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Mamamia recaps The Bachelor: Roxi just stormed off the show and precisely no one is surprised.

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Osher has no time for bullsh*t tonight. 

We open on the women returning to the mansion. 

Irena and Locky mack on for about five minutes while Osher awkwardly waits in the bushes. 

Within two minutes of the cocktail party starting, Roxi and Juliette are fighting with each other. Tbh it's the only thing about 2020 that isn't UNEXPECTED and UNPRECEDENT at this point. 

Rhonda is definitely going to make an appearance tonight. 



Bella arrives at the cocktail party and greets everyone except her former (?) bestie Irena. 

It turns out it's hard to be best friends AND date the same guy on a reality TV show in the middle of a pandemic. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Bella takes half the women away for a chat and tells them she can't be friends with Irena anymore because Irena is "exaggerating" her connection with Locky. 

She says Irena is "toxic" and "grinds her gears" and Irena tells the other women she "feels sick". 

Locky meets Bec in real life for the first time and they bond over their "adventures" and cliff thinks etc, etc. 

Osher enters and explains that Locky will be handing out a single date card at the cocktail party. 


As soon as Osher skips away, Locky takes Irena for a chat, while Bella has a lil b*tch about her. 

After macking on with Locky, Irena takes Bella for a chat. They discuss how hard it is when there's a global pandemic and you're both dating the same bloke during lockdown and somehow Osher Gunsberg is involved. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

There's some kind of conflict about who called Locky or who Locky called and then Bella pulls a Rhonda and storms off while calling Irena a "manipulative little b*tch". 


Locky takes Roxi for a chat and Rhonda turns up. Rhonda's upset that Locky kissed Bella at the cocktail party approximately three months and one global pandemic ago. 

She tells Locky she doesn't want it to be a "mackfest" and sweetie, this be The Bachelor

Locky says something about Roxi being a wall and him wanting to climb over it and I don't think Rhonda would love this analogy. 

Locky gives the single date card to Bec and RHONDA BE COMING. 

Roxi is talking to the other women and Juliette walks up to join them and Roxi grunts at her. Then she says f*ck a lot and storms off. 

She goes into the mansion and has a bit of a yell and a cry and then Juliette comes in. 

A producer literally has to risk contracting COVID-19 to tell her to calm down. 



Then Roxi just... leaves. 

She packs her bag and leaves the mansion and the show because Juliette sat down near her. 


Locky takes Bec white water rafting in a dirty river in Penrith, because that's the kind of bullsh*t adventurous people like to do in the "great outdoors". 



Later, they sit on a rug and remember that time Bec nearly drowned in the Penrith river. 

He gives her a rose and they talk about their future children etc, etc. 

Somewhere, in the distance, Roxi/Rhonda is yelling f*ck and storming off. 



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