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Mamamia recaps SAS Australia: The celebrities share their deepest, darkest secrets in a literal truth circle.

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We open on base camp, where the celebrities are preparing for another gruelling day. 

As the sun rises over the camp, Molly snores... loudly.

"She sounds like the car she drives," Merrick whispers to the group. 

The angry British men arrive, and it's time to get down to business.

After the celebrities gather in the yard, Angry James Bond tells them that they will be separated into small teams for the next 24 hours.

"You will live together, you will s**t together, you will piss together, you will eat together," he tells the group, and that seems... unnecessary. 

For their first challenge, the recruits will conduct a backwards fall off the top of a crane.

The catch? The life of the jumper is completely in the hands of the recruit they've been paired up with to save them.


It's a school camp trust exercise... on steroids.


The challenge begins, and somehow, no one dies. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Erin saves the Honey Badger, Shannan saves James, and Merrick saves Molly. But our confidence doesn't last long.

You see, Firass has been partnered up with both Sabrina and Candice. And nobody... trusts Firass.

As Candice makes it to the top of the crane, she refuses to open her eyes.

"I'm not good with heights," she says.

"I'll be closing my eyes the whole time."

THIS IS INTENSE. She moves off the platform and plunges towards the ground.


"BRAKE BRAKE BRAKE BRAKE," the angry British man screams as Firass pulls on the rope.


Despite an initial struggle, Firass manages to pull the challenge off, saving both Candice and Sabrina.

Back at base camp, the celebrities are still split into their individual teams.

Surprisingly, it seems some recruits are taking on Angry James Bond's advice to literally s**t and piss together, which is weird, but okay. 

You do you. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 



After eating some slop and, erm, s**tting together, the recruits head out on their next challenge.

In their pairs, the recruits carry heavy equipment up a rocky mountain.

It's a tough challenge, and even the strongest recruits, including the Honey Badger, struggle to move up the mountain.

"I'm one of eight kids. Growing up with siblings with cystic fibrosis, they're incredibly tough and resilient and that's something Idraw on," the Honey Badger shared. 

"I've got two feet, I've got two shoulders with two hands, I've got two lungs, I can breathe, I can run, I can do anything. And they don't have that luxury. They are my strength."

In the end, the Honey Badger and Erin succeed, making it to the top of the mountain before any of the other recruits.

But as he reaches the top of the mountain, the Honey Badger discovers a deep, bloody gash on his leg.

Back at base camp, the Honey Badger visits the medic. Despite needing a dozen stitches, he'll be able to stay in the competition.  




Angry James Bond pulls the group into a room for an honesty test. 

"Each one of you is going to come up here and you're going to tell us something that you've done that you're ashamed of," he tells them.

Merrick is up first.

He reflects on the final voice message that he received from his late father, and how he deleted it before knowing that he had passed away.

"I don't know if I panicked or if I was impatient. I think I was just impatient. I wanted to speak to him, so I just pressed five and deleted the message," he recalls.

"It was the last thing my father ever said to me, and I f**king missed it because I was impatient. I don't know what my father's last words were to me."

Next up, Sabrina opens up to the group about the recent separation of her mum and stepfather.

"I blamed my mum for a lot of it to the point that I didn't speak to her for months. I let that drive my family apart," she shares.

"I wish I never turned on my family."

Candice, on the other hand, reflects on a scandal that has haunted her in the media for years – the moment she was caught in a hotel bathroom with footballer Sonny Bill Williams.


"When I was young, I got myself into a compromising position which I regret," she says.

"It had a huge impact on my family. Living with that and then having to explain that to my kids in the future is going to be very difficult. Especially when you've got three girls.

"I remember sitting on the side of the street and not being able to take it anymore. Just thinking, if this is what's life about, then I can't take it anymore."

The Honey Badger is the final recruit to share his secrets.

He opens up about his father, who he has a complicated relationship with.

"He's got terminal cancer. I think that situation has driven me to my career, to work harder to try to prove to him that I'm deserving of his love," he tells the group.

"I want to make that happen before it's too late."


After the group head back to the base, the Honey Badger is called to the gossip shed for an interrogation. 

"I remember the phone call. It was a life-changing moment for all of us. He got back to the doctors, and he told me, 'I've got terminal cancer. Stage four. They reckon I'll be a couple years,'" he recalls.

"A couple of days later, I was in the shower and it all sort of hit me. I sat down on the bottom of the shower and I just cried for bloody half an hour. 

"I had some unresolved emotion with dad. But whatever time is left, I want it to be the most loving, awesome experience."


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