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zaky June 10, 2021

I was and still am angry about the behaviour of the fans and the AFL during those days so I can imagine how much more Adam Goodes feels the hurt. The approach to induct him to the Football hall of fame is like someone who has been repeatedly abused and has moved away from their abuser to be asked back by that person to "honour" them.  No effing way.  However I do hope (cos I bleed red and white) that one day Goodes will re-connect with the AFL in his own terms. He can be a great ambassador for the game and a voice against the pervasive nature of racism.  That's my hope as a white middle-aged fan of the swans and a father of two sons who identify as indigenous. Whatever decision Adam makes I'll always respect him and admire him. 

zaky June 10, 2021

@StaceyS so if they arrived by plane like more than 100,000 other asylum seekers since the Coalition came in power you would show more empathy for the parents?  The fact is that they are punished  as a deterrent to any future boat arrivals, because the Coalition made it such a huge political stick to beat Labor and are making a big issue that they stopped the boats! The boats are turned back, they never stopped, although they are fewer now than before.  They also declared that since the civil war in Sri Lanka officially "ended" it is safe for asylum seekers to return there in exchange of an undertaking by the Sri Lankan military & government to stop any boats leaving that country.  We even sell weapons and train that military for this role.  The fact is that the persecution of the Tamils, and especially those who took part in the civil war continues. It just suits our government to pretend it doesn't happen and almost all refugee applications from that area are rejected on that decision. We are being lied just to appeal to the worst instincts of a small percentage of swinging voters.

zaky June 7, 2021

Thank you for keeping the plight of Nadesalingam and Priya and their beautiful girls on the front page.  I am shocked and saddened from the negative and insensitive comments their story receives every time it appears in the Nine and News Limited newspapers, so I hope that here this story will find a more sympathetic audience.  It doesn't surprise me anymore that our government spends tens of millions each year to keep this family and other boat arrivals under detention for years and years on end, since it seems to be an electorally popular policy.  We should keep talking about this family and others continually until the government realises that doing vaccination on the cheap but spending inordinate amounts of money on detention of genuine refugees is not what Australians want anymore.

zaky May 25, 2021

@ak87 Hear, hear.  It amazes me that more columns have been written and more outrage has been directed to Harry for walking out of the mould of royal behaviour and expectations than written about Andrew and his involvement with a convicted sex offender and paedophile. 

zaky April 27, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 I agree that Tim Fisher was instrumental for getting the policy accepted by the country voters.  For that Australians should be grateful.  

What should not be underestimated was also the support Kim Beasley and the whole ALP party. The ALP in the past tried to introduce gun control laws in state level and it was always opposed by the Liberal and National parties, losing elections on this issue.  However in that occasion Kim Beasley acted as a statesman for the long term good of all Australians and supported John Howard.  Controversial changes like that unfortunately can only be brought by conservative governments with the support of a Labor opposition as the conservatives will do anything to oppose any Labor policies when in opposition (climate change policy the latest example).

zaky April 26, 2021

As a Christian I am puzzled about the un-Christ like behaviour of many Christians who flaunt their piety and religion.  The prosperity theology espoused by Mr Morrison and his fellow churchgoers is not God's work but divides the country, demonises the poor and unemployed, downplays sex discrimination and assault and promotes the politics of greed for as long as you accept Jesus as your saviour.  I'd rather an atheist with humanist beliefs in government than the zealots we have now. 

zaky April 22, 2021

Lest we forget those heroic men and women of the greatest generation. 

zaky April 18, 2021

@guest2  as a white middle aged male I love ballet. However it is an art form that demands from its artists, especially the women performers to be anorexic, suffer from eating disorders and destroy their feet to fit a certain aesthetic.  For that it is considered superior to a dance that has its origins in African tribal dancing.  As I said,  pure snobbery. 

zaky April 15, 2021

Hear, hear Ms Hennessy. I’m astounded by how much criticism Melissa has been coping when the focus should be on what we see of Bryce’s toxic, controlling behaviour. It seems to me that women again are coping the blame for their behaviour whether it is how they dress, talk, party, work or react to men’s behaviour. 

zaky April 15, 2021

All I see is snobbery by old men (and some women) stuck in the 19th century. Ballet dancers often perform in government run events, nobody complains about those scantily dressed women & men. But choose to dance a style that has its roots in African dancing, and has connections with the local community and these fusspots need to smell the salts to get them out of their apoplectic state.  

zaky April 14, 2021

We all know that the storylines are manipulated by the producers and editors but if this story has been completely deleted to present Liam in certain light then I'd argue that channel 9 is treading a very delicate path.  Channel 9 will be sweating the outcome of  Jamie Dornan's  his legal action against ch10 regarding his unfavourable edit because Liam could be next. 

