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mamamia-user-556745246 January 8, 2021

@mamamia-user-556745246 But it's not like those images would have grossly interfered in Archie's life. The back of your infant baby's head is not that special and unique that a picture of you carrying him will ruin his future. Oh...and youve released audio and video of him anyway...

I also really dont like how they use the titles "Duke and Duchess of Sussex", I knoooow these will not be taken off them and they are allowed but for two people who want to be "financially independent" and "carve their own paths" they are 1000% capitalising on these names for their fame and profit. America dont have an actual royal family and there's no doubt this carries weight.
I live in London, over 1000 was yesterday's daily death toll. An average of 800 people a week have died of covid. Look I know the media can manipulate what we see and people can manipulate the media (especially the royals). I also know Harry and Meghan have devoted loads of energy to causes they care about. But in this past year... where over 70 000 people have died in the UK William and Kate have used that time having a real presence in the UK showing support for the people working hard. Harry has signed deals with Spotify and Netflix.
I often hear any criticism of these two dismissed as racist or because they (the critic) can't handle a strong woman. I really think that's tired and too easy to pull out. There are valid reasons why these two don't sit right with a lot of people. And as two people using Duke and Duchess in their names to make loads of money and remain relevant in the public eye, these criticisms are fair. Travelling in a private jet and then telling people to think about the environment, it's a valid thing to criticise! 
If they'd moved to Canada and genuinely tried for a peaceful, "normal" upbringing for Archie then I would view media attention on them differently. But they really really really have not moved towards privacy they claimed they wanted. (Just a reminder she was pregnant here and made it through a whole pregnancy with barely any pics of her bump other than official engagements- if it's privacy they want they could get that)
Please please can Holly talk about them on Outloud again!? Actually Mia and Jessie too of course! I would love to hear a discussion on how they split opinion.

mamamia-user-556745246 January 8, 2021

I find it interesting how you can really choose how to frame articles on any topic! I am using the universal "you" here not talking specifically about this author. This past week I saw what Harry and Meghan's website says and I laughed but it also made me gag "through our non-profit work within Archewell Foundation 501(c)(3), in addition to creative activations through the business verticals of audio and production." WHAT!? am I dense or is this a total pile of tosh!? Creative activations?!

I'm sorry but something really doesn't sit right with me asking for privacy and then moving to LA and appearing on podcasts and tv shows and SETTING UP photo opportunities with famous photographers to capture wreath laying. Do you want privacy or not? They don't want privacy they want to be incredibly famous they just want to control every little aspect of their image. Suing the newspaper/photographer in Canada when she was on a walk in a public park? With an infant strapped to her chest? I'm sorry but even any of us could be snapped in that situation. I'm aware we wouldn't be and that is a significant point. 

mamamia-user-556745246 December 5, 2020

This is so wonderful Holly! I listened to you talk about this on Outloud. GOOD for you!! I think you're an inspiration for getting up again the next day.

mamamia-user-556745246 November 26, 2020

I've not heard of this picture anywhere except Mamamia. And I can see below this there is another article on it. There are five news sites I check randomly plus Mamamia. Mamamia YOU are declaring its breaking the internet based on what? You are the only ones reporting it from any online news I read. It's not news to begin with. Good for her working out etc, it's her choice. I choose not to do that. Look nothing like her.

mamamia-user-556745246 November 26, 2020

There's also groups of annoying adults who go out and act in disruptive ways "drunk adults". But when people complain about drunk adults, every adult who drinks doesn't go #notme because yeah we know some are annoying. So for parents, you KNOW your kid can be annoying. More than anyone. So when you read an article or message saying "no kids", it doesn't mean YOUR kid, it doesn't mean "no kids anywhere" and you also don't know the context of what lead to it. Perhaps there was weeks of huge groups with prams being politely asked to move along when they'd finished and they didn't, whatever it was, a business owner decided to make a slightly controversial choice for their business. Surely some parents would also like the option of a kid free place. Or imagine youre actively trying to get pregnant and can't find a place without babies.

I'll also make the point drunk people get refused entry to many places.
Drunk people and kids can be annoying! Fact! 
#notallkids #notalldrunkpeople

mamamia-user-556745246 November 26, 2020

I do think eye rolls at kids in public places and restaurants isn't at those moments when a baby cries for a minute and then is soothed. Or a child waves. Or you move your chair slightly or pass a crayon. People love an interaction like that where two strangers smile at each other acknowledging their moment together. However, as the other comment says, there are parents who do let their child run through a restaurant while they sit down or some other more disruptive behaviour. (nobody even hears what you order so don't understand why a request for a babycino would annoy anyone - if the cafe doesn't do it that's no different to any other request they would politely decline) 

mamamia-user-556745246 November 24, 2020

@rush lol

mamamia-user-556745246 November 16, 2020

This isn't related to this particular article but on every article I read on Mamamia there's a really gross ad in the middle of the article. It's a finger with lots of yellow pus coming out of it. It's really disgusting and impossible not to see because it's just there as you're scrolling through an article! I thought Mamamia was in control of the ads you posted? And they usually aligned with the overall Mamamia values? Is this one just appearing as some sort of Google algorithm thing?

If it's intentional, this is my feedback that it really sucks and I hope that company is paying loads.
If it's not intentional can it be fixed!?

mamamia-user-556745246 November 12, 2020

This was a lovely and cheerful thing to read.

mamamia-user-556745246 November 2, 2020

Lovely person but listening to No Filter did make it stand out to me that she still did/does have a filter. She's a very guarded person and it didn't feel like we learned anything new. She's keen to present the shiny side (which is totally fine and her right!) I'm not judging it. But just in the format of No Filter interviews it stood out a little how prepared Zoe seems with answers that she's happy to share. It makes sense! And I hope I don't sound like I'm judging, I do love a No Filter where the conversation gets a bit more real though.

mamamia-user-556745246 October 27, 2020

I don't understand how this makes it any less wholesome? It all begins with Nathan! He is wholesome! Well done Ocean Spray for making the best of a moment. The guy likes their juice, why shouldn't they fill the truck they're giving him with juice! I feel this article would carry more weight if you had evidence of Fleetwood Mac being paid by Ocean Spray? It's entirely possible their own management seized the moment to help album plays and sales. This moment remains 1000% wholesome for me. All over YouTube are comments saying they'd never heard of the band until now. Mick Fleetwood has told Nathan he owes him big time and maybe there'll be follow through. This article is strange, there's no proof of anything just "celebs don't do stuff without background deals". Don't get how that takes away from the pure moment that began this.

mamamia-user-556745246 September 13, 2020

Watching lots of Architectural Digest videos I noticed two recent ones with Misty Copeland and Scottie Pippen they used the term "primary bedroom" rather than "master bedroom", it's a super easy switch to do. The term master has links with slavery etc. In some countries estate agents have now been instructed to stop using the term 'master' and it would be great if this reached Australia because it's so easy to do!

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