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flyingdale flier July 8, 2020

The prospect of kk as first lady will have women voting for him in droves

flyingdale flier July 6, 2020

Pommie papers are more interested in Ms Markle and tearing her down rather than the sleazy Andrew

flyingdale flier July 6, 2020

Are they in an actors union? 

flyingdale flier July 6, 2020

Only because they may lose sponsors, it's all about viewers and dollars

flyingdale flier July 5, 2020

He's just picking up votes for the Donald and Kanyes wife will ensure the women's vote. He will probably pull out and throw his support behind Don

flyingdale flier July 2, 2020

Also because he is, a Labor premier the Murdoch media, are piling into hin. I think they are scared he will go into federal politics. I see a potential Labor pm

flyingdale flier June 22, 2020

My kitchen rules is like that also

flyingdale flier June 14, 2020

Good God and the people that love this shite vote

flyingdale flier June 10, 2020

As, opposed to reintarnation where you die and come back as a hillbilly

flyingdale flier May 31, 2020

Off social media and into counselling for those two

flyingdale flier May 27, 2020

Not too long a go in some states in America, a white women making a call like that would've led to that man being dragged through the streets and hung

flyingdale flier May 23, 2020

getting rid of tap and go is a good idea as well.the only reason people want to do away with cash is that when you pay cash you physically exchange something for goods and it makes you think about your spending Even though its not possible the old pay by cheque ( I remember balancing my cheque book} and cash had a lot going for it

flyingdale flier May 21, 2020

In other words. parent

flyingdale flier May 21, 2020

That is just so bad mannered. 

flyingdale flier May 13, 2020

Couldnt agree more,Teacher bashing in the media is common and the load on teachers is great,i mean in this time of lockdown teachers are busy teaching students at school and preparing lessons for kids that are at home.luckily with the lockdowns parents are finding out that teaching is in fact a hard job

flyingdale flier May 6, 2020

@catbI thought schools were open all the time for such kids

flyingdale flier April 29, 2020

Meanwhile the lines outside centreline grow

flyingdale flier April 29, 2020

Isigning go to r your 16 yr old daughter could marry a 51 yr old man. What could possibly go wrong

flyingdale flier April 25, 2020

He could get a Job with Donald Trump

Flyingdale Flier April 21, 2020

You went on to increase your insta profile and it worked

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