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flyingdale flier January 12, 2022

Also listen the podcast that the ABC did on reality shows and the interviews that theydid with former contestants and how it can all gp pear shaped and through editing you can be portrayed as you may not want to be.You also dont haveany recourse as the contract ispretty water tight.

flyingdale flier January 8, 2022

I think the average dude in the street is more worried about if they will get thevirus or if they will be able to get provisions in the supermarket than who Mr West iscanoodli g with

flyingdale flier January 3, 2022

Adulting isnt easy but it can be satisfying

flyingdale flier December 25, 2021

It sometimes takes awhile for some women to realise that relationships are not like rom coms or hallmark movies,and that yhe grand gesture men sometimes reveal themselvesto be narcissists.

flyingdale flier December 25, 2021

Being able to share the day with those you love is a true gold plated privilege and what the season means to me. They are my greatest christmas gift and the one that is most precious to me

flyingdale flier December 23, 2021

Surely people got better things to do than get in a covid que for a t shirt that you could buy at big w on a regular day for five bucks

flyingdale flier December 19, 2021

You could try telling people to naff off

flyingdale flier December 14, 2021

Yeah and women Still love Hugh Grant

flyingdale flier December 14, 2021

But he was rich.

flyingdale flier November 25, 2021

None of my friends, are

flyingdale flier November 9, 2021

Money to be  made from women who think they arent enough.Thaypt has nade people a lot of money yhrough the ages

flyingdale flier November 5, 2021

We worry about these relationships and then tune into a show where people who have never met one another get......married at first sight.

flyingdale flier November 1, 2021

Because he is beautifull looking,women will still love him.If he were a plain man he would be a bastard

flyingdale flier October 27, 2021

Dont work harder work smarter,ie we aee going to sack people and youre gonna be doing their jobs

flyingdale flier October 14, 2021

I dont remember concentration camp inmates having Netflix and Uber eats

flyingdale flier October 10, 2021

Just remember tradies do most of the work,contestants are there to add the drama its basically big brother with drills

flyingdale flier September 22, 2021

The slavish nature of fashion

flyingdale flier September 22, 2021

Remember a dermatologist on radio or tv saying you just need sorbalene put in essential oil igpf you want fragrance and use sunscreen

flyingdale flier September 18, 2021

Id like to know who organises these mainkt white men rallies.

flyingdale flier September 2, 2021

You mean he went off script???