Everything we know about the $37,000 maternity suite where Meghan Markle gave birth.



Meghan Markle had a vision for her perfect birth, as most expectant mothers do. She wanted a homebirth at Frogmore Cottage in Windsor, where she lives with Prince Harry.

But as is often the case when it comes to birthing a baby, it appears things didn’t go quite to plan.

Meghan and Harry welcomed Archie Mountbatten Windsor into the world at 5:26am on May 6th. Harry made the announcement in Windsor on the couple’s property.


Here is the trailer to the BBC’s peek inside Portland Hospital. Post continues after video.

Video via BBC

But with the release of Archie’s birth certificate on Friday, it’s been confirmed Meghan actually gave birth an hour up the road in London at The Portland hospital, the UK’s only private maternity hospital.

Previously unable to confirm the rumours of its Royal patient, The Portland today issued a statement congratulating the couple.

“Huge congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on the birth of baby Archie.

“For reasons of patient confidentiality, we are unable to provide any comment or information.”

The birth certificate also confirms the baby’s full name is Archie, not Archibald.

It was originally thought that if Meghan did have to have a hospital birth, it would be at the NHS run facility in Frimley Park.

The Portland is worlds apart from an NHS general hospital and generally frequented by the UK’s biggest pop stars, sport stars and celebrities.


Just some of the A-list patients at the American-run facility include Liz Hurley, Jools Oliver, Kate Winslet, the Duchess of York and Meghan’s friend Victoria Beckham.

It costs an eye-watering £20,000 ( AUD $37,000) to bring your bub into the world in this place.

But after having a sticky beak at what that figure buys you, we can report the room where mums-to-be push out their babies – looks pretty much like what you’d expect from a hospital birthing suite.

Rich or not, the practicalities of childbirth are the same the world over.

Exhibit A:

Portland hospital
The birthing suite at The Portland hospital. Image: XYGZtv

Exhibit B:

Dinner is served at The Portland. Image: BBC.

The difference here is, when you book a spot at The Portland as 1600 women a year do, you are paying for 5 star treatment.

It has 36 private rooms as well as a creche. The pricier rooms cost AUD $3350 a night and feature a lounge room and en-suite. Then there are the VIP rooms which cost upwards of $3700.


The cheapest "birthing package" costs around $28,000, but you can spend anything up to $930,000 depending on the number of nights you stay, and the services you require.

A consultant led package with a planned C-section costs around $37,000.

There's 24 hour service, luxurious Molton Brown toiletries, and suites for family and visitors.

Once the baby has arrived, the new parents can enjoy a "celebration meal" which can include high tea, lobster, oysters and champagne.

the Portland
Here is the high tea you can order, after you've pushed out your tiny human. Image: BBC.
The portland
A loungeroom inside one of The Portland suites. Image: BBC.

There are 50 full-time midwives and new mums are encouraged to catch up on sleep while creche nurses change nappies and look after their newborns.

Staff on the BBC documentary 5 Star Babies reveal "Mothers want for nothing, it's the perfect service".


"We have some huge requests at times, where patients want a whole floor, they want to refurbish, they want to re-decorate. It's important for our brand that we meet those requests," Janene Madden, former CEO of The Portland told the BBC.

Half of the patients at The Portland get a Cesarean section, and the BBC reports consultant Shazia Malik has a reputation for "doing a good scar".

When mothers are discharged from The Portland they are provided with a goodie bag including luxurious toys, champagne and a complimentary photo shoot.

Not your average birth experience, that's for sure.

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