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mamamia-user-556745246 July 26, 2022

Revolution is such a great brand. Their SPF moisturisers are the best I've ever used and come in SPF 30 and 50. Absolutely no sunscreen smell or weird feel or dripping into eyelashes and stinging after a few hours. 

mamamia-user-556745246 July 2, 2022

LOVE this! Thank you!

mamamia-user-556745246 July 1, 2022

This is shit. I'm really sorry. Thank you for writing about it I hope some people learn through your words.

mamamia-user-556745246 July 1, 2022

Good for you! Well said. Have an amazing trip 

mamamia-user-556745246 June 15, 2022

Am I poorer than other people or are these all really really expensive recommendations? I know it's not necessarily a "go buy" this list article and more about the advice. But when I see things like this I genuinely start to wonder...are people with "regular" (not fashion discounts, not crazy high paying) jobs spending hundreds of dollars on one piece of clothing? Is there a norm to what we spend on fashion? This is celeb level spending in my mind. 

mamamia-user-556745246 June 10, 2022

Omg thanks gayleamason! I even googled but couldn't find more than "electronic dance music" even when I added in other words to help.

mamamia-user-556745246 April 27, 2022

@ssejica Same. In my job if somebody's "body" is not in they must be covered for unless they are one of the few in an office role then their job is absorbed or not done for a day. I admit to sometimes feeling frustrated by the clear presumption made often of "you don't have children your excuse is not as good do this" ! Ideally workplaces could build better systems where flexibility afforded to someone , childcare or otherwise, doesn't negatively impact on those left behind picking up the pieces. 

mamamia-user-556745246 April 27, 2022

@sammyrk totally I get that. And I agree that is how it currently is! The mismatch between typical working hours and school hours must be super tough and frustrating as a parent! I just took the article as more "blue sky" thinking of like imagine a future where we could all adjust work and life a bit more flexibly. We aren't there yet! I also think the pandemic showed some industries where flexibility REALLY can be afforded easier. And loads where it absolutely cannot. I personally also think being together is important sometimes. But I do think there are some more typically white collar jobs which were done successfully from home and where maybe those employers have begun to think about flexibility for all!? 

mamamia-user-556745246 April 27, 2022

@aimee123 I was just responding to the original comment which suggested mums are leaving to pursue hobbies. She isn't saying that. She's just putting the question out there of why can't we pursue hobbies!?

mamamia-user-556745246 April 26, 2022

@becstar I don't think she's trying to ignite a battle between what's more worthwhile...doing your grocery shop VS collecting your child...I think the point is if a role can be fulfilled flexibly then why does it matter what the need (or want!) for flexibility is? If it's a case where the role simply cannot be done in a flexible way and the person is needed in the workplace then that's different of course. I understand that maybe sometimes it would become a case of priority if there was just one flexible position available then yeah that should and probably would go to the person with childcare needs!

mamamia-user-556745246 April 26, 2022

She doesn't suggest mums are leaving early to pursue a hobby in the article.

It sounds like you're mostly speaking about exceptional unplanned cases such as a child vomiting at daycare. The impression I got was she was talking about flexible working practices actually being embedded such as a mum leaving at 3 every day to collect her child and then potentially log in again at home to finish the day. Why does it matter what the reason for leaving at 3 and logging back in later is? Why can't someone else leave at 3 to play soccer and log back in at home? The point is if the role CAN be done in this way then everyone deserves it.

mamamia-user-556745246 April 19, 2022

@mb1111 I do agree the natural one feels different! 

mamamia-user-556745246 April 19, 2022

@mamamia-user-482898552 I agree! This site runs a lot of them so they must get a lot of traffic. It does feel excessive. Do twins run in your family? isn't asking you to dive into "familial birth history" it's just making general chit chat because the understanding is often they do. The leap to thinking people would judge someone who decides to fall pregnant even though there's twins in the just that...a massive leap in the head of the listener not the mind of the questioner. It's to be expected that at times people will say things that may trigger an upset feeling in us. This is hard but this is also life, we can learn to manage that. We don't all have the same experiences, we can learn from one another but not close down conversation. Of course people being intentionally rude or is separate to that.

mamamia-user-556745246 April 5, 2022

It feels a little annoying when the website changes the headline so you click an article and then realise it's one you've read. Obviously I understand it from a "clicks = $$$" perspective but Mamamia has always stood apart because they hold themselves to a high standard and think about readers and the articles. (No paparazzi photos, different angles on common topics etc) 

mamamia-user-556745246 April 5, 2022

@anonymous where do you get your stat about most teachers not ever working anywhere else? It sounds likely so did you just say it because it's plausible? The comment you're reply to makes absolutely zero mention of teaching being "easier" or "harder" than any other job. In fact the comment doesn't make any comparisons. The comment is making the point if you aren't in a job then you don't know what that job entails. It sounds like that is something you agree with, so I wonder why you felt the need to make your comment the way you did. Essentially you're replying to a comment saying you laugh at teachers saying it's hard because they don't know what other jobs are like....but all the comment/teachers are asking for is that same consideration. You don't know it without doing it?


mamamia-user-556745246 April 4, 2022

@alessandra.z87 yes! It's exactly this, people remember a teacher sitting on a chair reading them a story and think "I could read a story to kids."

The misunderstanding around teachers is ridiculous, with the exception of people who know some. It's interesting how there are SO many jobs we don't understand intricately, as the author mentions, but as a result we reserve judgement. What does a consultant do all day? What about a restaurant manager? Someone who fixes clocks? A sign painter? I'm picking these jobs at random just to say for the vast majority of jobs we don't know a breakdown of the day and we don't judge whether or not they work hard enough, long enough, earn their holidays. It'd be nice if people just thought the same of teachers. "I don't know what you're doing for three hours each day after the kids leave but I guess it's your job."

mamamia-user-556745246 March 24, 2022

This article is almost three years old but clearly gets a reaction! The fact the author doesn't make the point that the invite said parents should stay tells me that wasn't clear. I don't think it's a big deal at all to leave a four year old. If the size of the party and all the party elements were causing so much stress it sounds like something more low key might have meant a child wanting help removing a jumper or a hand finding the toilet wouldn't send you over the edge. 

mamamia-user-556745246 March 20, 2022

Thank you for sharing. I kind of had this. I thought we had just drifted so I sent a really long loving letter which resulted in a text back saying "I got your letter, I'll respond properly soon thanks" (along those lines) and that was the last I heard! Weird and I don't miss them anymore but I still occasionally think about how strange it was for that friendship to evaporate. 

mamamia-user-556745246 March 19, 2022

Well said, I'm hating watching this play out. I appreciate Noah articulating it and really hope this doesn't end in tragedy

mamamia-user-556745246 March 16, 2022

Oops just saw where the question box is