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flyingdale flier April 1, 2021

Hes the scripted baddie,thats his job

flyingdale flier March 29, 2021

Yet there are women out there who love him

flyingdale flier March 21, 2021

People are far too polite.At some stage the phrase mind your own fucking business should beused.

flyingdale flier March 18, 2021

Yeah but what did she do about this situation

flyingdale flier March 11, 2021

Ever notice the more opinionated a personthe easier their feelings are hurt, poor possums

flyingdale flier March 2, 2021

Considering what has been happening in parliament of late it surprises ne that this guff makes it on to tv

flyingdale flier February 28, 2021

Ratings people ratings

flyingdale flier February 14, 2021

Good script

flyingdale flier February 13, 2021

Nathan wasbeing honest about the way he sees the relationship and after all isnt honesty everything?

flyingdale flier January 21, 2021

2 life dentences and hes eligible for parol34e in 2034,thats just fucked up

flyingdale flier January 18, 2021

@rush bratz doll look,accidentally run into a wall and youre stuck there

flyingdale flier January 18, 2021

Poor possum

flyingdale flier January 15, 2021

Reality tv will always push the boundaries because they need to attract an audience,and car crash tv is what the mindless masses love

flyingdale flier January 12, 2021

No child can be fully adult until they leave home

flyingdale flier December 27, 2020

I thought that stupid 1950s shit about women having to have a oetfect house andcwell groomed cookie cutter kids was past

flyingdale flier December 27, 2020

Throw away the lie that is instsgram

flyingdale flier December 21, 2020

I dont get this and nrver have

flyingdale flier December 16, 2020

There are private things that shouldnt be put out there on social media, the culture of oversharing has its downside. I wish Lizzo well. 

flyingdale flier December 14, 2020

Conservatives whine about the standard of education in schools and unis and then poo poo them and call them bloody academic know nothings when they get their quals

flyingdale flier December 7, 2020

Women still love him

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