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Mamamia recaps SAS Australia: These challenges are getting... out of hand.

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We've made it to the halfway point on SAS Australia.

We open on base camp, where the celebrities are eating what can only be described as... complete and utter slop.

Why does it look... grey? While eating their breakfast slop, Merrick attempts to predict what the celebrities will face for today's challenge.

"It'll be being chucked out of a helicopter into the snow," he says.

"Then you have to swim through the snow and then crawl through gravel until you have taken off your own genitalia and nipples."


Honestly, we wouldn't be surprised if Merrick was right. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Oh dear.

The angry British men arrive and order the celebrities into their vehicles. It's time for the first challenge of the day.

This time, the celebrities face the pressure of a life and death hostage situation.

Armed with a semi-automatic rifle, the recruits will enter an abandoned building, where they will attempt to save a hostage.

Yep, it's a lot.

Throughout the challenge, most of the celebrities get... confused.

You see, the recruits were shown a photo of a bearded hostage who was wearing a red hat. But to make things complicated, the angry British men made the kidnapper wear the bearded hostage's hat instead.

Ah, those clever Brits.


The Honey Badger, Molly, Firass, Candice, Sabrina, James, and Erin all get confused and shoot the bearded hostage, instead of the kidnapper.

On the other hand, Jackson and Merrick are the only celebrities to succeed in the challenge.

Back at the base, Erin admits that she wasn't concentrating during the hostage challenge.

After hearing her confession, the angry British men summon her to the gossip shed for an interrogation.

"Why are you here?" 

"Why are you here?" they ask her.

"I feel like I've never pushed myself to my complete potential. I've never achieved what I think I can achieve mentally and physically," Erin responds.

"You need to get your head in the game," Angry James Bond says and uh, are you think what we're thinking?


Angry James Bond then asks Erin where her sense of self doubt comes from.

"I was a really cautious kid. I always needed that pat on the back. I always needed that encouragement. I did really well in school, but when I didn't get it later on in life, I struggled with succeeding," she tells him.

"It's only in more recent years that I've been able to draw on my own knowledge and my own sense of self worth to get over that doubt."

"You are a frontrunner in this course," Angry James Bond responds. "No more hesitation."


It's time for more torture another challenge.

The next challenge is "drown proofing", which sounds completely and utterly f**ked up... because it is.

The challenge involves the celebrities jumping into a freezing cold water tank with their hands bound.

Oh, and did we mention that it's literally snowing?

"You will experience what it's like to have your lungs fill up with water," Angry James Bond tells the group.





Sweet Jesus. The challenge is beginning.

First up, Erin, Sabrina, Molly, and the Honey Badger make it through... without drowning/sinking/freezing to death.

But Jackson struggles.

As Angry James Bond yells at him to jump in the water, Jackson freezes up.

Jackson is... stressed. Eventually, he makes it into the water.


But as he continues to struggle with his fears, he fails the challenge.

This is... ridiculously intense. 

Okay. Is the handcuff situation really necessary though? "F**k off," Angry James Bond tells him as he exits the water, and SIR, PLS. 



Merrick is the last celebrity to enter the water.

As he enters the tank, a conversation between Merrick and the producers is heard.

"For 20 years, I worked in radio," he tells producers.

"I was phenomenally successful. We were getting massive ratings, a lot of money. It was a really great time. And then it ended," he adds.

"There was a period where I just didn't have a lot of work. There was a moment there where I just thought, 'What's next for me? Who am I? What am I going to do?' I lost my self confidence, and I lost my strength in myself. That started to slowly manifest itself into anxiety and depression."

"I lost my self confidence." In the end, Merrick manages to succeed in the challenge.


Back at the base, the angry British men are having a sneaky b*tch about the recruits.

They decide that it's time to try to get rid of the weaker recruits that aren't pulling their weight... which means it's time for more torture.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

So, what's on the menu for tonight's challenge torture? Being woken up at 1am... to exercise. Obviously. 

Yep, no thanks.

The Honey Badger isn't amused, thank you very much. "Listen here, you pathetic bunch of creatures," an angry British man announces.

The angry British men order the celebrities to do pushups, piggyback rides, and burpees, which seems unnecessary, but okay.

Honestly though, anything involving burpees is worse than that "drown proofing" challenge.


Despite their attempts to weed out the "weak" recruits, the celebrities make it through the intense boot camp challenge.

But as the rest of the recruits head to bed, Merrick is called to the gossip shed for an interrogation.

"What do you do for a living," Angry James Bond asks him.

"I'm a comedian, staff," he responds.

"F**k off. You're the most serious bloke I know," Angry James Bond responds and harsh.

Merrick opens up about his decision to leave his role in radio.

"I just got to a point before this came along that I had lost some of my confidence," he admits.

"It wasn't a particular event, but I noticed myself sleeping more, staying in late. I was lethargic and tired and unmotivated and not committed to sh*t because I didn't feel 100 per cent."

After having a gossip, Merrick is sent back to his camp bed.


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