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flyingdale flier January 15, 2024

Tries to be cohen bros lite and fails

flyingdale flier January 15, 2024

Denmark gets an Australian head of state before we do

flyingdale flier January 13, 2024

Sounds like an episode of the bachelor 

flyingdale flier January 9, 2024

The reason well to do Republican women support anti abortion laws in some states in the USA is they know that these laws dont apply to them

flyingdale flier December 20, 2023

You lost me at definately here for love

flyingdale flier December 18, 2023

If a Kardashian wears it women will bwpe queuing up to grab one

flyingdale flier December 18, 2023

I still think the Brits are peed offHarry married an intelligent American woman of colour with an opinion and not a sloan breeding mare

flyingdale flier December 15, 2023

Good reason why the media are after him.This isnt the finish hiwever as both he and Elton John have the resources to go after the media. News ktd also have form on phone tapping

flyingdale flier November 27, 2023

The sky would fall if it were male pirn stars doing it

flyingdale flier November 12, 2023

Oh the irony

flyingdale flier September 24, 2023

Being short of women will never be a worry for him

flyingdale flier September 20, 2023

But did she not know of Russells um form?

flyingdale flier August 27, 2023

Of course the tradies do most of the work with the contèstants being theŕe mainly for the confected drama and to bang a few nails in for the cameras

flyingdale flier July 14, 2023

Heard an interview with a dermatologist and she said sorbolene does the job.My partner swears by Nivea creme.

flyingdale flier March 10, 2023

I just think about the coincidence of the English press turning against Meaghan about the same time Prince Andrews activities were coming to light.Fleet street always do the firms bidding.They ran interference for them.

flyingdale flier March 10, 2023

Theres a book called Daughter Detox by Peg Streep that apparently is quite good.She has a facebook page as well.

flyingdale flier February 17, 2023

Yep if a kardashian wears ir,women will flock to it in droves

flyingdale flier February 17, 2023

Negative comments from other women too.Whats going on with the sisterhood?

flyingdale flier January 13, 2023

Plus the stress on garbage trucks carrying all the now discarded presents that the kids are now sick of

flyingdale flier January 1, 2023

My partner and I are boomers.We are always polite and thankfull to those who serve us in cafes or restaurents and trades people.Unfortunately,some boomers,the very generation that complains about the lack of manners in the younger generation can be the most impolite people.