The sacrifice nobody noticed Prince Harry has made during Meghan Markle's pregnancy.


From where we sit, watching from Australia, Prince Harry has been nothing but the perfect husband to Meghan Markle.

So it sounds about right that he would make a sacrifice in solidarity with his pregnant wife that many men wouldn’t even consider.

It seems that the 34-year-old has given up alcohol along with Meghan in the months since she became pregnant. Neither Harry or Meghan have been spotted with a drink in their hand since their trip to Dublin in July.


A royal source told The Sun that Harry’s been a total gentleman.

“Meghan obviously cannot drink during her pregnancy and Harry wants to be there to support her,” he said.

“When they are in London, they have been spending more nights in together as he cannot go out drinking with friends like he used to.”

And abstinence from alcohol would be no small feat for the royal – who in his younger years was known for his partying.

Prince Harry seemed pretty chuffed with the baby gifts they were given by Governor General Peter Cosgrove. Image: AAP.

Still, it seems from a speech he gave at Admiralty House in Sydney on Tuesday that he maybe hasn't quite gotten used to speaking about his impending fatherhood.

Beginning by saying he was "impressed" to see beer served at afternoon tea, he thanked everyone in attendance - which included singer Missy Higgins and comedian Ahn Do - for their "incredibly warm welcome".

Then when it came to talking about his future child, he stuttered a little.

"And we genuinely couldn't think of a better place to announce er.. the.. upcoming baby.. be it a boy or girl."

Their baby was clearly on Meghan's mind. During the reception, she made a beeline for Missy Higgins with her two-month-old daughter Luna and chatted to the mum for a solid few minutes.

Maths teacher and Australia's Local Hero for 2018 Eddie Woo told the Duchess "our kids are five, seven and 10. It takes a lot of energy".

Meghan was overheard replying "we're excited to join the club".

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