zaky March 25, 2021

2/2 .....
Maybe I am wrong and Brett is like the other "silent men" but the reasons behind the silence are more complex than characterising it as aggression. They do not justify the silence, and in Brett's case his silence doomed their relationship, but couples must realise that airing problems and disagreements in a safe and not aggressive environment while trying to see each other's view helps building a healthy and strong relationship.

zaky March 25, 2021

1/2 - it is hard commenting on the personality of the MAFS participants when we don't see everything that has happened but I will make, an effort to do so. I don't put Brett in the same category as Cameron and Bryce. Brett looks to me as someone who is terrified of conflict, he doesn't know how to handle it; he drops hints about what he doesn't like but runs away from it. Many men and women do that, he is not an example of the man who uses silence as a weapon. He'd be especially terrified of any public argument, as he would not know how to respond without giving offence, as he can see his partner's view as well but the fear of conflict paralyses and exhausts him. How do I know that? I was a Brett in my first marriage going along with all my partner's whims, desires and tempers, even when inside I was dying, just to avoid an argument. I vented to friends, male and female, but prided myself that in 11 years we only had one argument - I found them exhausting and wanted to die afterwards, I felt a failure for upsetting my partner. Of course this was toxic and it took the end of my marriage to realise that civil arguments, are a safety valve and handled properly can improve and strengthen a relationship. I've applied that in my second marriage and 12 years later we are as much in love as the first day.

zaky March 22, 2021

@anonymous I think you are being unfair to footballers.  They can behave stupidly but they don't reach the depravity we are witnessing in the Parliament, the place that is supposed to be the safest workplace in the country.

zaky March 22, 2021

The allegations that have been aired the last month or so are shocking but not surprising.  That male staffers and MPs from both major parties have consistently abused their positions and sexually harassed or abused their female staff and colleagues is not disputed.  However the explosion of claims within the Coalition ranks, triggered by last year's 4 corners report on the Canberra bubble and Brittany Higgins' brave decision to go public with her story of abuse should not surprise Mr Morrison.  When he and his then leader were abusing the then PM Julia Gillard in the most horrific misogynistic language and behaviour, when they did nothing about the staffers printing a menu making sexist references to Ms Gillard's body, when they did nothing about their leader standing in front of signs calling Gillard a "witch" and "Bob Brown's bitch" and ignored, or condoned by silence, the many other instances of misogynistic language, what signal did he and his colleagues think they gave to their staff?  If they can sexually objectify a PM why would he think they would stop doing their same to other MPs and staff?   As they say "the standard you walk past is the standard you accept" so Mr Morrison should look in the mirror before expressing his shock and outrage about the coalition MPs and staffers' behaviour. 

zaky March 17, 2021

MAFs may be heavily edited and "scripted' but it does hold a mirror on many of the attitudes in the dating world.  As viewers we can see why some of the participants are still single and can never find anybody who meets their high standards, because people ticking all our boxes do not exist.  My wife and I, both middle-aged, found each other on our third and second marriage respectively.  We were not each other's "type" but life experience had taught us to look deeper than superficial traits and to not sweat the little stuff and 11 years later we are still over the moon in love.  We tell to our still single male and female friends to ditch their "type" because that's obviously not working for them.  I understand that young inexperienced in dating people will fall for a type but adults well into their late 20s and 30s, even 40s, repeating the same mistake are destined for a lifetime of emotional pain and disappointment. 

zaky March 10, 2021

It looked that Coco was dressed up for a Cher "if I could turn back time" lookalike competition. 

zaky March 7, 2021

Loved it 😂

zaky March 4, 2021

@james b true, Trump cannot claim credit for the vaccination of the Americans as he had little to do with it.  He did not encourage vaccination or even fund it.  Of course he did fast track the approval process, he missed the opportunity to fast track the distribution and uptake of the vaccine by his follower.  As I said any statement to the contrary is a generous interpretation of his role.

zaky March 2, 2021

The ranking exercise really disturbed me and caused me anxiety and embarrassment and I am a bloke!  I could see no point for it other than use it as a catalyst for more drama and arguments.  The last two years MAFS has offered us so much of it and the viewers rewarded them with high ratings, so of course the producers have upped the ante for this season.  I hope that many other viewers share my unease and start turning off the show as I will do from now on.  I will only tune in for the last 2-3 episodes to see what happened to the victims of this cruel mind manipulators.  Beware ch9 you are very close to killing the golden goose, please reconsider.