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zaky April 7, 2024

@myopinion Sam Mostyn has shown over her public and professional life that she can do any job capably, something recognised by so many organisations and companies that were glad to have her serving on their boards or as a chair.  Her views on monarchy are irrelevant, the powers of the position are clearly articulated in the Constitution -  Bill Hayden was a republican and did the job admirably.  Sam's experience across such a wide range of fields (outlined in the article) puts her in an excellent position to perform the duties of the role of the GG as she will be able to relate to a wide spectrum of Australians and be there when needed.  

zaky March 19, 2024

@sarah  she claims that Australia is too woke because she is fined $20 every time she doesn't vote, something she can easily fix by notifying the AEC that she lives permanently overseas - but couldn't be bothered.  She claims Australia is woke because they are warning boys about the influence of their Tate brothers, who spread woman hating propaganda together with the muscle and sports car videos.  She claims that Australia is too woke because children are engaged in conversations about sexuality, rather than feel guilty and self-harm when they don't fit the mainstream stereotypical roles. 

Valance is a lazy thinker who's adopted the ideology of her billionaire property developer cycle and deludes herself that she's matured in her thinking. There is nothing mature about criticising a young woman with Asperger's for highlighting the dangers of climate change while not giving a rat's about the effect of climate change on her children.  I guess she figures that they will be rich enough to escape any consequences, hardly a mature and compassionate attitude - that would be woke!

zaky March 19, 2024

@rush right wing conservatives are calling woke anything and anyone they disagree with, it means and covers everything.  I switch off the moment someone utters the word "woke" as an accusation. 

zaky February 22, 2024

What a lovely story, when we often hear the dysfunctional and abusive relationships between many stars and their parents.  It gives an insight on the driving forces and values of this incredible woman. 

zaky January 11, 2024

Thank you Isabella for a calm perspective on this attempt of Peter Dutton to divide again with culture wars.  Emboldened from his "win" against the Voice expect Dutton to be even more negative and divisive in the lead up to the next election because he has no policies to deal with the issues Australians face today. 

zaky November 21, 2023

Sorry, I just don't get it how people listen to vile Kyle. Maybe Jackie O but Kyle is unbearable. 

zaky November 13, 2023

Thank you Holly.  Much needed perspective on this ghoulish fascination with celebrity death. 

zaky October 29, 2023

@snorks and how the No vote, aka as business as usual, is going to help the indigenous people.  Most of the No private messages I got were in the tune that it is a communist plot that "they" will take our land/backyard/business and that "they" are getting far too much money now.  Ignorance arising out of indifference and, yes, racism. 

zaky September 29, 2023

I got shingles in my early 40s,  I was lucky to be diagnosed within the first 72 hours of the symptoms appearing thanks to my then toddler son's obsession with bugs and small creatures - he kissed a hairy caterpillar, his face swelled, and I took him to the doctor where I mentioned the persistent itching and rash under my shoulder blade.  The GP told me, after asking for how long i had the symptoms, that it was my lucky day because I had shingles, less than 72 hrs after the symptoms appeared. That meant that he could prescribe take medication that dramatically reduced the duration and severity of the symptoms. 

Within a few weeks all the symptoms disappeared, although I do get pain every now and then (PHN) it generally doesn't bother me.  A friend ended up being hospitalised due to the severity of the shingles symptoms and she spent many days inpatient and still suffers pain two years later. So my advice is:
If you have had chickenpox in the past and all of a sudden you develop this strong and painful itch somewhere along the path of a nerve go and see your GP without delay.  It could be shingles and medication given early can prevent you getting into a whole world of pain. 

zaky September 6, 2023

@gigi2 thank you for your eloquent and compassionate response.  After reading comments like yours I cannot comprehend why would someone consider voting against the inclusion of of the Voice in our Constitution.  It will be an improvement that will benefit all Australians and might even bridge the gap between Indigenous (or First Nation Australians) and the rest of us Second Nationers. 

