Meghan Markle just found out posh people don't have baby showers.


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There are many things Meghan Markle had to say goodbye to when she married Prince Harry and became a part of the royal family. The Duchess had to give up her lifestyle blog, her Instagram account, wearing dark nail polish, taking selfies with fans…

And now it seems Meghan, who is pregnant with her first child, will have to give up one of the most popular traditions for expectant mums.


Apparently, as reported by the Express, the royals do not have baby showers.

According to royal etiquette expert, Victoria Arbiter, such celebrations are frowned upon by the royal family.

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This is because, unsurprisingly, Meghan and Harry are in a position where they can afford to buy just about anything their baby might need.

Speaking previously to People magazine, Arbiter said: “[They have] added pressure that they’re clearly very wealthy and a lavish baby shower would be seen as highly inappropriate.”

In fact, the couple cannot accept any gifts intended for the royal baby. Anything sent to them will be “respectfully returned” according to Arbiter.

Meghan and Harry’s royal baby is said to be due late April/early May.

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