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mamamia-user-556745246 December 1, 2021

Living apart from family, I'm Holly in reverse and pre kids. How did she make the decision to settle in a country apart from her family? Did they accept it? Do they understand? I know Mia has mentioned her heart would break if her kids left. How do you balance starting your own life with your family knowing you love them

mamamia-user-556745246 November 25, 2021

This poor man, I am so thrilled for him. It is appalling that so much hinged on the memory of a victim who had been through such a trauma? And weeks after it happened!? That should never have been the case. It's been proven time and time again how flawed our memories are. This man's life has been so deeply impacted and the rapist got away with it

mamamia-user-556745246 November 25, 2021

The Herald Sun has just annoyed me with their baseless negativity. I hope Deni blocks it out and feels proud 

mamamia-user-556745246 November 25, 2021

This is one of those stories where I get it but also I would have had no idea the Herald Sun had that shit article without reading this. feel like it doesn't deserve airtime. An article analysing the fashion of this show and then celebrating the parade style Deni pulled off would have got the positive story of the parade out without giving a voice to what seems like unfounded negativity. Also like "the fashion set said" this doesn't sound factual at all. Sounds like one person wrote an article and said "people are saying..." to back up their opinion. 

mamamia-user-556745246 November 18, 2021

@jewelchic  I don't know her but I can say the positive sunny spirit still managed to shine through in this article about what must be a REALLY frustrating thing 

mamamia-user-556745246 November 14, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 not at all. Why would that be the case? I don't think we should paint the complainant as troublesome or the person as a hero. Not deciding someone is a bully because one person said so doesn't equal going after the complainant or holding up the accused as a hero. Why not just let the facts exist? Also these comments from Kim are years old now, have they been backed up by anyone? 

mamamia-user-556745246 November 7, 2021

The New York times article also mentions when she's on paid holiday in the Maldives and says she isn't like "the real rich people". It's interesting that she makes that assumption around everyone around her. Instead of thinking "I'm being paid to be on this holiday, I wonder if anyone else is" or "I don't feel I belong here, does anyone" Very human I think but also slightly strange to me. Also if she isn't a "real rich" person this just signifies how scarily her scale has changed

mamamia-user-556745246 November 7, 2021

Great article..I enjoyed listening to the Out Loud episode on this. This quote from a New York Times article I thought was great

"It is inarguably better that Ratajkowski, rather than some horny bozo, receive the profits from her image — but does a more equitable distribution of cash really make a difference to the young women who scroll through Instagram, rapidly absorbing new reasons to despise themselves? That, it seems to me, is the unsolvable moral question at the heart of this book."

mamamia-user-556745246 October 12, 2021

I think it's great of you to share this because like you say other people feel it too and otherwise it's this guilty little secret people carry around feeling bad they are the only one. I'm sorry that writing things like this carries a certain amount of anxiety/expectation around the backlash you may receive! I hope you and your family enjoy the male energy! 

mamamia-user-556745246 September 30, 2021

@emma.rutter yeah it's great in the UK, they are the easiest thing to get your hands on. Everyone has like boxes and boxes at home. A lot of people are in the habit of doing them regularly!

mamamia-user-556745246 September 22, 2021

Also everyone washes and cleans and shops...and being able to do that on a traditional "workday" is nice... quieter shops...not sacrificing one weekend day for it. It sounds like you're productive and in your day off manage to get a lot done for your home and also play with your kid! I think you're doing a great job and I don't think society is as dismissive of parents as parents sometimes feel. Just good to always appreciate what we have and know the grass can always look greener 

mamamia-user-556745246 August 24, 2021

I've never heard of this line but it sounds great!

mamamia-user-556745246 August 24, 2021

Honestly you've made me want one! Good sales work. Apple - give this woman some money.

mamamia-user-556745246 August 24, 2021

Thank you Leola!

mamamia-user-556745246 August 3, 2021

I feel ya! This resonates.

Also how good are Whittaker's coconut slabs 

mamamia-user-556745246 June 16, 2021

This is wonderful! Really enjoyed reading this 

mamamia-user-556745246 June 12, 2021

Love this! Even reading about these things made me smile and feel positive inside. I think you've made some beautiful points here 

mamamia-user-556745246 May 22, 2021

@chrissyinthemiddle I fully agree. It's sad watching this play out. It doesn't make any sense to sit and talk about compassion and kindness and healing while ACTIVELY hurting your family. I'm not sure if he perhaps just fully believes this rewritten narrative? Where everything and everyone before Meghan was cruel and now everything's better? I think talking about mental health is so great and I hope Harry being open about it is helping some people but this is tough to watch as he seems so in the middle of it. Maybe there's something useful in that?

mamamia-user-556745246 May 22, 2021

$50, waterproof, guaranteed to work

mamamia-user-556745246 May 22, 2021

@mamamia-user-556745246 this was from 2017 - so getting help from 2014