zaky September 5, 2023

@yeahyepyes almost all constitutional experts including former High Court judges agree that there is no chance of the Hight Court being bogged down in Voice challenges of a legislation.  That's because the amendment makes it clear that the body is advisory and can make representations to the government and the Parliament but it is the Parliament that makes the laws, not the Voice.  In addition the High Court decides which cases to hear and they are almost always matters on interpreting Constitution in relation to laws made or policies made.  There is nothing in the amendment that indicates an obligation on the government and the Parliament to listen to the Voice, just that it should exist.  This is why some Indigenous Australians, like Lydia Thorpe, oppose it claiming it is too weak, however the majority of the IA, including the 1200 representatives that got took part in the Native Australia Constitutional conventions of 2016-17  do support it as a step in the right direction. 

zaky September 5, 2023

Of course, all the people who plan to vote No are not racist, many are well intentioned people confused by the conflicting claims, misdirection and lies about the proposed changes.  However ,I do not know a single person who claims that the aborigines "have it too good" or "are more privileged than them " who is planning to vote YES.  So although most people think they are not racists they do get on the same bandwagon with the racists. 

zaky August 16, 2023

@gu3st that's what many occasional observes of soccer do not understand i.e. "there must be two defenders between the AP and the goal they're attacking. One of those defenders will almost always be the goalie".  Mary Fowler's first goal against Canada was disallowed as offside because with the goalkeeper falling down forward she placed Alana Kennedy's heel in an offside position because there was only one Canada defender in front of her. It was one of the offside rulings when the goalie was not one of the two defenders.  That ruling was a tough decision but technically correct, even though Kennedy did not participate in the scoring of the goal. 

zaky August 16, 2023

My heart is full too. The Matildas seem to be transforming our society.  I am white, male in my early 60s and the Matildas became a topic of conversation with both my sons and two daughters of which only my eldest son followed sports. The others were indifferent (youngest son) or only interested in the men's AFL competition.  Not only that but even my 3 granddaughters became interested in a sport other than men's AFL and we even had discussions about the need to be seen, LGBTQI+ issues, multiculturalism, the lot!  I cannot believe how much they opened up to their  grandfather who usually talks about boring stuff, like politics, history and inequality.  The pictures of mums, dads, children. old and young all united by the love for these amazing women will forever remind us that what unites us is stronger than our differences. 

zaky August 1, 2023

We watched the Logies just to listen to Sam Pang and were not disappointed.  Thank you for reporting his jokes here, I needed the chuckle. 

zaky July 20, 2023

@jenrobgra and that's true, the vast majority of underemployed actors give up and do something else.  However very few succeeded in Hollywood or elsewhere without working year after year in menial jobs, attending hundreds of auditions and screen tests before the magical "big break" (which for most doesn't last long).  I have friends and family in that profession in the USA and Europe and the stories I hear make me wonder why they bother but I am glad some do and we enjoy the stars of today.  

zaky July 4, 2023

This is quite concerning and it is not an isolated incident.  Many friends of Indigenous background have mentioned to me that in the last few months they have received multiple warnings about community violations. What is going on? Is Tik Tok against people talking about their experiences and the Voice or is it a concerted campaign from opponents of the Voice to keep reporting and silence any Voices?

zaky May 2, 2023

Thank you Jesse for a thoughtful and compassionate article, reflecting the thoughts of many of Jock’s fans. A tragic loss, full-stop. Our thoughts and condolences to his family and many friends. RIP Jock. 

zaky February 21, 2023

For some reason I followed Jana's sports career closely and always bristled at the "drama Jana" label, I thought it was so unfair, superficial and uncalled for.  I was so happy to hear she became a doctor and was awed by her performance, compassion and leadership she showed in SAS.  Her story is inspirational and a lesson not to judge a person based on the headlines and out of context camera footage.  

zaky February 13, 2023

@emxo crap journalism seems to have become the specialty of the Telegraph and other Murdoch media outlets. They won't be happy until we all return to the 1950s