021

Yeah but what did she do about this situation